16 October 2012 @ 02:53 am
74th - Action  
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[Action - Around Town]

[Pokey has things to do and people to see today. And it's urgent that he does so. In fact he's bought something from the toy store because it's something he wants to try out. Unfortunately he's trying it out as he crosses the town, and it isn't working too well for him.

For all of you out and about today there's a twelve year old boy trying out skates with all the grace and skill of a disproportionate walrus. It's almost like he's trying out for a comedy skit since he's hitting all the marks of one: his feet flailing wildly before falling on his butt, skating out of control and running into trashcans, and shrubs.

And maybe you.

But still he keeps pushing on, no matter how many times he has to pick himself up by grabbing a mailbox or lightpole or the hood of your car. Maybe he'll get the knack of it before he gets to the house of the person he wants to teach him how to use the stupid things. Then again with his progress maybe not. But it doesn't matter. He'll keep trying.

And keep falling flat on his face. A little help here wouldn't hurt.]

[Action - Locked to 726 Anderson, 625 Topper, 7132 Brooks, and 945 Beulah]

[He'd thought about reconsidering this. A few times Pokey thought about running away each time he got up to the door of each house. But in the end he managed to steady himself and swallow that urge down.

In each of these houses was one of the four people he cared about the most, in Mayfield or anywhere else. Deep down these were feelings he'd always admitted to himself. And even deeper down he'd regretted all the people he'd seen leave who he'd never gotten to really admit were his friends or that he'd cared.

He wasn't going to let that happen here. Or again. It was dramatic, maybe, but he wanted to at least get the chance to see if he could tell these people just how much they meant to him. It seemed only fair that they should at least get to know, considering most of the ways he tended to act. And who knew what the town was going to finally do, or the fallout of it that'd have to be coming soon.

So, he'll knock at each of those doors, and wait to see if he'll be let in.]
19 September 2012 @ 12:10 am
73rd - Action/Phone  
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A. In Front of 502 Ricardo Street

[Fun fact about giant monsters: they have a hard time climbing trees.

Which is exactly why Pokey is up in one, shouting and throwing branches at the monster in front of him. The creature leans it's two front legs against the tree, snarling up at the boy. If the Ultimate Chimera knows the boy to be its master than it simply doesn't care. It just looks like another meal to him.

The yard is a wreck, especially the giant spider mech which has been overturned in front of the house.

Needless to say, Pokey could use some help. But it might not be the best idea to get involved.]

B. Phone

Uh. Okay. I guess first thing is: I'm sorry.

The second thing is that if you see a giant purple monster that has a duck or something on it's head? Run from it. Just run from the dumb thing. Don't go near it don't try and stop it just run and keep away from it. It's hungry and it's powerful and it can't be hurt. Just. Keep away from it. Please.

...The third thing is I need someone to help me catch it. I...uh, I think I know how to stop it, but I. Can't really do it alone. And I don't want to just let the dumb thing keep going. I've got to get it back to the post office so we can get the stupid thing out of here.

So if there's anyone super strong or super powerful who wants to play hero and could help, that'd be great.

C. Around Town

[If you're going about town today, you're going to find a nasty surprise.

There's a large, purple monster with feline-like features, bat wings, and a duck on its head. And the monster? Just doesn't give a shit. It's torn apart and eaten a few drones but it hasn't found that very satisfying. It's tossed a few cars around too. At the moment, the thing has managed to tear a light post out of its stand and is shaking it wildly. It's entertaining the Ultimate Chimera for the moment.

Of course, it might be a wise idea to try and leave before it sees you.]

[OOC Information: Option C is incredibly dangerous, as will be going with Pokey to try and stop the Ultimate Chimera. The Ultimate Chimera is invulnerable to all forms of attack and damage and while super powerful attacks could maybe push it back for a while, it ultimately won't take long for it to recover. It's a very simple minded monster and in most cases it's certainly going to attack anyone it sees.

The Chimera can be turned off by hitting the very large, prominent button on it's back. However, after a short period of time the bird on top of its head will hit the button again, causing it to turn back on. Still, if you choose C trying to go for the button if things get to bad and you don't want your character hurt is a viable option.]
06 August 2012 @ 02:33 pm
72nd - Action  
[Hey Ricardo Street. Someone finally opened his regains from last month's debacle. And truth be told at least one of them is pretty prominent.

In the yard of 502 Ricardo sits a massive statue of Pokey himself right in the center of it. It's outlandishly gaudy and the pride and ego-centrism that must have gone into its construction absolutely radiates off the statue. The stupid thing can probably be seen from blocks away.

