29 November 2012 @ 11:31 pm
Divpadsmit ● Action  
● Action ; 1333 Benny Road

[He didn’t know what happened. The whole world went crazy and the thoughts in his head kept conflicting and cancelling each other out.

How could he have travelled the world without ever leaving town? Carry millions of people on his shoulders while never being responsible for anything more than a dog? Slowly the cracks began showing through; nightmarish visions sneaking around in the memories of his comfortable life in Mayfield, hundreds of years from a country far away.

Raivis had tried his best to ignore the voices that seemed to materialize out of nowhere and lock himself in his room from the erratic events of outside. There was only so long he could hide away from Mayfield though and this was pretty hard to ignore. The shards of glass tore small incisions in his clothes as he clumsily climbed in through the broken window and tripped on the brick he’d thrown in there moments earlier]

T-Tolys? Koharu? Is anyone there?

[His voice was shaking as hard as his hands, clutched tightly around a kitchen knife. No matter how much his mind fought it his body kept pressing on and the knowledge of what it was trying to do made him feel sick. The least he could do was warn someone, or beg them to make it all stop]
10 July 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Desmit ● Action  
● Action ; 7133 Brooks Lane

7133 Brooks )

● Action ; Around town

[He was still hobbling along on his one good leg. It seemed like the other had been fixed up with a better splint and there was a much more suitable crutch by his side. Despite his predicament, Latvia seems awfully happy. His cheeks are tinted a little red and you can smell alcohol on his breath but it doesn't seem like it's inhibiting him in anyway and he shuffles along making smalltalk with anyone who cares to listen]

Good morning! The weather's lovely today. But then it's lovely every day here, isn't it? Don't you miss bad weather?

● Action ; Various ; Locked to those he interacted with during the event

[No point in keeping it all to himself. The only reason he came out at all today was to make sure everyone got home safely, no matter how unsafely they left. Despite his prior cheerfulness he's now considerably more nervous, fidgeting and shivering a little. As he rings the doorbell he takes a deep breath and prepares himself for the worst]


[He pulls out one of the bottles from his bag]

I thought you might need this, after everything...
24 June 2012 @ 11:58 am
Deviņi ● Action  
● Action ; Morning June 23rd ; 7133 Brooks Lane

[Today Latvia does his best to prepare for the evening. While he normally likes to take things easy and pass the work off to someone else, right now he seems very adamant about doing the work himself. During the day you can find him at his house in Brooks Lane, decorating the lower half of the building with all manner of branches and leaves. Rowan, Oak, Holly… He would decorate the upper section of the house too but he doesn’t trust the ladder he found and if anything were to happen to him before the evening, that would be pretty disastrous]

● Action ; Evening June 23rd ; Make-out point

[If you come up to make-out point tonight you’ll find a small bonfire roaring away. Nearby there are bottles of beer and cheese laid out, although it seems that a lot of space has been left for people to bring their own food. In the middle of it all stands Latvia, wearing what appears to be some kind of folk costume. A black had with a coloured band, a long grey coat and trousers that are tucked into his socks, a brown waistcoat and finished off with a bright red ribbon tied around his neck]

Labvakar! Laipni lūdzam!

● Action ; June 24th ; Around town

[A little light headed and a little unsteady on his feet Latvia makes his way home after the night. Only wearing his trousers and his shoes, the rest of his clothes are carried under his arm. Even though he looks a little burnt out he seems happy nonetheless]
15 June 2012 @ 03:04 pm
Astoņi ● Phone ; Action  
● Phone

Hey… this may be a silly question but, uhm…

There wouldn’t happen to be anyone from Latvia living in Mayfield, would there? Jāņi is coming up and it would be nice to celebrate with someone. I know it probably won’t be the same as back home but I’m sure it’ll still be fun.


Heh, I guess not...

● Action ; John Doe Park

[After school Latvia sits in the shade at John Doe park. He seems a little melancholy as he weaves oak leaves together into some kind of wreath. Anyone who gets close enough might hear him humming Latvian folk songs under his breath]

[ooc] Just for anyone curious, Jāņi is pronounced like "Yah-nyi".
03 April 2012 @ 08:47 pm
Septiņi ● Action  
● Action ; April 1th ; 432 Peepers street ; Locked to Blind Mag

Pranking attempt number 1 )

● Action ; April 2nd ; 1247 Williams road ; Locked to Magnus

Pranking attempt number 2 )

● Action ; April 2nd ; Around Mayfield ; Locked to Bart

Pranking attempt number 3 )

● Action ; April 3rd ; 7133 Brooks lane

[It’s no use, Latvia just doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed today. Whatever strange disease was afflicting him has obviously spread. Every so often strange voices seem to circulate in his head, as much as he strains to he can’t pinpoint who they are or what they say. Eventually he manages to drag himself to the bathroom without being sick and tries to take something for his headache before flopping back into bed and trying to get some sleep.

