18 September 2012 @ 06:46 pm
DEPLOYMENT 20: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb  
[It's been almost a full week since that Mr. Grey tasked the townsfolk with finding the Librarian's mementos. Six days since Virginia led the household into one of the portals, plus the hell raven she inexplicably won over—which turned sour quickly and forced their retreat back through the portal when somebody grabbed the memento. Virginia died in the first few moments of that, blown apart by bombers passing overhead.]

[As frustrated and angry as it made Balin to have Virginia die so senselessly like that, again—he'd seen Mayfield bring her back from the dead once before. So she ought to be back good as new the next day, right? Caesar came back that way, even if he was an amnesiac for a little while. Yet when Virginia didn't come back, Balin grew concerned. The week passed, day after day—and still no sign of Virginia, until this morning.]

[And she wasn't herself.]

[She didn't dress as she normally does. She didn't behave as she normally did—she was acting just like the other droned women of Mayfield ... and none of her belongings that the town had given back to her were around anymore. The garage-turned-stable was empty. The weapons and equipment she'd kept on her person had vanished ... so this was really it. Virginia had been droned for good.]

[It's the first time that Balin has experienced the permanent droning of someone he knows. While he's met plenty of people in town, rarely does he hear when the town disposes of them. This time, he's had front row seats—and it's left him feeling a little darker and a little meaner than usual.]

[ACTION - A (847 Goldberg, Morning/Late Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's stepping out of the house to go check the mail. He's wearing his red Mech Armor suit as usual—getting into the habit of wearing it most of time outside again, with the way things in town were shaping up. He's not enthused about going to work today, and is contemplating taking a day of as he goes to check the mail.]

[He was expecting the usual junk mail, but who knows, maybe Mr. Grey had left another note for everyone. He's much more surprised when he pulls out a thick packet envelope and two smaller ones, all addressed to him.]

[ACTION - B (Hospital and Downtown Mayfield, Late Morning/Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Well, going to work is officially off the table for today. What Balin found in those envelopes has made him driven. He's checking around town for sources of scrap metal—or disposable, purchasable metal items—so he'll be hitting up the construction site, the hardware store, and possibly the Greased Lightning Garage. After he's collected enough metal he'll head over to the Hospital to try and find a doctor there. Mordin Solus, if he can find him—but anybody involved with the medical laboratories will do. Failing that entirely, he'll just see if the Workstation can handle a direct sample ...]

[ACTION - C (847 Goldberg, Afternoon/Early Evening, HOUSEMATES/GUESTS)]

[By hook or by crook, Balin's returned home with the supplies he needs to get to work. He's fired up the workstation and (after making doubly sure that Caesar's yandere-streak-under-the-influence didn't result in any actual damage or tampering with the system) has started fabricating ... something. Taking one of the paper-thin yet not paper schematics, inserting it into the workstation, and processing his haul of scrap metal and organic samples into ... what looks like sand at first, but upon closer inspection are actually microscopic machines.]

[ACTION - D (Mayfield Outskirts, Early Evening/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[It's another lovely evening in Mayfield. The sky always looks wonderful when the suns are setting—wait, suns?]

[Yeah, suns. Over on the horizon, there is a bright mushroom-shaped explosion rising up from the distant outskirts. For the folks who had been in Mayfield last Thanksgiving, it looks rather similar to that mushroom cloud. Yet it doesn't last nearly as long, burning itself out and not leaving a cloud of debris in its wake. Gazing upon it won't blind you or hurt your eyes, though it is pretty bright. There's no sudden city-destroying blast wave or intense heat either, yet there is a muted, distant explosion that sounds more like listening to a nuke go off on the television or over the radio than as it would experiencing the real thing.]

[And for those who can sense magic, psychic, or spiritual energies, they'll feel something akin to a bomb with a lit fuse—prior to the explosion, a somewhat low-level build-up of energies, then spiking as the explosion happens.]

