22 April 2012 @ 01:24 pm
[Outside 1338 Benny]

[Guess who saw a patch of the blue flowers, thought they were really pretty, and stuffed his whole goddamn face into them? There is now a strangely familiar female troll on the street - if the horns and clown paint don't give away who it is, the way she's groping her rather sizable breasts and gaping at them in fascinated wonder certainly should.]


[For those who know him, Gamzee's voice sounds significantly higher than usual today. Still just as stupid and stoned, though.]

Whoooooooooooa, anyone else out there suddenly sprout a bitchin' pair of tits today? I think they all done gave me a defective pair though - these don't honk, no matter how hard I up and squeeze them.

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02 February 2012 @ 09:10 am
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[action; locked]

[He's been in so much pain for so long now that he barely registers when he's left by the side of the hospital. He found it easier to lie on the cool floor of the recovery room, arms trapped in red hot iron cuffs held above his head. At first, he expected to die; that was the whole fucking point, an execution method, a way to kill a fucking mutant sack of shit as painfully as possible. The worst part, though, was his gradual awareness that he was not going to die, that the cuffs were just going to keep on burning his skin but not in any way where the pain would ever stop, where they would ever come off. He's blind, his eyes now dark and blank red, so he can't see the damage but he's certain this isn't normal, it's an extra condition of torturing him. Lying still doesn't help the pain, but it does help with the visions; trying to do anything leaves him with awful visions of his friends dying, the direct result of anything he does, and though he knows better than to believe it, it makes him sick and even more miserable.

His first awareness of the move is the change in the sound around him; it had been so quiet in that recovery room with nothing but those recovering from similar traumas. Now he can hear cars and he can hear footsteps and voices, and he becomes aware the consistency of the ground beneath him has changed.

He had been hoping he would die before this happened, because while most thoughts aren't coming clearly, the one that does is that no one can see him like this. The eyes, that's what they'll pity him for, even if he keeps a straight face they'll know his revulsion and horror and they'll feel sorry for him, they'll think of him as sad and helpless and he can't, he can't, all he wants is to be strong. He squeezes his eyes shut tightly and won't open them for anything. Most won't know the meaning of the cuffs, and that's a small blessing because they're harder to hide, but those who do, he can stand it even less. It's the connection, it's the amount that it's a joke. The man who died this way was someone strong and important, so much so that the fucking Condesce took notice of him, so much so that the most powerful trolls in Alternia proscribed a special way just for him to die. What is he? Just a wiggler, weak and useless, nothing at all. The worst part of this horrible thing they've done to him is that as much as he hates it, he doesn't even deserve it.

What he'll do is, he'll crawl away until he finds a wall, somewhere that he might be sheltered and hidden, though he can't hide very effectively when he doesn't know where he is. He'll curl himself around the cuffs, the pain caused by the proximity to the heat awful on his chest and knees but worth it to hide it as well as he can, and he'll hiss at the sound of any footsteps that approach him, warning everyone to stay the fuck away from him.]

[phone; public]

[It's a strange reversal from the situation just a few days ago - this time Gamzee's the one who makes the call after he's dragged Karkat home and fed him some of his sopor pie to try to dull the pain. He sounds unusually upset, although he's trying to keep himself together; still, even with his moirail in the room, his voice is starting to oscillate in volume that anyone who's witnessed Gamzee in a bad mood before may recognize.]

Okay, so. How all you motherfuckers doing? Hit a brother up with some motherfuckin' status updates so I can be to reporting to Karkat - he's back on from the medical bay, he's doing--

[Doing fine is what Karkat wants him to say, but Gamzee chokes on the words, on such a filthy fucking lie that his mouth feels dirty even trying to get it out, because Karkat is the opposite of fine and just looking at what's been done to his moirail fills him with so much rage that he feels like he'll be sick from it.]

Someone tell me how to get these fucking disgusting cuffs off him.

Gamzee. Shoosh.

[Karkat's voice sounds weak and strained; he's not nearly as close to the phone as Gamzee is, but there's also a groggy sedated quality to it. He hadn't planned on saying anything, but Gamzee has just said the one thing Karkat told him not to say. He can't be angry, but he's not going to let him continue as little as he wants to interact with anyone. He's quiet for a few seconds as he tries to gather his thoughts.]

The point this idiot is trying to make is that I'm here, I'm fine, I need to know how all you morons are doing, and then I'm going the fuck to sleep so you can call Gamzee if you need something as improbable as that sounds.

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30 January 2012 @ 07:57 pm
eight | forward-dated to the 31st | action; phone  
[A. action | mayfield hospital]

[The sight of the day's patients being dumped outside the hospital should be a familiar one by now. Gamzee, at first glance, seems to have gotten away relatively lightly; while his characteristic orange goat horns are gone and he's bleeding from where several chunks of flesh have been ripped away from his arms, at least there aren't any hideous modifications or crippling disfigurements to be seen. He's pacing unusually agitatedly for anyone who's familiar with the usually cheerful and laidback troll, but he doesn't seem to be violent or psychopathic, which for both Gamzee and Mayfield is a pretty good result overall.

Then he brings up the palm of his right hand, sinks his fangs into it, tears the flesh off, chews and swallows, and it suddenly becomes horrifyingly clear that he may have just undergone the worst surgery of all.]

[B. phone; public]

[Once Karkat has gotten Gamzee back to his hive, he has really only one goal-- to prevent Gamzee from hurting himself by any means necessary. The first priority is to secure him so he won't be able to bite his hands anymore, and the second is to distract him by any means necessary.]

Okay, don't waste my time because this is important. Do any of you pieces of shit know the best way to strap someone to a slumber platform?

[There's a wet sound of suction before Gamzee's voice speaks up in the background.] Uhhhh...you really think that's all being necessary, bro?

Stop that. Get that out of your mouth right fucking now. ...Right, okay, so the slumber platform. What do I use, belts? Manacles? Which is the human store that sells manacles?

But it tastes motherfuckin' delish, yo. Can't I all be just having a lick or two?

Now. All right, anyway, I'm turning the audio hook over to this deranged idiot so he can get on someone else's nerves, but tell me if you know something about the manacle situation.

[There's a long pause before Gamzee picks up the phone again, sounding a little nervous.] So uhhh...if any motherfucker out there all been tied to a slumber platform before, what do I do if I gotta run to the load gaper?

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