05 August 2012 @ 05:22 pm
2.1 (first.)  
A:) early morning - Hastings Blvd; open.

[there is a woman with a light coat pulled up over her nightgown taking a few bewildered steps from her front door and toward the street. perhaps you're used to the sight of someone waking up in Mayfield for the first time and want to help? or, maybe she accidentally bumps into you where she's staring at 'her' house as she starts down the sidewalk?]

B:) late morning - phone; open.

[there's a slight and hesitant pause before Trisha starts speaking.]

Edward? Al? [a beat...] ...Winry?

Are you still-- Can you hear me?

C:) early evening - around town; open.

[having gotten her bearings and taken the time to check up on old and familiar faces, Trisha is back in her own clothing and has taken to the streets for some air. she's trying to feel out what's changed from the last time she walked the likes of Mayfield; the bitter chill of winter has gone and it seems summer is here in earnest. had it really been so long...?

she seems a little confused-- stopping to look at building storefronts before continuing along. maybe you bump into her? or are you a kind soul who cares to ask what she might be looking for?
28 January 2012 @ 09:34 am
action; open.  
[action: front of hospital, AM.]

[outside of the hospital this morning, there's a woman left where those from the Factory had dumped her, half-draped in one of the dirtied sheets. there is something... wrong with the outline of her shape, shivering softly under that thin cover -- and though some of her hair obscures her face... it's clear she's in pain.

trying to push herself upright and figure out where she is -- what's happened -- has limited success; in the end, she decides to lay still and preserve her strength instead. there were others; someone would be coming to undo this... wouldn't they?

...despite what she knows, now, that they did -- and the pain because of it, there is one thought on her mind.

please don't let her son see her like this. someone, please take her inside before he finds her. Ed had lost her once; she did not want to be the reason that he's in pain again. please come and undo what they did. she cannot STAY this way... this is wrong -- this is all wrong. she is his mother, and mothers need to be able to hold their children.


[ooc: warnings for body horror...?! lskdjfsd ;( her limbs have been twisted backwards, some fingers/toes broken etc. I GUESS SHE KIND'VE LOOKS LIKE THAT THING ED AND AL BROUGHT BACK screaming]