If you’re worried about him, you can pay him a visit. If you saw him around town yesterday it was probably obvious that there was something wrong with him]
30 March 2012 @ 11:07 pm
Seši ● Action ; Phone  
● Phone ; March 29th

[He still hasn’t learned to filter phone calls and it’s clear he’s a little embarrassed having to talk to a potential number of strangers while trying to get to just one person]

I’m really sorry to bother everyone with this, but a Miss... uh, Tex around? If not does anyone know where to find her?

Miss Tex, if you’re there then I have a request. I-I know I still don’t have the tavern or anything but I was hoping we could still work together. It might be very important.

● Action ; At the edge of Mayfield

[On the outskirts of town stands a young boy with a bag full of supplies and a shovel in his hands. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to dig anywhere though. Instead he seems to cautiously head towards what would be the exit of the town. You can stop and talk to him if you’d like, if not he sprints off into the distance]

● Action ; Outside 7133 Brooks Lane

[Latvia sits on the pavement outside his house, his cheeks are tinted red and he’s obviously out of breath. The bag lays open on the ground besides him, revealing the bottles of water, packets of food, a kitchen knife and various other supplies he’d been carrying around. In his hand is the last bottle of alcohol he’d brewed in his basement and he seems pretty set on drowning his sorrows in it. Or at least wetting them slightly.

He normally looks a little upset or dejected but right now he looks utterly defeated]
12 March 2012 @ 09:34 pm
Pieci ● Action  
● Action ; March 11th ; 7133 Brooks Lane

[Latvia stumbles into the basement with a large bag full of empty bottles. He’d gone around the households telling drones he was part of a recycling initiative. None of them really seemed to question it. From a large container he siphons a simple sugar alcohol into them after making sure they’ve been washed out properly.

He’s a little anxious, it’s been a long time since he did any home brewing and he knows that he’s made a mistake somewhere along the line. Taking a swig from one of the full bottles he tests it to make sure he doesn’t go blind or anything. Honestly, it’s the shittiest thing he’s ever tasted, but it’s something he can get drunk off and that's what counts]

● Action ; March 11th ; 1333 Benny Road ; Locked to Lithuania

[Carrying the same bag, the bottles now full he makes his way to Lithuania’s house. By now he’s starting to get used to the town and he doesn’t lose his way so easily. Latvia was starting to get lonely and what better way to remedy that than by drinking with a friend?

He can’t help but look curiously at the Polish flag hanging from the house next to his but he just puts it down to Poland’s ‘in your face’ attitude. Ringing the doorbell he fidgets with the bag handles. If one of his housemates answers he wouldn’t really know what to say but they don’t and he’s glad]

Lithuania! How are you?

[He lifts the bag up for him to see better]

I bought drinks. They don’t taste great but I made them myself. You’re not busy, are you?

● Action ; School

[Latvia rarely pays attention in school. It’s either things he already knows or propaganda he’s not sure he agrees with or not. Today though, he’s really not paying attention. In fact he looks pretty dead. Slumped back in his chair, wearing a pair of dark glasses and occasionally groaning or mumbling something incoherent.

Between classes he isn’t much better. Even though he seems pretty sick he refuses to see the nurse. It’s hard to find somewhere quiet he can just sit and switch off though. As the bell rings he whines and curls up slightly]
17 February 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Četri ● Action ; Phone  
● Introspection
Read more... )

● Action ; February 15th

[For about a week, Latvia had been on and off miserable. He’d already messed up his relationship with the two people he trusted most in this town and he didn’t know how well he’d be able to get along with the few people he’d met since then. He was getting pretty sick of being miserable though and without any good outlet he decided to try and distract himself.

Awkwardly he shuffles around the general store with a packet of dry yeast in hand. Latvia looks at the shelves with uncertainty, as if he’s trying to remember or trying to decide something. This makes it the third time he’s walked around the store but there doesn’t seem to be anything extra in his hands]

Should I just go with sugar or do I want something more specialized...

[Slipping into a daze he doesn’t quite calculate his route around the store properly and ends up walking into and knocking over one of the stands at the end of the aisle]

● Phone ; February 15th

This may be an awkward question but does anyone have a large, airtight container I can use for a few weeks? Preferably one that can hold a few gallons.

I promise I’ll get it back in good condition! Maybe we could do an exchange or something? Although I don’t know if I have anything you would want...

