17 February 2012 @ 07:14 pm
[Action - 1336 Benny Road]

[Lovett was pretty quick to notice that this bed wasn't her own. This bed was way too comfortable to be the couch she was certain she had fallen asleep upon not a few moments ago. Part of her isn't quite ready to sit up for a variety of reasons. The days have been stressful, the nights long, the workload heavy. And her conscious--

Well. That was another matter entirely.

She's hesitant to sit up, but she does eventually and wanders out cautiously into the main room. Someone sure had a rather gaudy idea of what made a room look nice. Who was in charge of the paint job around here?

Where was here?]

[Streets of Mayfield]

[Lovett was pretty quick to get the hell out of that house after she had met its other inhabitant, especially considering that she had caught the scent of blood shortly after their meeting. If there was one thing she had become very accustomed too, it was that smell.

Even considering the time period, she appears a bit out of place, lost, and overwhelmed. The air was so clean and clear, it hardly smelled of sewage, and everything was so...spaced out.]