14 September 2012 @ 09:20 am
3rd Transformation  

For those of you who know her, it seems Byakuren Hijiri has been droned. [For once, Mamizou doesn't sound quite as cheerful as she usually does. Seeing a drone of someone you know isn't an easy thing for anyone.] I understand she knew quite a few people here, so I thought I'd spare everyone the trouble of finding out firsthand.

Also, since I'm curious and I hope you don't mind a tanuki's curiousity...what has anyone found in those portals? They're certainly something you don't encounter every day.
24 April 2012 @ 07:13 pm
2nd Transformation  
[919 Bilko]
[Mamizou didn't expect to get a package today, but what do you know, she got one. And even though it was mostly empty, as soon as she saw what was on the piece of paper she immediately knew that she had gotten something back.

Since the drone mother was out, it was easy for Mamizou to just swipe a dress from her closet and head to the washroom. After a few minutes, anyone in the house will notice that the woman who just came out of there is certainly not the fuzzy raccoon dog they're used to seeing. But this stranger still has those familiar glasses...as well as a tanuki's ears and tail.

Well, it's certainly good to have this back! Although I wish I'd gotten my usual outfit back too...

[Around town]
[If you're anywhere around town today, you may suddenly sense someone not too far behind you. And if you happen to turn around, you may be faced with...yourself. Yes, someone who looks just like you. Except this person who looks exactly like you also happens to have a large striped tail, and they'll offer you a slightly mischievous grin and a little wave in greeting.]

Good day to you!

[Don't mind Mamizou, she's just gotten her shapeshifting ability back and she's just testing it out.]
17 February 2012 @ 12:37 pm
1st Transformation  
[919 Bilko]
[Hello, residents of 919 Bilko, it seems you have a new pet! Though one who isn't exactly happy to find herself in a doghouse in the backyard of a house in an American town during the 1950s, and not at Myouren Temple in Gensokyo as she has recently become accustomed to. You may find your new pet furiously chewing through the leash that ties her to the dog house. She may technically be a dog, but she's not the kind of dog you can put on a leash, no sir.

Also, while you may expect to here animal-like sounds from her, you may also hear...grumbling. It may be that this new pet can, in fact, speak.

Wretched thing...what on Earth have I gotten myself into? Surely this can't be some trick of Nue's...

[Around town]
[Wherever you may be today, you'll probably see something a little unusual: a tanuki wearing a tiny pair of glasses on her nose trotting about Mayfield. She's sniffing at everything curiously, but she won't be alarmed if you approach her.]