● Action ; Afternoon

[For whatever reason, Latvia seems considerably more at ease today. On the way home from school he takes quite a detour, wandering around the town and quietly singing to himself in Latvian. On his winding way through town you can find him in one of three places]

A ; Wondering through John Doe park, eating something that looks like a bread roll filled with bacon and curiously studying the statue of the Mayor.

B ; At the bakery, eyeing some of the sweet pastries and deliberating over which one he should buy as a treat for later on.

C ; Passing by the flower shop and staring, somewhat longingly through the window. After the sudden arrival and disappearance of flowers all around Mayfield he kind of misses just having some around to brighten the house.
02 February 2012 @ 02:45 pm
Trīs ● Action ; Phone  
● Action ; Morning ; Outside Mayfield Hospital

[Even though the drugs have finally worn off he still feels disorientated and woozy. The strange weight in his stomach makes him feel sick. Surveying the others outside he doesn't particularly recognize anyone, being in just as bad a situation he doesn't particularly care to help either. Latvia was used to being the one being helped, rather than the one doing the helping. Trying to gather his bearings he wonders where he should go from here]

● Action ; Daytime ; Around Mayfield

[It's hopeless. He doesn't know where he should go or what he should do, he just knows he wants someone to help. As he wanders he just keeps muttering angrily to himself under his breath]

You should have just stayed inside! If you'd just kept out of the way instead of wondering the streets like an idiot...! You had a goddamned weapon, why didn't you use it?

[Just as he starts getting louder and more aggressive he beings shaking. While shaking was fairly normal for Latvia this seemed quite artificial. He doubles over, clutching at his stomach and breathing deeply in an attempt to calm down.

He knows he shouldn't be, but for some reason he's just furious at everything. Angry at the fact he let himself get caught, angry at the fact no one tried to save him, angry at the fact he's so pathetic he needs someone to save him because he can't save himself... Once he manages to calm down he continues on his way, pausing every so often as he's afflicted with the vibrations again]

● Phone ; Evening

Just what the hell happened? I keep asking and asking but not one person has given me a straight answer! What's with this town? Why would anyone feel the need to mutilate people like that!?

It's not fair! I didn't do anything to deserve this! Is this just all for your fun!? Is that it? Because I swea-- ahhh...ah...

[The yelling dies down into a whimper and if you listen closely, you can hear a very faint bleeping]

ooc [So the experimental surgery means that Latvia was injected with a drug that makes him prone to outbursts of anger. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't a trigger for the bomb in his stomach.]
25 January 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Divi ● Action  
● Action ; Morning ; 7133 Brooks Lane

[Something has obviously happened. He heard the radio broadcast and he can’t pick up the phone without someone yelling. Despite that, Latvia hasn’t a clue about what’s going on. If it weren’t for the fact he needed to go to school, lest he face punishment, he would have become a total recluse by now.

The moments before he had to leave were spent sneaking around drone and housemate alike searching for something to use as a weapon. A good kitchen knife seemed like the most obvious answer. Wrapping it up in a kitchen towel Latvia slipped it into his bag. He didn’t really want to hurt anyone, at most he’d just use it to scare them off but it gave him much needed piece of mind.

Quickly closing the door behind him he hurries down the street]

● Action ; Afternoon ; School

[During classes he isn’t that much more settled, but he can sense a kind of unease from the people around him. Discretely tearing a page from his notebook he scribbles something down before folding it up and passing it along. The words are quite legible]

What’s happening in Mayfield?

● Action ; After school ; Around town

[Keeping his head down he half wonders if he should look for someone he knows and make sure they’re safe. All the addresses he’d written down the first night had been left at home, Latvia didn’t know if he could remember them. At the same time, he can’t really stand the thought of being out on the streets alone for too long. None the less, he keeps one hand slipped inside his satchel with his fingers curled around the knife handle]
14 January 2012 @ 04:17 pm
Viens ● Action ; Phone  
● Action ; 7133 Brooks Lane

[The sudden sirens send him tumbling out of bed as he knocks his head on the bedside table. With no time to think, Latvia just scrambles under his bed. Something of a reflex reaction. After a few moments he cautiously peers out into the room, only to realise that it isn’t the one he lives in, or one he’s ever lived in. Not to mention, there hasn’t been war in his homeland for years. He’s thinking too rationally and the pain in his head is far too real for it to be a dream. Crawling out from his hiding place he gives the room a fleeting glance and opens the door with a trembling hand. The corridor is certainly from no place he’s been to either]

H-hello? Is anyone there?

[The sirens are really starting to become distressing]

● Phone

[He keeps dialing all the numbers he knows, trying to get through. None of the international codes seem to be working and the calls that get through aren’t to the right people]

I’m sorry, I may have the wrong number. Um... who is this?