[Feel like checking it out?]
15 June 2012 @ 11:41 pm
DEPLOYMENT 19: Mech Warrior  
[ACTION - A JUNE 8 (847 Goldberg, Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[On the morning right before the Blackwing Project virus is unleashed, Balin gets his own package in the mail, sitting right by the mailbox. He picks it up to take a look at it, realizing quickly just how heavy it is, and setting it back down again just a few steps onto the driveway.]

[If it's this heavy, it's got to be some kind of hardware he had back on the front lines ... but the town's already given him back his Series 3 shotgun, which means—]

[Balin promptly starts opening the package right then and there, tearing it open almost like a kid on Christmas. Then he puts on what's inside—pieces of armored plate and underlayers, fitting right over his usual PT uniform. Boots excepted, of course—he swaps those out with the armored ones in the package.]

Balin puts on his Mech Armor suit.

[Neighbors or passerby on the street might see him putting it on—and of course, so will the housemates, since he'll be going back inside the house to take care of a few last things before heading off to work.]

[ACTION - B JUNE 8 (Anywhere in Mayfield, Late Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's feeling a lot more like his usual self now that he has his Mech Armor suit back, and it shows. He's wearing it everywhere he goes today, whether it's working at the construction yard or on his daily physical training regimen. For anyone who's met him before—especially back during the memory corruption—Balin carries himself in a more confident way as he goes about his business.]

[ACTION - C JUNE 9 (Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[When the Blackwing virus shows itself, though, it's back to business.]

[He'd heard Ciel's phone call about it, but this time, he's not going to trust Caesar to the battle nun's care. With more of his hardware and Logos Abilities in his possession than last year, Balin's a lot more confident in his ability to hold ground against something so infectious. This kind of thing is, after all, exactly why he spent so much time trying to make homebrew Claymore mines.]

[But while he does have a number of usable prototypes on hand, neither he nor Quinn have had the time to work out a control system for selectively detonating the mines from a single location. He also doesn't have the blasting supplies on hand, which means ...]

[Balin's decided to take a risk while the outbreak is in its relatively early stages to try and get blasting caps and supplies from the construction yard for rigging up to the makeshift mines he'd built at the house. He's almost certain that the town's going to turn into a war zone very quickly, which is why he's armed, armored, and dangerous. Care to prove him right?]

[ACTION - D JUNE 10-11 (Goldberg Street, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[The Blackwing zombies may retain enough tactical skill to set up ambushes and traps, but Balin's not about to be shown up by the undead. For the infected, Goldberg Street is a deathtrap—Balin's set up the house with the rough homebrew claymore designs he'd been building and experimenting with for the past few weeks.]

[Whether you're a survivor or an infected, you might occasionally hear the sound of a Claymore detonating every now and then if you're in the area. Or you might spot Balin using his Logos Abilities and firearms to clean up the streets. And he's probably not alone in fighting them.]

[PHONE JUNE 12 (Afternoon)]

[Once it's clear that the virus has burned itself out, Balin's going to see Quinn about finishing up the perimeter defense project properly. This time though, he's going to phone ahead.]

Yo, Quinn? I gotta speak with you on somethin'. You free?
04 June 2012 @ 10:01 pm
DEPLOYMENT 18: The Shadow on the Sun  
AU Information and introspection under cut. )

[ACTION - A (847 Goldberg, Morning/Late Morning, HOUSEMATES/GUESTS)]

[Usually Balin would be much more focused on his project with the homebrew perimeter defense, but today his heart doesn't seem to be in it. He does tinker with it, looking over his notes while trying to find the best way to assemble a housing for the explosive charge and the payload. Maybe it's the way his eyes look a lot more unfocused—but haven't they always been that way?]

[ACTION - B (Outside 847 Goldberg, Noon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[First order of business: cleaning up the yard. After that fight Meiling and Utsuho had the other day, the yard has been a mess, with Meiling's scales and Utsuho's feathers strewn everywhere. Balin's out trying to rake up the detritus, and he's got help—in the form of Caesar, who is also affected by his own bout of memory corruption.]

[Care to stop by?]

