13 June 2012 @ 11:16 pm
| FIRST LEVEL | And here it begins  

[Well, this is an interesting situation. Entity, having woken up in some bizarre, unknown place, has decided to do the most sane thing in his head.

He's climbing up around on roofs in his pajamas, displaying some surprising balance skills as he hunts around for... something or other. What he wants isn't exactly clear, but it's either bright or he's going ADHD, because anything that even remotely sparkles quickly has his attention. And if that sparkly thing happens to belong to you, well, you'd better move quick, because unless it's right in your hands, he's trying to take it with him.]


[As if his random bout of going through anything his hands could get on wasn't enough, now the kid is trying to... well, take part of the picket fences. He's alternating between digging at the bottoms of individual pickets, attempting to claw up the ground enough to loosen them, and yanking at them proper, struggling to dislodge them from their position.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. This kid is trying to steal your fence.]