30 September 2012 @ 02:33 pm
Switch Three: The Return of Fourze  
[Action: 337 Brady: Closed]

[Yawning loudly, Gentarou has been sent out to get the milk. Which, he knows by this point, that he should be hiding. Which he'll do when he gets back inside. But, he's about to get distracted by the box that he rams his bare toe into.]

Ow! A...box?

[He'll spot his name on it. And quickly enough, he'll realize that this is mail for him. He'll tear back inside, forgetting the milk completely. Tearing the box open, he'll pull out something he's been waiting for, for a while now.]

IT'S HERE!!!!!

[Action A: John Doe Park: Open to all.]

[Gen is now standing by a tree in the park, clicking the Rocket switch in his hand. He can't wait for one of his friends (which means just about anyone) to come up, so he can show off the shiny belt he has now latched onto his waist.]

This is gonna be greeaaaattt!


I wonder if I should've called people first?
12 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
Switch 2: School Days!  
[All Backdated to September 6th]

[Action 1: In class at Mayfield High. Open]

[Gen is grinning at the back of the room he's in...having managed to get in before anyone else. Written on the board is the following:

"Happy new school year! Let's all get along. Signed Gentarou Kisaragi: The man who'll befriend EVERYONE in school!"

And he's making no attempt to hide himself at all.]

[Action 2: Mayfield High School yard at lunch or after school (please indicate which)]

[Gen is outside, and if it's lunch, he has a large sandwich either by his side or in his face. He's also holding in both cases a large sign advertising the 'Kamen Rider Club', complete with large Fourze head logo.
18 July 2012 @ 01:15 pm
[Action 1: 337 Brady Lane. Locked to housemate.]

[Gentarou yawns as he pushes his covers off. The sunlight is bouncing off his eyes, making him squint. But...something's off, even with his limited vision at the moment.]

Oi! Gramps! Did the power go out? My alarm didn't go off!

[Even stranger...there's no answer from his grandfather. Who should've been up by now.]

Ohh man! I'm gonna be so late!

[He turns to run out of his bedroom door....which has magically turned into a wall. he slams into it with gusto. And plenty of volume.]


[He takes in his surroundings, now wide-eyed from the unexpected pain.]

W-where am I?!

[Action 2: Anywhere in town.]

[Gentarou is exploring, having BARELY found a small amount of pomade in his new houses bathroom to get his coif on. But his clothes...are rather dorky-looking. He will greet anyone he comes across in a VERY friendly manner.]

Hey there!