[Note: For this prompt, responses may come from either Balin, Caesar ([personal profile] commentboxtroll), or both. Specify if you want someone specific!]

[ACTION - C (Anywhere in Mayfield, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's still keeping to his usual physical training regimen. It may serve no purpose to stay fit for the war back home, but between Mayfield's whims and the sadistic residents, there's no reason not to stay in shape. So you might run into him around town, jogging or doing push-ups. He's also heavily armed, of course—having heard some of the genocidal declarations over the phone lines this week, if he gets caught by one of them he won't be going down without a brutal fight.]

[ACTION - D (Makeout Point, Night, OPEN TO ALL)]

[With nothing left to do for today, Balin's going to be spending some time stargazing up at Makeout Point. He's got a case of Mayfield's consumer-brand beer with him. He'd never been a heavy drinker, but the fact that he's survived death only to be a plaything to the people who run this town has overwhelmed him tonight. He might be a little drunk if you come to see what he's up to. Just a little.]
16 May 2012 @ 07:37 pm
DEPLOYMENT 17: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Boomstick  
[Balin's been a really rare sight at the house ever since the Friday before last. He's spending almost all of his waking hours in town, even on Mother's Day. Outside of work, he's become a lot more focused on accomplishing something with his demolitions projects.]

[Though today, he gets a belated birthday present. As he heads out the door to work, he spies a package lying on the porch. Rather than taking it inside, Balin's curiosity gets the best of him and he opens it on the spot ...]

Series 3 Triple Incendiary Shotgun
[... To reveal a shotgun. One big enough to have its own zip code and mean enough to come with its own postal worker. It looks suited to being a turret on a scale model battleship rather than in the hands of a human. Its ammo belt already has a few canisters pre-loaded into it. The sight of it makes Balin's eyes gleam.]

... Now we're talkin'.

[ACTION - A (Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[You might catch Balin on the streets while he's out running his personal errands. In place of the Remington 870 shotgun he'd been carrying around with him for months, he's going to be carrying the Series 3 Triple Incendiary Shotgun. It comes with its own back-mounted holster, so he doesn't have the shotgun sling on him either.]

[ACTION - B (John Doe Park, Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's taken a detour on his way to work in order to test out his latest piece of regained hardware. He's standing in a spot of open ground with a pail full of water from the nearby pond—just in case things get out of hand. Taking aim at the open sky, he pulls the trigger, and a flesh-searing armor-melting inferno that's twenty meters high at its most potent spews forth. Enjoy your wakeup call!]

[ACTION - C (Neutron Diner, Morning, Afternoon, or Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's also been frequenting the Diner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since it gives him a place to sit down, eat, and work on brainstorming and planning—and the drones don't seem to bother him at all, provided he sits down at a booth. You'll likely see him jotting down notes or making rough sketches in a journal while taking bites out of a hamburger or a pathetic imitation of a Philly cheesesteak.]

[ACTION - D (Jonathon's Tools, Early Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's taking a look around the hardware store, though he doesn't seem to be buying anything today. He's making note of construction materials and any items the store has pertaining to electronics or electric wiring, as well as checking up on the different kinds of paint for sale.]

[ACTION - E (339 Brady Lane, Afternoon, HOUSE RESIDENTS)]

[While Balin was able to rig up simple detonators from what he found at the construction yard, doing something on the level of what he had planned would require some help to get right. To that end, he's stopping by Quinn's house to see if the guy's home. If the garage is open he'll be taking a peek to see if the technomancer's hanging around. If not, he'll head over to the front porch and ring the doorbell.]

Yo, Quinn! You there?

[He really should have phoned ahead ...]

[ACTION - F (Mayfield Outskirts, Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Like he's been doing for the past week, Balin continues to test and experiment with the C-4 he had created in the past week or two. By now, all the test detonations in that field have created some ready-made earthworks for future testing—a short trench five feet deep, beyond which are other shallow craters where more bricks of C-4 have gone off.]