Which of course means Pokey has to take care of the dumb thing. Even if he hasn't built it yet he has to admit...it's kind of a nice touch to the yard. Definitely gives it a bit of character. Of course taking care of this giant stupid thing himself is out of the question. That's where his second regain comes in.

Over the week Pokey had been constructing a large pulley system with a small cage that would allow someone to go up to clean the and maintain the statue. That someone appears to be a robot dressed in a maid outfit that seems to be singing to itself as it works.

This isn't to say Pokey has himself been lazy of course. Not at all. He went through the arduous task of getting his own chair and soda as he watches Little Miss Marshmallow work. He tilts his head a bit as he watches the robot clean, before looking up and shouting.]

Hey! You missed a spot!

[And he sighs a bit before sinking back into his chair taking a sip of his drink.

God. He works so hard to keep the things he has nice.]
04 July 2012 @ 11:54 pm
71st - Phone/Action  

So hey I know we're all excited that we're getting to hear from the people who've been missing but you know what? From what I can tell we don't seem to know exactly what's frigging going on. So y'know. I'm kind of hoping no one is stupid enough to start thinking about rescue plans they want to try or something just yet.

....Chances are that whoever is stuck there? Is in trouble. Most of them are probably going to get hurt to say the least and considering how screwy this town they could still be hurt when they get back. If that's the case we could have a whole lot of idiots who're missing pinkie fingers or some crap when they get back.

If that's the case I say we start getting ready to get medical help to people for when they get back. If you're a healer start getting prepped. If you're not a healer start getting together all the medical supplies you have so we have them ready. While it'd be nice to say we could all help our own wounded I'm kinda doubtful on that if just with sheer volume. We should see if we can get the hospital better prepped too. See if we can keep any drone "patients" out so we have an actual space to put the severely wounded.

...I dunno. Maybe this is stupid. But it makes sense to me to think about setting up something we can do to help when this blows over rather than maybe going and trying to find a way to get to wherever the people who're taken are supposed to be.

[Action - Around Town]

[It may not be too common to find houses inhabited entirely by drones, but there are still a few around. Pokey's been keeping notes of it as best as he could. And today he's finally going to try and put those notes to practice.

That is he's going to be breaking into the drone-only houses and stealing what medical supplies he can find there. So depending on where you are there's a good chance you might find a pudgy boy squeezing through a window of a house the best he can, carrying a sack of goods behind him.]

[Action - Evening; Outside the Dairy]

[Most days Pokey did his best to avoid the dairy. Even when he was just wandering the town he would set up routes to try and just avoid having to be near it and the times he did end up close to it he would do his best to get away from it as quick as possible.

But tonight he found himself drawn to it. He didn't know why. Okay. He's been here two years but being nostalgic wasn't something that tended to come too naturally to Pokey. Still he couldn't get himself to just leave when he saw the Dairy. He just stood there, staring at it for a moment. He knew what he wanted to do but at the same time Pokey did his best to deny it. It was a stupid idea. An idiotic, noxious urge that he was sure would pass.

He kept telling himself that for five minutes until he realized that wasn't the case. He swallowed a little then began to speak, becoming too wrapped up in what he's saying to notice whether or not someone else might stumble up on him while he's saying it.]

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24 June 2012 @ 03:36 am
70th - Phone  
Oh no spooky sounds over the radio! It's not like the town has done this to us a gazillion times before!

Since everyone is freaking out like an idiot over it apparently and has decided to air the same questions over and over again....well hey! I'm a nice guy! So you know what I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine! I'll tell you what I know about what they're mentioning, aaaaaand in return you all can shut up! Sound like a deal?

Zemekis is the name of the person who runs and controls the town, at least as far as we can tell. All the mind controlling, and reality warping, and shifting of the town that goes on is thanks to him. Probably. Dunno why he's brought us here so far and I'm starting not to care that much about it. Oh. And on top of being a massive jerk he apparently likes to pretend he's a little girl since he's Lucy Smith, one of the kids who lives at 501 Ricardo and my next door number. Lucky me I know! Or him I guess since he gets me as a neighbor, heh.

Richard Grey I know less about. All I know about him is that he tried to lead people out of Mayfield and ended up betrayed by Evan Olney, or O'Grady or however everyone else wants to remember that jerkface. That's all I know. Others probably know more there.

[He pauses for a moment. The next bit kind of bothers him, just because it's something that's eluded him. And even if a lot of his pride has been dried and sucked up since arriving in Mayfield, he'd taken pride at least in what he'd come to know. And not knowing this stings it.]

