01 August 2012 @ 09:06 pm
020 Ahoy maties  
[A: Hardware Store (Open to All)]

[Clearly after you've died, had a breakdown about it, and stayed in hiding with your brother for a couple of weeks, the healthiest way to move on is to pretend it never happened and do something foolish to alleviate the tension. He doesn't want to discuss serious topics any more, he doesn't want to see the people he cares about in pain. He wants smiles and laughter again, so it's his job to make it happen. His usual targets and endeavours didn't appeal, and it was the heat of the summer that drew him to this idea.

Having raided Abel's wallet that morning, he's shopping in the hardware store for things all children need to enjoy the holidays. Several planks of wood, some rope, white sheets, castors, tools and paint. Ask him what he intends to do with his haul? Or help him carry it?]

[B: Church (Open to All)]

[Having left his supplies safely hidden outside, Cain is creeping into the cool interior of the church. He doesn't really want to risk any possible serious conversations, so he's trying to be quiet as a mouse and sneaky as a ninja to avoid everyone. He's aiming to raid the sweets and cakes stash that Ciel and Abel keep in the kitchen. Hopefully he won't get caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar...!]

[C: Park (Open to All)]

[Having got his supplies, Cain has somehow managed to drag them all to the park, where he sets about building something. A couple of sweaty hours later, he's managed to make what looks like two rafts on wheels, along with a couple of 'oars' to propel the rafts across the grass. Each raft has a flag. The one Cain is sat on is flying the pirate skull and crossbones, and the other one sports a blank flag.

Cain, wearing an attractive eyepatch and bandanna (read: bits of sheet he has torn up to roughly make these things), shouts out at passersby in a horrifically fake pirate accent.]


[Said prize is a basket of stolen cakes and sweets, raided in a very pirate-like fashion from the church earlier. Come one and all to race or mock, your choice.]
07 May 2012 @ 11:51 pm
019 The Psychic of Many Filters  
[A: 1648 Albright Lane (Closed to Abel)] )
[B: 1648 Albright Lane (Closed to Amy, Lucifer and Rachel)] )
[C: Phone (Closed to Beast Boy)] )
[D: Phone (Closed to Esther) )
[E: Phone (Closed to Platina)] )

[F: The Park (Open to All)]

[Clearly the best way to spend a nice Spring evening is to try and learn more about passing strangers in ways that make it seem like you're just messing about, right? Right?!

Should anyone be passing through the park today, the might see a stand has been erected on the main pathway. It's just a simple trestle table and a painted board, and the boy behind might have been a drone for his wide smile and the 1950s clothes he was still wearing.

Except that the stall isn't an innocent lemonade stand or something similar, it's a psychic stand (or a stand for psychic business, not the stand itself is psychic...). Big colourful letters are designed to draw in business, and Cain waits patiently for his first customer.]

*Results cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate
13 April 2012 @ 08:02 pm
[A: action for 1648 Albright Lane]
[Did Cain always snore so loud? Or make such a fuss about getting out of bed? The alarm rings for at least twenty minutes before a hand finally emerges from the covers and flails at it uselessly.]

Hnnnngh... Ten more... hours...

[The blonde boy rolls over and promptly smashes to the floor courtesy of the wall being on the opposite side of where he'd expected it to be. He pops up with a grunt of pain.]

Geez. Can't a guy get some sleep aro -- Holy gaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

[B: Closed to 1124 Taylor (Beast Boy's Housemates)]

[This is not where Cain expected to wake up that morning, and certainly not what he expected to look like when he did wake up. Green skin... taller than he was used to and-- this person was certainly familiar. He can't help the knee-jerk panic that rises initially, fearing that Mrs. Johnson has been at work again, and he stumbles out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Alas, he's not used to his new longer legs yet, gets tangled in himself and goes flying down the stairs with an ungraceful yell.]

[C: Around town, open to all]
[When not-green... do as the not-green people do.  Cain sure is wearing some unusual clothes (for him, at least) as he walks around town in a T-shirt and shorts slurping a smoothie.  ...Actually, come to think of it, not-green people didn't really do anything all that exciting or different.  He'd have appreciated it more back home when he would have gotten fewer stares, but everyone in Mayfield was too used to crazy-looking folks to give him a second glance, anyway.  Eh.  Whatever.

Hope you don't mind your body being filled with terrible, awful things, Cain, 'cause those value-packs of potato chips aren't going to eat themselves.]

Dude.  Wonder where I can get a teddy bear.

[D: Around Town (Open to All)]

[Running out of the house, the first thing on his mind was not (as would be sensible) to find his body... but to find his brother. Unfortunately, he's not quite got the hang of how to control this shape-shifting deal yet, and keeps changing at random.