[Balin can be found out here doing a final battery of experiments with what remains of his first few batches of C-4. Which means there'll be the occasional explosion coming from the outskirts of town—just mind the sign by the side of the road if you head out that way to investigate.]
04 May 2012 @ 05:31 pm
DEPLOYMENT 16: Let's Start Buildin' Some Hurtin' Bombs!  
[YEAH!  ]

[No. No, it's not time for a Rocky montage just because Balin is from Philadelphia. I'm warning you, don't start playing Gonna Fly Now OH GOD DAMMIT—]

[Between the prankathon, Freaky Friday, and those strange blue flowers that popped up everywhere, most of April has been too crazy for Balin to continue working on what he'd been planning since he first got here. That, and he's been too busy trying to drink to forget about his own awful Freaky Friday experience to take advantage of the relative peace, until now.]

[ACTION - A (Construction Yard, Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Fellow construction workers, Balin's acting a little strange today! He's paying careful attention to the drone foreman and any of the drone workers. You might catch him sneaking into the area where the construction yard keeps blasting equipment.]

[ACTION - B (Mayfield High, Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Students and faculty at Mayfield High might see somebody unfamiliar (or not-so-unfamiliar) on the campus after school lets out. Or they might notice the smell of french fries, modeling clay, and tire rubber coming from the chemistry labs. Anybody checking on the chemlabs will find Balin there, having commandeered much of the lab equipment (as well as some safety goggles and rubber gloves), as well as a wide assortment of things he seems to be harvesting for whatever he's working on. Car batteries, basketballs, ethanol, food packaging film, brake fluid and camping fuel tablets ... It's like a miniature junkyard.]

[He's got a journal with him, that looks like it has a lot of notes relating to chemical synthesis and procedures jotted down on it. Every now and then he glances back toward the door like he doesn't want to get caught. Do you dare approach?]

[ACTION - C (Mayfield Outskirts, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[After having spent enough time at the chemistry lab at Mayfield High without blowing himself up, Balin feels he's ready to test out his work. He's selected an open field on the outskirts of town. For this kind of testing, it would have been ideal to build some protective earthworks—but borrowing the kind of construction equipment necessary for the task would be risking too much unwanted attention. Especially since, if he's successful, what he'll be doing is attention-grabbing enough. So instead, he's going to let his own experiment do the earth-moving for him.]

[Over the course of a few hours, there's going to be some pretty loud explosions echoing through the air. If you're close enough you might even hear Balin going into full Yipes mode over his success. If you come to check out what's going on, though, you'll be confronted by a sign posted out near the road:]

13 April 2012 @ 06:34 pm
DEPLOYMENT 15: Be the Other Walking Nuke  
[(Note: All tagbacks will be from [personal profile] walking_nukebird!)]

[ACTION - A (847 Goldberg Street, Early Morning, HOUSEMATES)]

This is for the birds. Literally. )

[ACTION - B (Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning/Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Utsuho spends a lot of her time flying around in the air, but today she apparently is preferring to walk around town. She seems a bit clumsy and cautious, though—Balin is having difficulty adjusting to a woman's bone structure and center of gravity. Especially since this particular woman isn't even human. Aaand also much taller than he is.]

[Sometimes you might see "Utsuho" looking down at "her" chest and muttering or even angrily talking out loud. Like "she's" arguing with someone.]

[ACTION - C (Downtown Mayfield, Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

"Go on, you mangy mutt! Get out of here! Shoo! Shoo!"

Hey! I'm not a mutt! What's the big idea—

["Utsuho" just tried to enter a store and got pushed out by a drone armed with a broom. With one last shove, "she" stumbles out the door. As the drone slams the door shut, "Utsuho" turns around to look back at the store with "her" hands on "her" hips.]

—Dammit, every store is doing this to me!

[Ah, the joys of finding out Mayfield considers you a "pet."]

[ACTION - D (John Doe Park, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

["Utsuho" is currently trying to figure out how to fly. Flight is an ubiquitous ability among Gensokyo's denizens, even if they have no biological ability to do so—but Balin doesn't know that, and so he assumes the only way he can fly as Utsuho is through wing power alone. In fairness, wingspan is one of several things in which Utsuho's body is well-endowed.]