...I have no clue who Annie is. Sorry.

As for them talking about glitches and a system...

For those of you who are newer there's a whole ton of evidence that the town is a simulation. Virtual reality, I guess. And you know I was thinking about explaining what that is to all you idiots who may not know it but naw. If you actually are interested in a larger explanation you can ask me if just because I'd like it if every lazy idiot doesn't tell me "I don't get it" just for trying to educate you nerds. But the short story is: the town is fake, they can't keep control of it which is obvious since around December, and Zemekis is losing control along with everyone else.

[And another pause. He isn't really sure how he wants to proceed. What he wants to say goes so against his usual pattern of thought that he wants to just push it down and shut up. To ignore it entirely.

But he can't. Not at this point.]

I'm pretty sure whoever was talking - Grey, if it's really him - said there's a way out to somewhere nicer. ...I believe him. It's at least worth trying to find the code he was talking about.

Everything else I dunno. Never heard of a carnival but before anyone gets excited I wouldn't get your hopes up for cotton candy or clowns. Though the lack of clowns is probably a good thing.

Anyway I sure do hope that helped! Maybe this time we can skip a lot of "people say and ask the same thing over and over again" and people can try and get something done over the network for once!

[Filtered to Picky]

Get over to my house. Right now nerd. Chop chop.
17 June 2012 @ 12:58 am
69th - Phone/Action  

You know. I thought about talking about fathers or trying to say something about...anything I guess right now. Maybe try tact out even if its for suckers. But you know what?

Fathers suck.

Father's Day sucks.


[Action - Hardware Store]

[Today being what it was Pokey found it even stupider than usual. He guessed the fact he could boss girls around if he wanted was pretty cool but considering the fact anyone here could be some super powerful being who could easily murder him the next day kind of put a damper on any attempts he would make to play with that "power" much. At least he couldn't get bossed around and forced to do it. And since that's the case that means he happily doesn't have to listen anyway.

Today he can be found piddling around the Hardware Store a lot. It was odd but even if there was no immediate connection between him and the store the whole thing still made him think of BLU Engie a lot. Even after two years he still thought about the guy some which sucked but...he was happier that he remembered him than that he'd forgotten him.

It bothered Pokey that he thought like that now, at least in regards to some people. And he's just glad there's nothing that could force him to admit or talk about it out loud because that would be the most embarrassing crap in the world. Well. In the top five most embarrassing things in the world.

Pokey seems to take a particular shine to the power tool area, and that's where he's hunkered down and has proceeded to start looking them over. He at least doesn't seem to play with them like a 12 year old might. In fact he seems to have a pretty good idea of how they work.

Though hell. That doesn't stop him from playing with them like a spaz. Right now he's holding onto a power saw and making buzzing sounds with his mouth. Who knows what he's imagining.]
03 May 2012 @ 12:36 pm
68th - Action  
[Action - Around Town/The Post Office]

[When Pokey had first gotten into town, he had set about on making a map of the town. And in the two years since then, he hadn't really touched it. Despite how similar looking every house was, there was enough with the opening of the highway and several of the new neighborhoods he supposed it was time to update it. Perhaps for the sake of others even more than his own sake, this time.

So the boy can be found pretty much everywhere around town, a long tube of rolled up paper with him that he unfurls to start tracing down the area. Of course, he also doesn't get the idea of personally property. He'll be all over peoples lawns, including busting into the back lawns to look around and take notes down. Hope you don't mind a fat blue kid copying down notes about your stuff and the area.

Eventually his little adventure takes him by the post office. And for a moment or two he just looks at the Post Office. Examining it. As if trying to prepare himself for something. Because despite telling himself he was just out to make a map today, there are quite a few things he has planned. He takes a short breath in, then out, and enters the post office.

When he comes out, he doesn't have anything new with him. Or look like much has changed, aside from one small detail: his blue skin has changed back to a healthier, more light pink human shade. And for a moment the map is just forgotten. He ambles about town for a little bit, just looking around. And thinking. There's still something else really important he has to do today.]

[Action - Outside 625 Topper]

[The next place Pokey can be found is mulling around outside 625 Topper Street. He spends a good five minutes just staring at the house from across the street, biting his lip, before he walks towards it. And even then he doesn't go and knock on the door immediately. Instead, he decides to just pace back and forth on the lawn for a good ten to fifteen minutes or so. He murmurs to himself, sometimes gesturing a little bit as he talks. It's a quiet, nervous tone, almost like someone rehearsing.

