21 February 2012 @ 03:46 pm
♥ 001 [ video ]  
A → [ 2241 Stevens Road ]

[Having just woken up, Amu was in a state of panic and confusion. This wasn't her house, it wasn't even her bed either]

Are you kidding me? Dia, I thought you knew where you were-- [The lack of response was unsettling and the minute she realized her guardian character was nowhere to be found either, it made her worry even more to lose her as well] Huh? Not you too...what's even going on here?

[She took a deep breath before looking around the room she found herself in as well as other places in the house for any clues or just any of her belongings, the latter she didn't have much luck with. She saw various things around and picking up one of the family photos she couldn't help but stare in disbelief]

N-no way. This can't be real, what sort of joke is this? It's not even funny.

B → [ Phone ]

...this even working? This just keeps getting even more weirder by the minute. I was just trying to call my- [she pauses for a moment before sighing in frustration] Ugh. Stupid thing. I'm not sure if it's even connecting me to the right number at all.

Can anyone hear this?

C → [ Around Mayfield ]

[Sometime later Amu heads outside, she is just walking around trying to get a better idea of her surrounding right now. She's in the middle of considering asking someone for directions, either way feel free to approach her!]