[Flying with wings is a learned skill, though, even for birds—and having never been a bird before, Balin is clumsily trying to imitate what he's seen the real Utsuho and other, normal birds do with their wings. Instead, "Utsuho" ends up flailing "her" wings much like a Killdeer faking a broken wing. Sometimes "she's" lucky with a jump and gets airborne for a few seconds, "her" wings fluttering spastically before "she" falls back down. And "she's" not too graceful about that, either.]

[ACTION - E (Makeout Point, Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Well, if he's going to be stuck inside the hell raven's body for a while, there's one thing Balin can take advantage of for the time being.]

[Up at Makeout Point, "Utsuho" is armed with "her" control rod, and judging from the light show and miniature suns over there, "she's" practicing with "her" powers. Yet unlike her murderous rampage back in March, "she" seems to be taking to aim up at the sky, away from Mayfield. "She's" even trying to avoid setting any trees on fire.]

[But it doesn't look like "she" has a good handle on it, because there are stray fireballs every once in a while.]
25 March 2012 @ 07:48 pm
DEPLOYMENT 14: Warning Order  
[Yesterday Balin received and filled out his census form. This isn't something he wanted to experience firsthand after everything he's heard about it from Caesar, Touko, Yuri Hyuga and many others ... but there was no resisting the compulsion to fill it out, and fill it out truthfully.]

[Balin's already missed out on a chance to do something he'd been planning for months, although judging from what happened with the revival machine it might be a good thing he never had that opportunity. Now, however, the town's very likely planning something along the lines of the Spring Culling, again. He can't waste time any longer.]

[PHONE (Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[But first, it's time for some Philly rage on the party line.]

Okay, that "census" is every bit as fucked up as I heard. I mean, how many people has'is town kidnapped actually come from America aside from me? I've only met—like, maybe five? Not countin'a nation-guy himself? Like half'a people I've met ain't even from fuckin' Earth! An'ey got'a balls to demand anyone here who ain't from America to "justify their right bein' here?" For fuck's sake!

[ACTION - A (Downtown Mayfield, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[If you're around downtown today—especially at the General Store, Jonathon's Tools, or the Greased Lightning Garage—you'll find Balin hurriedly searching store isles and examining the ingredients listed on various items, occasionally jotting things down into a notebook he's carried with him. He's not just doing that, though. He's buying quite a bit of stuff, and boy does he have a strange shopping list.]

[ACTION - B (847 Goldberg Street, Evening, HOUSEMATES)]

[Hey Virginia, Caesar, remember when Balin brought home all those weird assorted products he'd tasked Red Mage with finding, and stored them in the basement? He's brought back twice the original amount, and is busily getting it properly stored and labeled. He's also sketching out things in his journal every now and then, taking careful note of the house's floor plan.]
12 March 2012 @ 07:27 pm
DEPLOYMENT 13: ☢ CAUTION!! ☢ ... wait, what?  
[To say "things got hot" yesterday would be an understatement ... but Balin recovered something very interesting after the dust settled.]

[PHONE (Afternoon, OPEN TO ALL)]

Yo, Mayfield. We got anybody who does biology? Xenobiology maybe?

[ACTION (Outside 847 Goldberg Street, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[If you're anywhere nearby Goldberg Street, you might spy (or perhaps sense) an interesting sight.]

[Balin Wilbur is outside 847 Goldberg, in his usual PT gear ... and he's wearing Utsuho's control rod. It's what he brought home yesterday after his own confrontation with the rampaging hell raven. From the looks of it, he's trying to figure out how the control rod works, from the way he paces about, frowning thoughtfully—or concentrating and pointing it up at the sky every now and then.]

[It hasn't occurred to him that bringing Utsuho's severed arm and control rod home might be kind of weird—after all, AFS soldiers scavenge body parts and equipment from their enemies all the time. This is just Tuesday for him, both literally and in the words of M. Bison.]

[No, Balin has not started craving boiled eggs.]