Finally, after a little bit of time has passed he manages to steel himself and go knock on the door.]

[Action - Outside 502 Ricardo Street]

[Well. Everything is calm on Ricardo Street today. That is, until the front door of 502 bursts open and Pokey's still blue-painted Pokeybot bursts out the door, running as fast as it's fat little mechanical legs can take it down the porch of the house. Whatever is happening the robot certainly isn't amused.]

I said no!

[And it isn't too long before Pokey appears following behind the robot, a brush and a can of paint stripper in hand. Whereas the robot is scared and annoyed, Pokey is downright angry.]

And I said your opinion doesn't matter! Get back here stupid!

[The Pokeybots are intended to be obedient. It's part of their programming. But there's only so much one little robot can take, and it picks up a rock and throws it at Pokey, trying to keep his master away.]

No! How about you just paint yourself blue again and we'll call it even! This is dumb and I don't want to be painted again!

First off, I didn't PAINT myself blue, stupid! Secondly, this'll be quicker! It's paint stripper!

....Will that even work?

....Won't know til we try, will we?

[And that's when Pokey will try and rush the robot.

Have you ever seen a boy yell at his blue doppelganger as the doppelganger hides in a tree, mocking him? Because that's what you'll be seeing right now if you pass 502 Ricardo.]
09 April 2012 @ 01:18 pm
67th - Action  
[Pokey was getting used to the fact that he didn't recognize much of the crap the town kept sending him. He supposed it made sense, since he didn't have that much left back from home he could get after two years of being trapped in town. And in the end, maybe it would give him some idea what he would end up like in the future beyond what he knew so far. Any kind of clue would, in its own way, be welcome.

He's kind of surprised to find a film reel as his next regain. He has no clue why he would have one. Sure, he loved movies, but the idea of actually making one had never really crossed his mind. But there was a first time for everything, and while he doesn't have the equipment to play a film reel at his own house he does know a place where he could play it. Even if it would be stupid to do so without knowing what's actually on the film before doing so.

But hey. How bad could it be.]

[Action - Atomic Cinema]

[If you happen to go to the theater today, you're going to be treated to something far different from usual.

Instead of the movies that the theater is renown for playing over and over again, relics from the 1950s and generic ones at that, the film currently playing seems far newer. The story of it seems basic enough, if a bit weird: four children with special skills are chosen to save the world from an alien threat planning to invade Earth. Throughout their adventure the children encounter several creatures and people - some benevolent, others malevolent, and all of them quirky and weird in their own way as the children grow in their own way as they head to their final battle with an alien warlord at the beginning of time.

It's cheesy, and quirky, and in its own weird way seems as if it would fit in with the movies of the 50s in its own weird way. And at the same time it's clear that whoever made the film put an incredible amount of care in it. As weird and kooky as it might be, the story is one that was apparently captured and filmed as well as possible. Filmed as if it had some kind of meaning beyond just being a story to whoever made it.

One other thing that might be worth noting.

One of the main villains of the story is, in fact, another child. A lonely, mean-spirited bully of a boy who gets progressively worse as the story goes on. A boy who goes simply from sneaking out at night to lying to joining a cult and kidnapping to participating in political corruption to finally betraying his own world and race by working with the alien forces that want to take his home over.

Considering his blue skin and general temperament, the boy is pretty easily identifiable as Pokey himself for those who know him. And for those who don't, it won't be too hard to identify the bad boy when they see him seated in one of the theater seats, quietly just watching the movie until it finishes, before getting up again.

Even then, Pokey just looks at the blank screen for a moment before heading out to the lobby and leaning against one of the walls, blank-faced and thinking. Which he doesn't do for long.

Soon, he heads back up to the projector room and just starts the movie over again. And again. Throughout the entire day. He's watched it four times at least by now. What would be a fifth.]
26 March 2012 @ 12:37 am
66th - Phone/Action  

Oh wow there's nothing better than waking up from being droned for a week to hear people rambling about what may or may not be happening. What's even better is when people are making declarations about how they're not going to let things happen like last year and all that crap. Especially since, you know, we don't have any indication for sure it'll be just like last year.

Alright nerds. For those of you who weren't here last year, after filling out a town-wide survey the town went ahead and began to give people specific targets they were meant to kill. If you had regained stuff that was taken away again, and the more of your targets you killed the more stuff you got back. They made a whole big deal about it, gave out "awards" to people who had killed during the event whether the people had wanted to or not like it's inconceivable they may have had other motives, and all the people who died were brought back at the end of the week.

