10 July 2012 @ 05:14 pm
Word Three: Confused witch  
[Action for housemates:

She wakes up and it doesn't take long to figure out she's in a different house. The pictures help.

Hey new housemates, there is a teenager in a pointed hat walking around the house.]


This is Tiffany Aching, for some reason the town decided to move me. So I'm at 726 Anderson now. 

For anyone that doesn't know,  I'm a witch and if you need medical help, now or in the future, I can help with that.


In the park you might come across an odd sight as Tiffany is looking up a tree with her arms crossed. There seems to be ...a blue wheel of cheese up there?]

Now really, you have no one to blame but yourself you know. I told you not to chase after that squirrel.
01 June 2012 @ 11:45 am
Word Two: The shape of heat on a road, the shape of the smell of apples  
Sumer Is Icumen In )

[Housemates: Tiffany Aching, no the Summer Lady is walking through the house. She's wearing yellow and orange and most tellingly. Not her witches hat. She pauses too look at a few of the "tech" things in the house and smirk. Humans.]

[Park: There is a teenage girl examining the plant life in the park. Checking on things in a methodical fashion as though she's been sent to inspect them. If you know her, she's dressed differently as explained above, and she even seems to be holding herself differently. There is something odd about this teenage girl.]

[Around Town: If you're walking by said Teenage girl you might notice that the air around you is suddenly a great deal warmer. Not Spring heat...more like.....well Summer.]

[Phone: The Summer Lady picks up the phone. Her voice is Tiffany's, but with a hiss behind it and less....humanness.]

Summer is coming. Even this ...place can not change that.

It's.... unnatural without the dance but I'll make do.

[OOC: Tiffany is from an AU where after the events of Wintersmith she was forced to permanently become the Summer Lady who is the personification of Summer. She's been doing this for three years now. The old Summer Lady vanished, the Feegles are still searching for her.]
15 April 2012 @ 06:01 pm
Word One: A Reckoning  
Action for housemates )

[Phone: Annoyed teenage witch go.]

Well I don't know how long I've been gone. Or if things have changed here. But in the off chance that things have changed enough that I'm missing time when I go home, and that the people who've done this, listen to these, let me be perfectly clear. Three births, one death, and at least five general injuries, and not counting everything else I have to look after. If I am not there for them. There will be a reckoning. That I will make sure of.

Now then, my name is Tiffany Aching I was previously here in Mayfield for some time. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you. If anyone would like to tell me what's been going on here recently, that would be very helpful as well.

[A. 1446 Mitchell road and 726 Anderson, there is a witch knocking on your door. Granny and Susan, you have a teen witch looking to see if you're still here.

B. There is a girl with a pointed hat walking around Mayfield with a broomstick in her hands.

C. At the library on the off chance that the books are any better. Searching the shelves...nope doesn't look like it.]