Hopefully other people won't mind the sudden T-Rex becoming a bird, becoming a hippo, becoming a mouse and... eventually back to a rather panicked looking green-skinned teenager again.]

[E: Locked]
[Well. That sure was a green T. Rex running around town in a panic. The moment he spots the behemoth, Beast Cain sprints as fast as he can towards the creature.]

Cain! Dude, that's you, right?! Cain, down here!

((Respond to A and C for Beast Boy in Cain's body, and B and D for vice-versa!))

09 April 2012 @ 04:21 pm
018 Crossroads of the Future  
[A: Just outside 1648 Albright Lane (Open to Housemates and anyone passing by)]

[Cain was more than used to these packages on the doorstep every so often, and he knew that they always seemed to contain books now. It made sense, he wasn't a superpowered creature like some of those trapped here, all the possessions he had left to come from home were books. So he's not even taking the package inside before he opens it, just ripping it open on the steps and looking inside eagerly to see what extra reading material he had gained.

Except... he hadn't.

There was a pair of gold-rimmed glasses made for a head just slightly bigger than his own, glasses he had already seen the replica of on his brother's nose. Sitting slowly on the steps in front of the house, he turned them over thoughtfully in his hands. What did this mean? Was it a sign from the town that his future was set in stone?]

[B: John Doe Park (Open to All)]

[Feeling defiant (and perhaps a little scared) at the perceived message from the town, Cain was more determined than ever not to dance on someone else's strings. In a rare act of disobedience for him, partially to prove that he could behave in a manner contrary to what people expected of him, that nothing was set in stone, Cain has skipped school this morning.

He's sat in John Doe Park with a few tools he's taken from the garage, because naturally every ten year old should play with saws and hammers. He's managed to get a couple of branches from somewhere and is working on making them into something - he's making quite a racket and there's mess of wood shavings all over the grass.]

[C: High School (Open to All)]

[Having finished making his stilts, Cain is wobbling into the high school dressed in some of the clothes Mayfield had provided for Abel. He's doing his best to look like an ordinary teenager and NOT like a kid on stilts - he's conducting an experiment to see if the drones will notice and throw him out, or if they'll accept his story that he's just another new student in school.

If you're walking down the corridor, please don't mind if Cain accidentally bumps into you and then wobbles off unsteadily. There's nothing weird to see here, not at all.]

[D: Phone (Open to All)]

[Carrying on with his defiant theme, as well as giving into a secret desire to have things that a lot of other kids had back home, Cain is contemplating how responsible it might be to get a pet.]

I know there's a pet store here in town, but... because of the nature of this town, and not knowing one day to the next if we'll still be here, do you think it would be cruel to take on the responsibility of an animal's care?
16 March 2012 @ 05:55 pm
017 May the troll be with you  
Private )

[A: Home (Locked to Housemates)]

[One of the things Cain has been tinkering with, is the idea of some kind of rudimentary tracking and receiving device, in case of trouble around town. Something that would activate a signal amongst the others, so one housemate would know another was in trouble (or, more accurately, so he and Abel could know if one another were in trouble). Fiddling with the receiver box over breakfast to try and make it emit a tiny beeping sound, what he got instead was a horrible and high pitched SHRIEKING that echoed through the whole house.

Sorry, Abel... Amy... Rachel... hope you weren't sleeping!]

[B: Mayfield Elementary (Open to All)]

[Cain has been observing the drones for months now, watching the drone children and teachers to memorise their expressions and foibles. It was just a theory, but he wondered if the town could be tricked... if something like Mrs. Johnson happened again, then perhaps by feigning being droned, one could be safe? But of course, that meant the act had to be convincing. So he's trying it at school during the lunch hour, wandering up to friend and stranger alike with a vapid grin at his lips.]

Howdy there! Do you want to pitch a ball about with me, it's just swell weather for a game.

[C: Around Town (Open to All)]

[Cain is behaving most oddly as he wanders around the town today... he keeps ducking behind corners and into shop doorways, occasionally even crouching hurriedly behind parked cars. If anyone is paying attention, they might notice Cain is hiding whenever a certain dark-haired shotapire called Charles comes into view.

He's clearly as master stalker and should be told how amazing his ninja skills are... or laughed at, one of the two.]

[D: Around Town (Locked to Charles)]

[Wherever Charles stops, Cain somehow seems to be there. He's doing some shopping? Cain happens to be there buying a pastry for his brother. He's climbing trees to veg out and be lazy? Gee, seems Cain had the same idea as the weather is lovely for climbing trees and isn't it a coincidence we picked the same one? He's crying into his hands about being stalked? Cain will be right there with a handkerchief and a comforting hug.]
27 February 2012 @ 02:08 am
016 Starry Starry Night  
[A: Mayfield Elementary (Open to All)]

[Cain had taken his lunch into the music room so he could practise while he ate; or at least, that had been the plan... But when he opened up his brown bagged lunch, he quickly discovered (by putting his fingers right into the filling) that the wrapping around his sandwiches had split sometimes in the morning. Making a face and waggling his hand to try and get the sandwich off his fingers, it finally came unstuck with and... unfortunately... flew through the open window. Were you playing innocently outside? Eating your own lunch? Well, now you've got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on your head. Whoops.]

