14 April 2012 @ 01:25 am
The Drone Star - Black☆Star finally snapped?  
4/13 8:00 PM - Lucy Smith's House - Closed

Just from looking at the borrowed face, it's hard to tell what's going through Black☆Star's mind as he stares at the Smith house from across the street. His face is simply determined, and despite his lack of any sort of weapon, the boy is undeterred. He has to be. There's too much riding on him to show any sign of weakness.

Maka, his oldest friend - arrived and taken away in a flash. Their powers held for ransom like some two bit hostage situation. For too long, he's been held to inaction. For too long he's been convinced to play it safe. That ends tonight. The wait is over - it's do or die. And if - no, when he wins - it'll all be over. Soul will have his partner back. They'll be able to go home. Things will be fine for himself and Tsubaki. He won't lose anything else to this stupid town. He won't lose her. Not to anybody.

And so, in the body of Death the Kid, Black☆Star charges towards the house; towards his destiny.

4/13 8:30 PM - Around Town - Open

[And with that, one especially well dressed young man is walking down the streets because it's a Friday and only squares spend the weekend in the house! He doesn't have any destination in particular, but if he sees something happening he'll at least stop and say hello]

Hey, this looks like one happening party!

4/14 - 5723 Cunningham Lane - Daytime - Open

[Now back in his own body, Drone☆Star has decided to announce today's plans to the house]

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room studying! Gotta hit the books for those exams!

[And if you want to find him, he'll be there doing just that]

4/14 - 8:30 PM - The Park - Open

[Having come back to his senses, Black☆Star has slipped out of the house and come to the park. Why? To train, of course! He's doing laps around the park, running and looking as focused as ever. Every now and then he'll switch from laps to a thousand sit-ups or a thousand push-ups. He's got a goal in mind]
13 April 2012 @ 11:24 am
Fifth Apology | That Isn't Normal...  
-Morning: 503 Ricardo St-

[Housemates feel free to hear a scream. Tsubaki will just be in Soul's bedroom freaking out at the fact that she is in a boy's body for a bit.]


[Tsubaki isn't used to hearing Soul speak her thoughts, so the voice might sound a bit hesitant.]

I don't know what's going on, but today is Friday the thirteenth. Is anyone else not in their own body? Black☆Star, are you there?

-Action A: Around Town-

[Another thing she isn't used to is being a Death Scythe, so one might see Soul's arm flickering back and forth from the scythe blade to his arm. And she may be too distracted to notice anyone calling out to her, especially since she's not used to being called Soul.]

-Action B: Around Town-

[She's headed for her house, and if she happens to notice anyone she knows, she might approach them to make sure they're ok.]

16 February 2012 @ 12:17 am
4th☆Star - The Biggest Puppy Love (backdated to Feb 14th) [Flowerfield]  
5723 Cunningham Lane - Morning - Locked to Housemates

[It's unusual that Black*Star is the first one to the kitchen. Also unusual is the vase of White Daisies on the kitchen table. Still, it's not that unusual - more a curiosity than anything - and it only serves to make the young meister shout out]


The Park - Afternoon - Open

[And here go the two lovers, out for a romantic stroll through the park, walking hand in hand and probably saying disgustingly sweet things to each other. Dare you approach these two loviest of lovebirds?]

[OOC: If you hit this one, expect replies from both Black☆Star and Tsubaki]

The Diner - Evening - Open

[The two lovers are concluding their evening here in the only fitting manner possible - sharing a single milkshake from two straws while staring lovingly into each others eyes while still being as sickeningly sweet as possible]

You know Tsubaki, this milkshake is nowhere near as sweet as you.

[OOC: For this part, feel free to ask for either Tsubaki, Black☆Star, or both. If you only want one, just assume the other went to the bathroom, and please make a note of it in the subject line or something. Thanks!]
10 February 2012 @ 10:03 pm
Fourth Apology: She's Never Jumped At Shadows  

[Action: 5723 Cunningham: locked to household]

[When she checks for the milk on the porch to dispose of, she sees a box with her name on it. She's familiar with the process bay now, and brings the box in along with the milk. Once the milk is dumped down the sink, she transforms her ponytail into a chain scythe and uses it to carefully cut away the tape sealing the box.]

[Snuggled inside of a nest of bubble wrap is a sword. A familiar sword. She hesitates for a moment before placing her hand on the gleaming blade, but when she does, she vanishes, seemingly into the sword.]

[Moments later she reappears and the sword is gone. Her eyes are closed and she has a soft smile on her face as she whispers to herself.]

Welcome back.

[ooc: housemates feel free to interrupt anytime during the above.]


[Action: Flower Shop/General Store]

[Tsubaki wanders until she finds someone who seems to be working.]

Uhm, excuse me. Do you have camellia seeds?

[Action: Hospital]

[She wanted to be useful, so she refused to miss any of her time scheduled to help out as a candy striper in the hospital. She's not going to just change bed pans and file charts, though. She wants to learn more about first aid and she'll take what she can get. It'll be a useful tool. So, if you're a doctor or nurse who doesn't appear to be a drone, she'll follow you around from room to room observing your every move with patients.]


[Phone: Filtered from drones]

Is everyone all right now?

[After a pause.]

Captain? Mr. Schuester?
24 January 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Third Apology [Post Dairy Raid]  
5723 Cunningham: Closed to Household

[Tsubaki made doughnuts, and she sits in the kitchen waiting nervously for one Tony Stark to join her, so she can apologize for his missing liquor. She hadn't known he was going to take it, but she's made up her mind to tell him it was her fault, and that she'll do extra chores or something to make up for it.]

[She'll look up as each person enters the kitchen, both hoping it's Tony, and hoping it's not.]

[Phone: Filtered to The Captain]

That wasn't very nice of you, even if he's part of an elitist group. I just hope you didn't drink it all in one night.

[She's also kind of worried since she saw him go into the dairy, and wants to make sure he's okay.]

[Mayfield High]


[Tsubaki has a couple of giant pink boxes stacked up in her hands. If she sees a familiar face, or someone asks about said boxes, the will receive a hand made doughnut. She hopes they help people brighten up after that radio announcement]

[Spiderman's Chemistry Class]

[With all the talk of doughnuts, she figured she might as well make extra ones to take in to class since she was making some as an apology to Tony. So, before class starts, she will be giving out doughnuts to her classmates, and teacher, as long as he doesn't already have one, that is.]