30 May 2012 @ 01:46 pm
009 - No more Moirails  
[Action: Mayfield High.]

[Eridan notices The Drone Formerly Known as Jade Harley in the halls of school, and as such races to catch up to her... Something seemed off in the way she carried herself, but he paid no mind to it. Until he actually decides to talk to her. He gets out a normal greeting, which is usually just him either awkwardly flirting or unloading and demanding some sort of feelings jam for all the "horrible things" that happen to him. First world problems, etc. But... the empty, soulless reply he got shattered his heart. Tears immediately begin to well up, thoughts going straight to the worst-case scenario, and all he can do is run. Run back home, run to Feferi... hell he's not even fucking sure if she'd even be around at this point. Clearly something wants to make sure he has no quadrants in his life, that this world is conspiring against him. Feel free to catch him sometime as he's running, but he may not give much of a conversation unless he knows you, somewhat.]

[Phone, later that evening.]

I fuckin' hate this place. Why the fuckin' hell does this place have to be shittin' on me the moment my life is gettin' good? Yeah, shit on ol' Eridan Ampora by takin' away his moirail an' a blackrom crush. Never mind any a' the other stuff this place fuckin' does.

[he certainly does not sound okay here.]

[Action, 1445 Mitchell]
[Yeah, Eridan's kind of keeping himself in his room. With the recent dronings, he's not been a happy camper.]