I still think by this point it's some kind of energy saving measure, at least on that end, but I guess that's off topic.

Anyway, even though we're having another stupid survey? That doesn't mean it's going to be the exact same thing. I've been in this place two years, and yeah, this hole does repeat some of it's crazy crap, but it's usually small things. I don't know if they have they make everyone play "kill your neighbors" each spring since I've only gone through one - maybe I'm wrong and if there's people who've been here longer than I have go ahead and tell me I guess or don't if you're a jerk - so jumping to the conclusion that's what's going to happen is a bad idea if they spring something else on us.

What I'm saying is that instead of automatically assuming that's what it's going to do, let's try and...I dunno, go into an actual defensive now instead of just rambling about it. I know we have a safehouse list somewhere and I'd kind of think that anyone who'd be dumb enough to sign up for that wouldn't decide to just kill people. But you never know. There could be total freaks on there too. I have no clue how well checked out everyone on it has been. Like maybe some of the people on it are secretly serial killers I dunno.

...Oh yeah. I guess I'm saying let's actually try and hunker down and find out a way to work together instead of just asking about what's going on or freaking out over it. Or don't. I don't care if you people aren't smart enough to figure out how to fight a defensive war or not.

[Action; On the Lawn of 502 Ricardo Street]

[He hasn't done this in a while. For at least a year in fact, shortly after BLU Engie had been droned a second time. But it's something he can do at least and if the census form really is a second round of murder and mayhem it's something Pokey can at least make to defend himself and maybe others if it comes to it. Regains might get taken away, but skills he learned in Mayfield should probably stick.

Pokey sits on the grass of the front lawn, a bucket of assorted metal and scraps and parts beside him. He'd gathered what he could find and, for the moment, is just hoping it's enough. Pokey rolls out a blue print to the side of him, giving it a look for a moment before he starts to work.

The work is slow, but as it goes on it becomes clear what Pokey's working on and mounting beside his house. A gun that looks like this. And while he works on it, Pokey keeps his mouth a thin, non-expressive line as he works. It's just a machine, a weapon. That's all he's working on and all it means.

But if you could manage to get a glimpse of his eyes you'd see there was more to it than that.]
20 February 2012 @ 10:40 am
65 - Action/Phone  
[Action – 502 Ricardo Street]
[If you’re passing by 502 Ricardo Street, feel free to notice that there is a giant, capsule shaped device of some sort on the front lawn of 502. It seems like it’s a container of some sort, a door in front of it swung open wide, allowing anyone to peer into a space not much bigger than a small closet. The device, itself, gives off a sense of unease, as if you could be trapped in there forever if you even set foot in it and closed the door.

There’s also the fact that Pokey has managed to restrain the PorkyBot he got as a regain a couple of weeks back and is proceeding to try and paint it a shade of blue to match his own. The process is not going well.]

I just told you to hold still and this’ll go quicker.

I don’t wanna! I look awesome just how I am!

Yeah, but you don’t look like me!

This is stupid! It’s not even the right shade of blue!

Yeah…I couldn’t find it at the hardware store. Now shut up and stay still.

[Action – Bodine Fashion]

[Here’s a new sight. If you happen to be in the clothes store today, you’ll notice two boys who look nearly identical to one another, although one seems a bit darker shade of blue and has an obnoxious, whirring red light on its head.

But the light gets covered up every now and then as Pokey puts a hat on the PorkyBot’s head, then trying one on his own.]

What do you think about this one?

Laaaaaaame. Super lame.

Okay, you’ve said that about the last three. We’ve gotta pick one of these.

But I don’t wanna wear a hat! Hats are for creepers and old people having a mid-life crisis.

That may be true but it’s that or cut the light off the top of your head. Which do you want?

….Let’s try that one.

Yeah. That’s what I thought.


So. There’s something I’ve been wondering about for a long time, and I want to see what other people think of it.

For those of you who haven’t been here too long, about two Halloweens ago a bunch of us got a pamphlet talking about the operation of a virtual reality device. The conclusion I’ve always come to, and I think most did, is that the manual is referring to whatever is running Mayfield. However, I think I may have come to a different conclusion than others. Most people probably think we’re stuck in the virtual reality created by it.

I think we might be part of the virtual reality, especially after hearing what happened at the end of the last load of bullcrap when they were performing atrocities against God on people. You guys were told to destroy part of the town to distract her, right? Well, what if that was because she could only focus on repairing the damage to the town, and not whatever the surgeries were doing to revive people? She had to choose one or the other.