[B: Around Town (Open to All)]

[Cain is going into a variety of rather odd shops today, or odd for a small boy. He might have stolen some money from Abel that morning (sorry bro) and is on a shopping spree! He's got himself a little pull cart full of odds and ends - a canvas, some squishy looking bags, food, pans, and some warm sweaters. What on Earth is he doing with all of this? And did he just run over your foot with his cart?]

[C: Phone (Filtered to Lucifer)]

I regained a book I thought might be interesting to you, if you'd like to come over then you can borrow it. I remember you have a penchant for poetry, this is a book of politically themed poems from history.

[D: Phone (Filtered to Beast Boy)]

About... About Valentine's Day... [No. No, it's too hard. Sorry, Beast Boy, he just goes awkwardly silent after that.]

[E: Phone (Filtered to Esther)]

Esther? I wondered if we could talk... please. [He's not going to pry for information behind Abel's back, but he needs to talk to her or this will just keep looming over his head and he won't find any peace.]

[F: 1648 Albright Lane (Closed to Abel)]

[Having got all his shopping, Cain ninjas it into the garage before it can be seen, before looking for his brother. He's not a fool, he knows Abel has probably been following him around the town and has seen his purchases already, but he's keeping up the pretence that he doesn't know and isn't taking comfort from Abel stalking him.

It's been a week now since... everything... and he can practically feel the tension still inside both of them. Raw and hurt, a pain that neither of them knew how to soothe and both wanted to desperately. It's why he had come to a decision to do something fun and light-hearted for just the two of them, something he had always wanted to do...]
14 February 2012 @ 06:42 pm
015 Welcome Wagon  
[A: 1648 Albright Lane (Locked to Housemates)]

[Cain is much better now than he had been, healing of a clone quickly bringing him back to where he had been, and his smile is perfect for paving over the rest of the cracks. One would be hard-pressed to know anything had ever happened.

This morning finds Cain in the kitchen looking at the new vase of flowers contemplatively, while wearing a breathing mask he's fashioned himself out of a pillowcase. He'd seen what others had been going through and spent the latter part of the day analysing what seemed to cause what effect.

He's currently making breathing masks for everyone else in the house... hope those weren't your pillowcases he destroyed.]

[B: Phone (Locked to Anyone who recently arrived in Mayfield and Anyone in need of a friend)]

Good morning, my name is Cain Knightlord. I know that I've met one or two people who are new here, and I thought I would extend my greetings to everyone. I know you must all be confused, it's pretty overwhelming and scary... but it's good in a lot of ways. There are people here who will always look out for you, because we know that sticking together and making friends is the best way to get through this.

If anybody has any questions, or just fancies a chat with a friendly face, then look no further! ...Unless it's during school hours, and then we might have to reschedule.

[C: The Park (Open to All)]

[There's a small boy in the park today, sat out under one of the trees in the spring sunshine with a newly fashioned breathing mask across his face.

He has armfuls of cloves from the nearby grocery story and string, which he's fashioning into head-dresses, bracelets and necklaces. Come and ask why he's taken up making jewellery out of cooking ingredients?]
06 February 2012 @ 04:43 pm
014 Mrs. Johnson's Follies  
[A: 1648 Albright Lane (Locked to Abel)]

[Even in the short lifespan of a decade, Cain was intimately familiar with what it was to be someone's experimental toy. But this was different from anything back home - there he had the safety of knowing he was valuable, and anything done would never endanger such an expensive investment; here, he had no such guarantees.

His body and mind are still exhausted when he opens heavy eyes, but he is himself again... and for that, he is infinitely grateful. The fear has receded, hallucinations finally leaving his mind free to think once more, and the pain has dimmed down to aches and weakness that have come from his body being barraged with adrenaline, sedatives and no food for days.

Lifting a heavy hand to rub at one tired eye, he tilted his head to look for the man who had been stood constant guard over him.]

[B: 1648 Albright Lane (Locked to Rachel and Esther)]

[Some hours after waking and speaking with his brother, private words that would never be given to anyone else, Cain was finally making his way out of bed and downstairs. His legs still ached, but he didn't want to be in bed any longer.

He knows Esther has been mostly staying with them, only going home to make sure she wasn't droned, and so he was on the lookout for both her and Rachel as he headed into the kitchen.]

