17 April 2012 @ 01:44 am
Awakening! Wait, This Isn't My Bed!  
A: 1489 Kramden - Morning

[This isn't the first time Amelia's woken up in a bed that's not her own. However, it made some sense the last time - she'd been thrown out to sea by an explosion and washed up on an island then, and taken in by some locals.

This time, though...

The last thing she remembered was going to bed for the night after a usual day at the palace, but now she's in a smaller house. And not in the right pajamas. Was she kidnapped?

Time to find out!

Amelia hops up, and goes to trying to sneak about the house, to see if she can find out just what's going on.]

B: High School - Midday

[Amelia's usual chipper demeanor is a little lacking right now - she's not really sure where her next class is, and it seems that no one's been willing to lend her a hand. And much as she'd like it to, one cannot simply just power through something like this like she's used to.

Give the poor girl a hand, would you?]

C: Around Town - Evening

[Amelia's exploring, though...her manner is a bit unorthodox. She's climbing on poles, trees, buildings - anything she can get a decent bit of height from. Despite the precariousness of these places, she's not showing anything in the way of fear.]