18 August 2012 @ 07:43 pm
ninth book ♌ action;phone  
ACTION; 729 Anderson Lane (Klaus)

[Disciple fell asleep in her pile, same as usual but the familiar feeling of pillows, blankets and couch cushions was...different. Sure there was one pillow and one large cushion--no wait.

It moved. Was it a person--it was. Someone was in her pile and she had not invited them. Feferi had disappeared as had Summoner and no one else came in her pile. It's probably a bad thing for Klaus to wake up to a hissing and clawing Disciple, who has managed to kick him both the ribs and the face. She's a bit of a fiery mess this morning good luck

ACTION; 729 Anderson Lane (Everyone)

[The troll who's been made the head woman of your household looks disheveled, though her hair is always that sort of mess, and she's staring dubiously into the fridge. She misses her stockpile of meat. She'll have to start a new one.]

Bacon...it's pork--that's an oinkbeast right? [She's also talking to herself. A couple months of being alone with drones in her house has done that to her]


If there's anyone left here who knows of me, Disciple, I have been moved to...[Shoot she never looked, the phone is left hanging while she rifles through mail, leaving it in a haphazard pile] 729 Anderson Lane. I'm living with Klaus--mind the mechanical purrbeast lusus on my lawn. Though you might miss it will all the other..things at this house.
26 June 2012 @ 10:44 pm
eighth book ♌ phone;action  

GIVE THEM BACK! Give them back damnit, give them back! You let me see them again, you brought people back from the dead Mayfield. [There's an angry sob and the sound of splintering wood as she digs her nails into the table] You can bring them back! Do it! Don't you dare torture me like this! You take away everyone in my home here and then you take away every person I loved. Why are you doing this to me?!

Bring them back! I--do it! I don't care what you have to do, just bring them back you fucking bastards!

[ACTION] 1645 Albright Lane

[If you come over to her house, she's piled everything she has from home in her living room, along with half a dozen pillows and blankets. She might lack a moirail but she'll make herself a pile nonetheless. Fuck, she'll be pale for her own freaking self, since she knows if she leaves, she'll just get herself killed.]
01 June 2012 @ 01:22 pm
seventh book ♌ phone;action  

I will never miss that palace. Ever. [There's a little frustrated sigh] Signless, you're alright, right? Psiionic? Feferi, dear little lowblood, you're alright as well correct? This place is playing tricks again I think.


[It tickled her mind, the idea that Signless could become Emperor here. The Empress, curled horns and all, lived here but the Signless was strong. He could overcome her.

And the idea refuses to go away. So she stepped out of her house today and decided she would start asking around. Get a feel for how those here would help or resist his taking the throne. Not that there was much of a throne to take here.

Excuse me, could I talk to you?
03 April 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Sixth Book ♌ Phone; Action  

...Wait. Wait is this really how humans do this? You can't get human pregnant if one of you is a troll right? RIGHT?

[Ohgod her life. HUMANS. No one explains to her. no one explains]


ONE; 432 Peepers


TWO; Around Town

[Now she is merely wandering around, trying to condense all the information into something that makes sense. She's just mumbling to herself.]

...I am never pailing with anyone as a human ever. Ever. [SHUDDER]
06 February 2012 @ 10:11 am
Fifth Book ♌ Phone; Action  
[PHONE; Attempted to filter from Condesce, probably not that effective]

...Is everything over with then? Are we done torturing innocent people?

[There's an angry edge to her voice but it fades]

I don't want to have to watch everyone get hurt and killed. Is there any way to protect those I care about or do we just have to watch it happen every time? What about the dangerous trol--people in Mayfield? Is there nothing that can be done?

[She makes a frustrated hiss]

I just want people to safe, why is this so hard. This isn't Alternia. I shouldn't have to worry as much.

[Action; Around Mayfield]

[She's going door to door to see if she can make sure her friends are okay. Obviously she isn't really sure about where some people live, so if she knocked on your door by accident, well...

She'll still make sure YOU are okay as well

[Action; Pet shop]

[She's been putting off coming back to work but three days seems to be the magic rule. However this doesn't really mean she'll work.

A far better and more comforting thing is to take every larger cat out of their cages and simply pet them for a few hours. She'll get up if someone comes in, but who really buys pets in the middle of winter in Mayfield