14 May 2012 @ 02:05 pm
04 | Backdated to Mother's Day  
 [Action - outside 508 Ricardo Street]

[Any of Bart's neighbors or anyone that happens to be walking down the road may notice a blur speeding around his yard. Bart's busily attending to the garden at superspeed, trying his best to be as caring as their "mama" had been before her droning.

But despite how careful he's trying to be he's still a bit clumsy, so that hinders him a bit.]
[Action - the flower shop]
[Anyone else buying flowers for Mother's Day might notice Bart at the flower shop buying an unusually large number of them.
Poison Ivy loved flowers, after all.]

Do you think it's weird to do things for people even after they're droned? My real mom's not here but she lives in the future so I probably wouldn't be able to do anything for her back home either...but I had a mom here, too. Her drone still lives in my house.
Even if she was kind of mean sometimes...she was the nicest supervillain I've ever known, I think. 
I've never done this Mother's Day thing before, though. So I hope I did it right. 
Also...I think she'd've liked it if I told all of you to be nice to the plants here. 
02 April 2012 @ 12:15 am

Okay, so this is probably a bad time to ask with all the pranking going on, but I need to ask and I'mgettingreallyimpatient! Is there anyone out there--say a mad scientist or something--that would help me build something?! 

[Action--all around town]

[Bart doesn't know any of the people he's supposed to be pranking, but that's hardly going to stop him. As a speedster, he has no problem with running all over the place, approaching random people to ask who they are--little does he realize that he may get pranked himself!]

[Action--streets of Mayfield]

[Now that he's pranked Django, Bart's gotten his hands on a solar-powered motorcycle. It may be way slower than he can run himself, but that doesn't stop him from riding around town, grinning like an idiot.]
14 February 2012 @ 06:51 am
01 | And they called it puppy love...  
[Action - somewhere in town - locked to Lym]

[Max may have taught Bart to be a conscientious speedster, but that didn't mean he always succeeded in being one. He'd had his speed back for a little while now, but after over six months without it? He still can't get over the urge to just...run. To recklessly enjoy it without a care in the world.

Unfortunately for him, that isn't the smart idea or him or others, as running right into Lym and knocking the two of them into some daisies is about to remind him.]