Alright I know that sounds obvious but what I mean is: what if the….let’s call it “the repair function” is set to be the same for us and the structures in the town. And we can assume the structures in the town are part of the virtual reality system, instead of being trapped in the virtual reality system. And there’s been several instances where they’ve given us an indication that we function as a power source for the town, in some weird way. They gave us one, sort of, last March, and they gave us one during Christmas. This last load could show that whatever energy we produce isn’t done individually, but somehow split between us as a whole, since some of us needed to be hurt in order for others to revive. It’s like a balancing act.

I’m just saying it seems odd to me that that would be the case if we were entities separate from the virtual reality construct. This is just a theory, and a quick one and I could give more evidence for my supposition, but I’m going to stop now. I want to know what others think, and what others might have to defeat the possibility of we ourselves being some form of virtual reality construct, since I know while I know a lot I don’t know everything here.

It’s just something I’ve been thinking about for a while.
13 February 2012 @ 10:55 pm
64 - Phone [Iris] - Forward dated to the evening of the 14th  
[Pokey woke up feeling weird to begin with. He didn’t know where to place it, more in so that he wasn’t sure what point of the previous day had resulted in him first feeling weird. But he knew the more he looked over at the telephone, the more he felt like he had something to say. And the less it was something he wanted to say, the less he wanted others to hear what he had to proclaim. It was supposed to be his, his thoughts and feelings and secrets and his alone. No one was supposed to hear them. And even during the truth event in July, he had been able to keep these hidden? Why now?

No. He wouldn’t allow it. He’d distract himself, keep himself from saying anything at all. He’d pace the house, the yard, the town, anything to get it out of his mind. To keep him from saying a single word. And for a little while, it worked.

But as the day wore on, the less he could contain it. The more it kept bubbling up to through his throat. To his tongue.

In the end, it was pretty inevitable when he took the phone and began to speak.]


Frances Fullbright.

That’s the name of the girl I like, alright? Are you happy now? I just-I-

Look. When I first got to this stupid hole I was used to being feared, and hated, and judged for who I was which hey, it was pretty cool for the time. So, you know, the idea that someone, anyone, would reach out to me or even talk to me without wondering or caring about who I was or where I’d been? That wasn’t really something I was expecting. And after just years, and years, and years of….I dunno. Searching, I guess, but what I was searching for I don’t even know. And when you’re gone that long all alone you kind of…lose things. Lose sight of what you should actually care about, even more than you already did. And you become convinced that it just needs to be you alone, forever.

So when she reached out to me, and told me she wanted my help with this group of kids that had been around at the time…and didn’t know or care who I was, but reached out all the same…I didn’t know what it was I was supposed to feel at the time. And it helped, that she was so much like me. She was rude, and arrogant and she just had no clue how to deal with people…not most of the time. And she was smart, and practical and, you know? I could get behind that.

But what I didn’t appreciate at the time was how, despite all the rudeness and arrogance and yada yada yada…she was a good person. And you could see, at times, beyond everything…she was brave, and kind, and for all the saying she didn’t care a lot of the time, you know she did. There was no reason at all we even should have been friends, not that I can tell, but she was still friends with me.

And, I guess because of that, I came to realize…I realized that all I’d ever been looking for or wanted was someone to show they cared, even just a little bit. And when it’s just a perfect stranger, and it’s so sudden and immediate it’s just…you can’t hate people as much anymore. You realize that maybe everything you had thought, or learned, was really wrong. That people are worth it. And the more you like one person, the easier it is to like another person. And it’s just this increasing circle of liking more people. Of welcoming them in. And-

I don’t know what you call it for sure. Friendship? Love? Maybe. I don’t know if that’s right or not, those aren’t topics I really know a friggin’ thing about but…whatever it is, it’s a better feeling then I ever had before, at least in most cases. And whatever it is I’ve come to feel now, I mainly owe it to her that I do feel it. That someone bothered to try and reach for whatever part of me could feel it.

And I-

I just-

[There’s a small break for a moment. And then a pause, before he can resume. And he can’t stop his voice from cracking a little at this point.]

I just want to know what happened to her. I want to know what happened to everyone I knew whose been droned here. I just…it’s unbearable. Because part of me wants her back her because I just miss her so much but if she’s back home, it’d be like asking her to share a death sentence with me she doesn’t deserve, but if she’s in that friggin’ machine I just….she doesn’t deserve that. Most people don’t deserve that, but especially here and…

She doesn’t even have to like me. I don’t care. She can like someone else, I won’t care as long as I know she’s somewhere safe, and happy, and I just….let me know. That’s all I’ve wanted. She deserves to be happy. Just let me see that she is.

