06 June 2012 @ 06:39 pm
[A: 502 Ricardo]

[Summoner wakes up with some very strange memories. Why would he go around acting like a 3 sweep old? He has no idea. He's still pondering it when he goes downstairs to check the mail. He's familiar enough with the routine by now not to think much of opening the mail up and--

Welp, there went his shirt. But he doesn't care about that. He has his wings back! Thank the winds. He can fly again.

...He should probably do something about the shirt first though...]

[B: All around town.]

[Flying is the best feeling! Summoner is exercising his wings by flying low over all of the town, and occasionally whooping in delight. So enjoy the sight of a man with giant brown (with perhaps a faint reddish tinge) fairy wings swooping and laughing overhead. He calls out greetings to people he recognizes and is always happy to pause for a chat.

Oh. And leaving behind a trail of fairy dust wing dandruff bronze glitter, you know what, let's just call it fairy dust. No magical properties, but gee, doesn't it look pretty? Have fun getting rid of it.]
16 May 2012 @ 01:21 am
[A: Action- 502 Ricardo]

[He is aware something is very, very wrong before he's even fully awake. Summoner doesn't move or give any sign of waking, but instead focuses on his other senses in an attempt to figure out what set those alarms off. Nothing sounds right. Nothing smells right. Nothing even feels right. He can't make heads nor tails of it so he gives in and gets up.

So he's just extremely confused rather than shocked to discover nothing looks right either, and spends several minutes in front of a mirror poking and prodding himself. Panic is not a thing he does, but he's tempted. He has no idea what happened to take everything away and replace it with... well, it wouldn't be bad, but it's not him at all. But there's only one way to find out. He dresses in unfamiliar, and uncomfortable, clothes and begins a search.

The woman only adds to his confusion when he tries to ask questions so he moves on to the rest of the building he'd woken up in instead.]

[B: Action- around town]

[The next step is to search the surrounding area. He leaves the house, shirt untucked and half-buttoned, to wander around. The light almost drives him back in on instinct, but whatever form this is, it's not bothered. He's incredibly wary of this place and the people, so he just watches and listens to every conversation he can overhear, mostly, but he does search every street he encounters and every building that doesn't seem to be a private dwelling.

In spite of his attempts to not stand out too much, his behavior is obviously strange. He ducks and goes through doorways sideways, for one, and keeps quite a distance between himself and walls and trees and lampposts. He also keeps looking up at the sky, almost longingly. He's also very new and pretty much lost.]

[C: Phone]

[Well, he'd heard about one potentially useful thing in his exploring. It takes a little bit to figure it out, but when he speaks, he sounds chipper and nonchalant. Don't let your enemies in on your worries.]

Good evening! May the winds always blow at your back and lift you higher. And may the sky always extend its welcome. I just have one question. If someone was missing something important where can it be found?

[A pause, and there's a hint of steel under his cheer.]

And who is responsible for it being taken?


Two questions then! I got ahead of myself.