[C: Phone (Locked to Beast Boy)]
[There is a long pause on the line, Cain isn't used to having to thank someone for their help when he was in a vulnerable state... he didn't get in vulnerable states to begin with. When he does speak the words aren't much, but there is feeling behind them.]

Beast Boy? --Thank you, it's... I'm alright now.

[D: Phone (Locked to anyone he spoke to outside the hospital)]
[He feels excruciatingly awkward doing this - he would rather never acknowledge his moments of weakness, brush them under the carpet and pretend they never existed - but a lot of these people deserved more than that. When he speaks, his voice doesn't express any of the awkwardness he's feeling, just as smooth and polite as always.]

I feel I owe you thanks, and an apology. You stopped to try and help me when you didn't have to, when there were countless others who needed help as well, and I repaid you with... highly uncooperative behaviour. I owe you a debt, and I promise that I won't forget that.

[E: Phone (Open to all)]
[Anyone would be hard-pressed to hear that Cain had spent several torturous days locked in his mind; his tone is as warm and calm as ever, with only the slight rasp of a throat sore from screaming.]

All too often here, the workings of the town leave us hurt and reeling, disillusioned and battered. But we always come through the other side, we're still alive and capable of moving forwards... I, at least, am grateful for that. I would rather be knocked down a thousand times and have to get back up again; than be dead without reprieve, and no longer have the choice to stand back up.
30 January 2012 @ 04:10 pm
013 Fear Factory  
[A: Inside the hospital and just outside the doors (Open to All)]

[The minute Cain had woken up outside the hospital, in the mêlée of experimental test subjects returned from the factory, he had been up and darting inside the hospital doors. It hurt to move, so much so that he could barely string a cognizant thought together, but that wasn't going to stop him. He might not be able to think very coherently, but he did know one thing.

They were trying to kill him.

The enemy was everywhere, surrounding him and closing in, stalking him with the sole intent of ending his life... and he was terrified. He had never felt like this before, he had never been the subject of someone actually attempting to kill him before, and it made him feel like his heart were trying to hammer from his chest.

Anyone inside or around the hospital may see a little boy in a hospital gown crouched just inside the doors, peeking out as if trying to wait for a safe moment to flee. He chooses his moment when nobody seems to be looking and darts out, only to run almost into someone close by, freezing in fear for long moments. Could it be you he's staring at like a rabbit caught in the headlights?]

[B: Outside the Hospital (Closed to Abel Nightroad)]

[He had scarcely made it two or three feet outside the hospital at any of the times he had tried to escape, running into people who were trying to capture him, trying to kill him. He's almost hyperventilating with the fear by now, and the pain thrumming through his body made him want to break down and cry.

All he knows is that he can't wait here any longer, they will have tracked him to the hospital and will be moving in to capture him any moment now. He has to get out, he can't just dart back inside as he has been doing... and so he makes a break for it, streaking right into the eye-line of a certain harried priest.]

[ooc: Open to everyone, CR loved from old and new! Just as a note, any threads must end with Cain running away, as he must be found and taken home by Abel. Thanks!]
14 January 2012 @ 08:00 pm
012 Alarming  
[A: 1648 Albright Lane (Closed to Housemates)]

[The calender was worrying enough, but the alarms ringing made Cain's heart arrest in his chest for a long moment. Was it war again? Was someone attacking? Would Mayfield be reduced to that rubble littered with corpses as the residents slowly... died?

The pale set of his face all to show he was worried, he stood in the kitchen looking out of the window intensely at the seemingly calm world outside.]

[B: Phone (Open to All)]

[A little later, when he had realised nothing was happening imminently and his fears had started to abate, he had come to the conclusion that the best thing he could do was carry on as normal. They were likely doing this to frighten them, to play with their minds, and the best defence against that (as with so many things) was an unconcerned and calm smile.]

Anyone who is panicking, please try to remain calm... there is no evidence that anything is happening, beyond the alarms themselves. They could just be trying to scare us, or make us expect something that isn't coming, you're only feeding into it if you react with panic and fear.

However, that isn't to say we shouldn't be prepared. Remaining vigilant of our surroundings and making sure we have a network of people to contact in the event of an emergency, is the best thing we can do. [There's a short pause, before his voice softens into something warmer and less formal.] Be careful, everyone.

[C: Around Town (Open to All)]

[It wasn't until he had seen several drone children heading towards the school, that Cain realised that even amidst the noise he was expected to attend classes. Not wanting to have a mark against his name, very careful of the mask he displayed, he had hurried to get his things together and dash out of the house.

Anyone on the streets today, might be getting bumped into by Cain as he runs full pelt (perhaps slightly faster than a normal boy should be capable of) towards the school.]

Ah-! Sorry, sorry... are you okay? I didn't mean to bump you...