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I act like such a huge jerkface because I do like you people. And I’m terrible at it because I still don’t get it a lot of the time. It’s so hard to get and I just….wish I could be more like she was. If she isn’t here, then I have to make sure it’s obvious that her being her to begin with had an influence. On me and that way through others I guess as cheesy and cornball as that bullcrap sounds. And I just…it’s so hard to mean it but I do. And I like it and hate it and the same time, and I just-

Thanks. Thanks Mayfield. One thing I wanted to keep to myself. One. And I don’t even friggin’ get that. Are we done now? Can I stop babbling about this crap? Thanks.
06 February 2012 @ 12:04 am
63 - Phone/Action - Forward dated to Monday  
”Flavor )


[Oh hey look who's back from the dead, and sounds as snobbish as ever. If a little weaker than usual.]

So, alright. I have no clue how long I've been gone, but I'm guessing a bit longer than usual. I also feel a lot...worse, after death than usual which is...heh, I guess that should be expected with friggin' death but it's not exactly something great. So, you know, if someone could tell me what day it is...that'd be wonderful. It'd be nice to know just what's been going on too, since I'm sure whatever it is must have been a treat.

Also, kinda wondering? Has the town ever given crap back to people before that they've never seen? Cause uh, got a few packages I guess were backed up that I've never seen before. Which is just...great, I guess.


[He pauses for a long moment. Then takes a deep breath. His voice is begrudging as he talks, but not all too much; more a sign of swallowing his own pride than not wanting to say what he’s saying.]

So look. I know there are a bunch of people here who are healers, or are fighters and can protect and help people, and yada yada yada all that wonderful crap. I don’t do that junk.

[Another pause, like he’s thinking about how he’s supposed to say what he’s going to say.]

But I do want to help. Not because I like you nerds, as much as it’s pretty clearly in the best interest of us getting through this and beating these people if we make an effort to work together instead of tearing each other apart, funny as that would be. This isn't some sissy crap. I just wanna get things done and finish up here sooner than faster, especially when I feel like I can barely move at the moment. As for what I do? …Build stuff, mainly. Skilled mostly in robotics and weapons, although I’m sure there’s people who could do it better so hey on that end if there’s someone who needs an assistant [though it’s clear it annoys him of thinking of himself that way] and could teach me more, yeah. I’d be up for helping in that.

And this isn't a charity case. I'm not going to help everyone who comes calling, just what I can do...whenever I can do it, I guess. I'm not your friend and I don't care about you personally; this is just me doing what I can to help around here, since it seems the better alternative then just screwing around like a dink, and we don't seem to have much of a lack of idiots.

On that note, I do have something I learned from a guy who taught me when I first got here. You could call it “extreme home security” I guess, and if you want I’d be willing to talk to people about installing it, though this ain’t a charity case. I’ll do what I can, but I’m not going to get around to it for everyone, and if anyone signed up as a safe house asks for them they get priority, but-

Hey! Hey hey hey are you done talking to those losers I need to use the phone!

[The other voice sounds a lot like Pokey himself, although a little further away and with an odd, metallic ring to it. And at it, Pokey covers the receiver, trying to drown out his conversation with whoever he’s talking to, although it still filters through the phone, if muffled.]

I thought I locked you in the bathroom!

Pffft! Getting out of that was easy! I just broke the lock! And the toilet, but I guess I didn’t need to do that one. [laughter] Now can I use the phone?

For the love of…hey, here’s an idea! How about you go bother someone else who isn’t making an important call and see if you can use their phone.

…Is that an order?

You know what? Yeah, actually! It is!

Yeah whatever! Later tater, I’m out of here!

Uh huh! Good! Go! I hope you get hit by a car.

[And then he finally takes his hand off the receiver, a little more annoyed than he had been.]

ANYWAY I could beef up house security, if you want it. Talk to me and I’ll give specifics.

Finally, there are some of you who had better answer this. I’m not going to name names, because I’m trusting you’re smart enough to answer this, but hey. If you don’t, no friggin’ skin off my back. I couldn’t care if you were in a ditch or not after all. Just be nice to know who’s here and who isn’t.

[Action - 726 Anderson and 7132 Brooks]

[Hey Slugger and Picky. Guess who's tired, sluggish looking, and currently knocking on your doors like mad?]

[Action – Around Town]

[As you go about your day today, feel free to run into Pokey. Who is currently busy being productive in the best way he knows how.

