11 June 2012 @ 10:52 pm
8 (Welcome Back)  
[Action A - 460 Stone Street, morning - locked to housemates]
[Kono's back in Mayfield - and she shoots up in bed, gasping for air.  She's obviously disoriented, eyes darting around the room wildly as she tries to control her panic.  She was just drowning, and now she's in bed?

It won't take her long to make the horrible realization that she's back in Mayfield.  Somehow, that seems worse than drowning. 

This house doesn't seem exactly the same as she remembers, so she's going to look around a bit.  She has a shell-shocked expression on her face.  How can she be back?]

[Action B - John Doe Park, early afternoon]
[Funny how things repeat themselves.  Kono found herself sitting on this same bench the day she first arrived in Mayfield.  She's sitting, brooding and slumped down.  Feel free to stop to talk to her or try to cheer her up.  She'll talk if you make the effort.]

This is Kono.  Back again, apparently.  How much has happened since I was gone?  Has anybody figured out anything else about how Mayfield works?

Please tell me there weren't any more zombies.
06 February 2012 @ 07:42 pm
7 (Putting Herself Together Again)  
[Action A - 463 Stone Street, morning]

[Kono's been stuck either outside in the pond or inside in the bathtub most of the week.  The gills on her neck were incapacitating, even moreso as time passed.  The infection she got at the same time as her surgery didn't help either, and by the end of the week she was pretty out of it and lethargic.

Monday morning, however, Kono wakes in the bathtub with a start.  Sitting up with a shiver, it takes her a few minutes to realize that she can breathe.  Her hands fly to her neck, and she's relieved to find no gills.  Her arms are no longer covered with spots, she no longer feels weak and exhausted, and the world isn't spinning. 

She's even hungry.  No, in fact she's starving.  Climbing out of the bathtub, she goes to find dry clothes and food.  Housemates, feel free to intercept her somewhere along the way on her mission to eat and be human again.]

[Action B - Around Town]

[Once Kono's fed, bathed, and back to her old self, she ventures out of the house to check in on others.  Maybe she'll run into you at your house, maybe the store, maybe the park, or just out on the street.  If she knows you, she's looking for you to see if you're alright now.  Hopefully you are... if you're not quite yourself yet, she'll try to help.]

[Action C - locked to [personal profile] webball ]

[Kono knocks on the door, a little worried.  She hasn't heard from Peter since before the whole experiments thing started.  She's hoping he managed to dodge the bullet, but she's heard about how his luck goes.]

Peter, are you home?  Peter!
29 January 2012 @ 08:12 am
6 (Break)  
[Action A - Mayfield Hospital, morning of January 29th]

[After a long, terrible day of recovery, Kono wakes to find herself outside the hospital.  For a small, brief moment she wonders if it was all a dream, until she feels her lungs burn and gasps for air, knowing no relief will come from it.  She lies there for a few minutes, the gills on the side of her neck opening and closing rapidly as she gasps.  By now she's used to the sensation of drowning in the air, but it doesn't make it feel any better.  She picks up her arms to look at them, and the white spots have spread.  Some seem to have gotten bigger.

Eventually she will have to pull herself up and start on her way home, but that seems like a lot of effort right now.  Right now she's lying on the sidewalk, staring at the sky, trying to catch her breath enough to sit up and move.  Feel free to check on her.]

[Action B - Between Mayfield Hospital and 463 Stone Street]

[Kono is moving slowly, shuffling her steps to keep her balance as she heads toward home.  Every once in a while she has to stop and lean on something to blink away the dark spots in her vision.  Why is the hospital so far away from the house?  If you stop to see her she'll look somewhere between ready to hit the ground and stubbornly determined to make it to Stone Street.]

[Action C - 463 Stone Street]

[Kono stumbles through the gate and into her backyard.  There's something there that she thinks will give her some relief - a small pond that Hajime had made for her when she was feeling homesick and missing the ocean.

Kono throws herself head-first into the small pond.  It's not deep, but deep enough to submerge herself.  All at once it feels as if her lungs fill with air, and the world stops spinning around her.  She peeks her head out from the water, careful to keep her gills under, and lets out a relieved sigh.

She has no plans to move for quite a while.  Housemates will find her in the yard, as well as passers-by.]