10 March 2012 @ 05:29 pm
first exploration  
[ a / action: 1485 kramden road ( housemates ) ]

[ Sam had been in enough weird situations that weird was... well, it was pretty normal. It didn't mean that she expected anything or it didn't affect her but she was less thrown by it when it happened. And apparently today it happened.

After saving Earth (again) and making a start on the paperwork Sam had grabbed one of the rooms at the SGC; she'd been too tired to want to attempt to go home and with the time that it was? Staying had been marginally easier.

Except when she awoke? Something felt wrong. The feeling in her gut was her first trigger to it, the one that she always got when something was wrong. After thirteen years she trusted it and despite the fact that she hadn't slept for long she wasn't ignoring it. On opening her eyes that feeling was worse - it wasn't the SGC, if anything it was more like the dream world that Fifth had created and that was bad ]

Oh boy. This... this isn't good.

[ Which was an understatement of the century ]

[ b / phone ( a few hours later ) ]

The last time this happened there wasn't anyone there other than the person that did this and somehow I don't think that's the case this time. [ She was a little wary and knew not to judge (or rule out, in this case) by appearance but with other messages over the phone? It seemed a little less likely ]

Numerous people kidnapped and stuck in some... town? And even if the natives were here they might not be any more help. Damn. [ All of this is far too familiar for her, although given that they'd defeated the last few aliens that did things resembling this? A new one popping up suddently was worrying ]

And this is a long shot but it's still worth asking: has anyone been given a purpose as to why we're here?

[ c / action: in town ( a while later ) ]

[ After finding clothes, talking and forming ideas for a little while Sam's off out in town. What she's looking for? She wouldn't say to anyone but hopefully an answer, or something that someone unaware might not have known of. Whilst people native to their planets might have known about the Stargate if these people weren't from here or didn't have a Stargate? They wouldn't know. So she's looking, and hoping a little ]