12 October 2012 @ 02:28 pm
seventh snowflake - not in a good mood  
A: 7138 Brooks Lane – Open (backdated to around the 1st

[ Why would anyone want to throw away clothes they just got, box and all? Because that's what Yukihina is doing right now; about to throw a white uniform into the trash.

Don't take this wrong; there is nothing really wrong with these clothes, they fit like a glove. This is his uniform, after all, no matter how long it's been used by the participants of the Kibou Fest – they were his to begin with. He's worn them recently, too. Durign the latest session of the Kibou Fest.

But right now, the white military uniform is only making him pissed. A hellofalot pissed. Because when he sees them, he can't think of anyone but that bastard Heike.

Today, Yukihina is quite different from usual. He's not one to usually rage, but right now, he is furious. ]

B: Phone (also backdated)

I'll kill them.
11 June 2012 @ 02:03 am
sixth snowflake - a zombie among zombies (but don't lump him with them)  

1:  Zombiefield action post

[ Well wasn't this entertaining...

Yukihina wanders the streets, on his way to the convienience store, or on the way to the liquor store. He isn't really bothered by the zombies, and only freeze them if he feel like it, sometimes letting the water mass in their bodies turn into vapour and make them crumble into only bones and dried skin. Sometimes, when he get annoyed at their close proximity (and most of all if they try to bite him) he kick their heads off hard enough to only make a splatter on the pavement of the whole thing.

He might accidentially - yes, accidentially - help someone who's in a pinch, but he don't really give a damn. ]

2: Zombiefield phone post

Why do these zombies have to be without a brain.

07 June 2012 @ 02:19 am
husband and wife? You've gotta be kidding me.  
master bedroom with Yukihina and Rui )

[action; 7138 Brooks Lane; living room; open to housemates]
[ Rui has put on the clothes in Yukihina's part of the wardrobe; hell if she's going to wear those clothes if she doesn't have to. Yukihina's going to have to put up with sharing his clothes with her.

She walks into the living room and throws herself on the couch, throwing up her feet on the table with a slam. ]

Explain. Now.

[phone; open to all]
[ She's angry, yes, and it's easy to hear. ]

Yukihina said I'm his wife in this place. What sort of ridiculous idea is that? Why would I marry Yukihina?

Okay, so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Hachiouji Rui. And just so you know, I'm not married to him. He's a comrade and a friend, but nothing more.

[action; tavern; open to all]
[ It's not surprising that she manages to find her way to the tavern when she's just been in town for a couple of hours. There's this thing with her and alcohol after all. She's drawn to it.

She sits down with a sigh at the bar. ]

Give me something stong. Something really strong.

(ooc: the action at 7138 Brooks will have both Rui and Yukihina tagging.)
27 April 2012 @ 11:17 am
fifth snowflake | Because baking should be hard  
A )) Phone – backdated to day after Swapfield – filtered to Oichi

Ah... [ A short silence] Oichi-san... [ was it..? ] are you better now? [ Since she should be back in her body as well now. ]

B )) 7138 Brooks Lane – Forwarded to Sunday – Locked to family and visitors

[ At least his so-called wife wasn't nagging him about going to work today. Not that he usually didn't go – besides the days that he skipped out – but today was Sunday and a day he didn't have to go to work at. Instead, he is currently active in the kitchen trying to bake. The fermenting on the bread he is trying to make isn't going very well, however. To blame is his cold body-temperature, and he might need some help or the family will get iced bread instead of baked bread. ]

C )) John Doe – open

[ Just practicing his skills with his sword made out of ice. Anyone who want a sparring partner or a fight can come up to him. Or, if you know him, feel free to say hello. Or if you just feel like talk to him. ]
13 February 2012 @ 08:08 pm
Fourth Snowflake | Love is in the air. Well, sort of.  
[ Action;  Morning day 1   -   7138 Brooks Lane     -    Locked to housemates (aka Mirai)  ]

cut to household )

[ Phone: A bit later in the day. ]

Was it you who did this, Code:Emperor?

[ Action: Day 1 and 2  -  Around Mayfield. ]

[ So it can't have been Emperor, he guesses. The guy is extremely eccentric, but he would probably not decorate the town in flowers. Not all of the town, at least. He guessed.

Yukihina is passing around town at the moment. He might look a bit lost, because all the flowers does bewilder him. It's not fully apparent on his face, however, so it might happen that you have to look closely to notice. ]
04 February 2012 @ 04:35 pm
third snowflake  
A;   Action:    January 31st;   John Doe Park;   afternoon

[  It looks as if he is fighting imaginary enemies, but his eyes might be a bit too serious for just practice. He does, however, use this situation for a bit of practice, even if he does tire on it all. How long was these shadows going to attack him. This was almost like sparring with Rui on one of her bad days, or when she was embarrassed and suddenly attacked.
But yes, this was getting tiresome. Because while he has found a spot in the park that has very few shadows, his own is still enough for him to be irritated, even though he usually is pretty blank-faced.  ]

B;   Action:    January 31st;   7138 Brooks Lane;    evening

[  It must be the first time since the first day that Yukihina let his so called 'wife' make food. He wasn't pleased to eat food someone else made (although there were exceptions, of course. Rui and Kouji, for example.) But he didn't trust this woman. He was a bit busy, however, with fighting with both his own and the other residents' of 'his' house shadows. ]