08 August 2012 @ 10:38 am
Second Sortie  
[A. Action - in front of the gun store]

[It was a crying shame that she couldn't go in because she was 'underaged'. But that didn't stop Erica from looking. Some of those new guns were awesome! She had her face and hands plastered up against the store window looking in, grinning as she exclaimed and pointed out a few guns. Her pantsless state is pretty apparent.]

That's a Walter and Kosh! But it's so streamlined! But there's no Karsland guns here. What gives? I thought I could find a replacement for my MG 42... that sucks. Hey shopkeep where's the Karsland weapons?

[The shopkeep won't answer her cause she's a little girl anyhow. Erica's going to pout.]

This sucks. No Strikers, no MG 42s... I can't even find a Glock anywhere. What kind of town is this?

[B - That Fence Somewhere]

[Bored out of her mind, Erica had grabbed a bunch of canned drinks and chugged them all. After that, she lined them up on a random fence and started chucking rocks with startling accuracy. It seems that she's done this before to be honest.]

[C - Phone Filtered from Drones]

Hey, I know I've been here for a while but I've got a question. Anyone from Karsland here? It's a Middle-Europe country. I dunno how geography is here since this is Liberion and stuff.
19 July 2012 @ 07:57 am
First Sortie  
[A. 1337 Benny Road - Locked to Housemates]

[It was a normal day in Benny Road when Erica first arrived. Normal meaning that she barely stirred in bed, snoozing all that morning. She didn't get up until at least ten or eleven that morning when she lazily dragged herself out of bed in the morning.

Yawning, she stumbled downstairs and paused at the action. Strange, this wasn't her assignment area. This wasn't even her normal room. Where's all her stuff?]

This is not my usual place. Trude? You here?

[B. Benny Road to Park]

[Erica's wandering around, dressed in a shirt and panties and nothing else. There wasn't any of her usual uniforms anywhere and she wasn't going to wear shorts or a dress if she could use it. Currently, she was poking at a few things here and there, making sure that she wasn't seeing things.

If she sees you, she'll give a wave.] Hey.