Namely, he’s been spending the last hour throwing bricks at some of the cars out on the street. And, if you’re passing by? Possibly at you.

And really? While mindless destruction isn’t beyond Pokey, he looks a little off. A little less blue, in fact. And you’re pretty sure the large, red siren light hadn’t been on his head before.]

Hey nerd! How about you watch where you’re going?
26 January 2012 @ 09:29 pm
62 - Action  
Cut for Flavor Text )

[Action - Mayfield Hospital; Pharmacy Section]

[If you're in the hospital or, more accurately, the small local pharmacy attached to it, you're find Pokey wearing one of the most ridiculously large coats he could find, hood up and his head held down the entire time, an obnoxious yellow scarf tied around his neck. He starts by seeming to look through the medicines they do have out and in stock for painkillers, no matter how weak, and gathering them up in his arms.

And then something goes wrong and, trembling, his right arm shudders and goes limp, all the bottles he had been gathering up dropping to the floor as his left hand reaches to grab at his arm.]

[Action - Around Town]

[Pokey knows where he is. Don't be confused by the fact that he maybe stops in the street, just staring for a moment. Things just...look fuzzy. And he isn't sure if he's going the right direction at the moment. Everything seems weird and blurry, and familiar and yet so different at the same time, and god just why does his head hurt so much?

Don't mind him. He's sure he knows what he's doing. He just needs to lean against the light pole for a minute to rest.]
22 January 2012 @ 12:24 am
06 - Because Snow Forts Are Freakin' Awesome  
[Action - 7132 Brooks Lane - Morning]

[A brilliant idea has come to Picky today. An excellent, brilliant, incredible idea. If there's all this snow... then he has to build a snow fort. Of course, that's a lot of work for one small Picky to do on his own. He has barely managed to outline the area on his front yard. And his clumsy robot's help isn't that helpful, being that the robot is so clumsy. But he has a plan. He knows what to do.

Pokey has already been called. Pokey will know what to do! Pokey might even, like, have a robot that'll build forts! Or at least steal enough snow from all the other yards so they can get something REALLY AWESOME going on.]

[Action - 7132 Brooks Lane - Afternoon]

[The fort is built! There's a lovely wall of snow in the front yard of 7132 Brooks Lane, and faint boyish voices coming from inside.

Also, snowballs. Snowballs are definitely being launched from inside, if you get too close. Do you dare get too close?! CAN YOU SURVIVE SUCH A PELTING?! CAN YOU?!]

(OOC note: Tags will go Originator > Picky > Pokey for order!)
14 January 2012 @ 12:11 pm
61 - Phone  
[Well, after having a wonderful meeting with his old boss, Pokey spent the next hour or so being productive by wandering around aimlessly in a stupid daze. He was somewhere between a weird sense of calm and a sense of completely flipping out entirely. After a bit had passed, he finally evened out, having found his way home.

And being entirely logical at this point, of course, went straight to the phone.]

[Phone - Filtered from Giegue....and from Picky]

Alright morons. I know everyone's just excited about how the town decided to shave three days time off for us, great grand terrific it's the town messing with us again, but now you all need to shut up because I have something important to talk about. I have to tell you something that could save your stupid lives.

So we're at the time where new people are coming in, and what's just wonderful about that this time is that a creature from my world came in with them. A very, very dangerous creature. It's name is Giegue, and it looks like the biggest, meanest cat you've ever seen, and is currently living at 726 Anderson. I have no clue how it's behaving in front of people, but what he actually is is an alien warlord who wants to dominate and conquer mankind and any other race in his way. He's a powerful psychic, and even though he doesn't have that crap back, don't worry! He's also a lot stronger than most people are without it anyway, which is just great for him!

So, my advice is that if you see what looks like a giant cat? Leave it alone. Don't try and talk to it, don't engage, don't piss it off. Giegue doesn't have any problems with hurting or crushing or killing anything that it thinks is getting in its way, and if you aren't him and you don't work for him? You're in his way. So just...leave him alone. I'll take care of this. I can.

Which brings me to a second point: for those of you who know me? Yeah, how about you don't anymore? Things are going to get bad regardless, but how about you save yourself some trouble and possible pain and decide to stay out of this breaking ties, yeah? I'm sure some of you are dumb enough to fight me on this instead of doing the smart thing, but really? If you don't know me, you're less likely to have to deal with this crap. So how about you do me that favor.

[Filtered to Slugger]

[It's a moment or so after the initial call, but yeah, you're getting a call of your own, Slugger. And his voice? Is almost a whisper, hushed and rapid.]

We need to talk. Now.