23 July 2012 @ 09:58 pm
Action -- Residential Streets  
[Around Town]

[Meta needed to find someone but he wasn't sure where to start, so he's checking whatever houses seem likely. It might seem at random, and perhaps it is, but on his hunt for Epsilon (Whose voice sounded very very much like the AI but very very much not like an AI), Meta is now checking houses. He's traipsing through yards, trying knobs, and kicking in doors. Skirting just under the 7' mark, nearly as broad, and covered in a litany of muscles and scars, he's the visual epitome of someone who doesn't like his path crossed.]

[[ooc: Open to anyone, if you'd like your door smashed in! Also, Permissions post for the meanie!]]
18 July 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[Action -- 768 Bunker Street]

[It's just a moment between waking and realizing he's awake before Maine's leaping from the bed and glancing around the room with a low growl. This was not at all what he'd been expecting when he'd been dragged off that cliff, and in his haste and confusion, he's gotten himself tangled up in the sheets. There's a THUNK as he trips back into the wall.]

[Phone -- open]

[He's staring at the receiver, not sure what he's supposed to be doing here because it has been years since he's been able to actually speak, and he has no AI with him to translate. So instead, he leaves a message for the residents; a long, low, growl.]