24 October 2012 @ 08:23 pm

Heya everyone. So, Halloween's in a week and I happened to notice the great lack of jack-o-lanterns on everyone's front stoops. How are we going have an amazing time trick-or-treating if everything isn't festive?

Come on, everyone. Where's the spirit? I'm totally going to set up a community pumpkin carving festival in the park this weekend. Maybe we can trade costume ideas, too. I'm dressing up as a cat. Meow~

Oh! Rin! When you hear this... [Marisa sounds a little nervous.] ...wanna come over for dinner? Mom makes the best roast. We can, um, finish that... project for school.

[1125 Taylor]

[Marisa is diligently carving pumpkins outside. The designs are a little... odd though.]
16 September 2012 @ 04:32 pm
[Action - Closed to Reimu Hakurei (backdated to after Day 7 portal collapsed)]

Read more... )

[Action - School (forward dated to the 20th)]

[With everything that had happened, Marisa had failed to report to school when she was supposed to. After three days, Mayfield made sure the witch went to school. They droned her.

Dressed in the typical fashion of a Mayfield teenager, the blonde (lacking her trademark braid) was in school perky and attentive. 'Marisa Slick' was a very popular girl. In fact, she was running for Homecoming Queen not that Marisa Kirisame herself knew this. She was a senior after all. The droned witch could be found either in class or handing out fliers and buttons in the hallway. She's especially interested in getting any other Popular students to support her.]

[Action - 1125 Taylor (forward dated to the 21st)]

[After coming out of her second droning in one week thanks to the permanent death of her girlfriend, Marisa immediately took herself down into her lab in the basement to work on something dangerous. Her research was the only way she could cope right then, drowning herself in something she could control to ignore the things she couldn't. And it seemed, given she was working with vampire blood, her own lack of self-preservation was kicking in.

No, she wasn't going to use it on herself, but the hamster in the cage nearby might not be so lucky. Sitting unopened on the table next to the caged hamster was a familiar style of envelope addressed to her.]
16 August 2012 @ 10:17 pm
League of Substitute Titans  
Yo!  Just a reminder for everyone, auditions all tomorrow, all day.  Show that you've got what it takes to be a hero!

[This call goes out late at night before Beast Boy goes to bed. It's not really meant to be responded to, but if anyone has anything to say about it at this hour, it might be important, right?]

[action, 1124 Taylor, before noon]
[It is silent as the grave.  With the exception of a large green tiger rolling on the front lawn snoring its head off.  By 'all day', Beast Boy assumed that everyone would implicitly understand that Saturdays before 12 didn't actually count as part of the day; it was sheerly incomprehensible that anyone could possibly be awake and ready to go then. 

First trial for potential applicants: Get Beast Boy up and alert.]

[action, 1124 Taylor, after noon]
[Beast Boy has set up a table and three chairs in his front yard.  He tries to look as serious as he can about this endeavor, which explains why he has taken to wearing a ridiculous looking mask that makes him look vaguely like an elf and only serves to accentuate his super pointy ears.]

Alright, dude!  Show us what you've got!

((This is backdated to last Saturday; any time discrepancies will be handwaved.  Feel free to have your character show off their awesome powers even if they have no intention of joining any team!  Cain and Terra, feel free to chime in whenever and wherever you'd like.))
11 August 2012 @ 12:00 am
vingt-six † puppies come in all kinds  
[Phone - Public]

Good morning! This call is addressed to anyone who might be interested in keeping a pet. I have... a number [because hell naw she's not going to say 15 on the phone provided a few didn't get lost along the way already] of Scottish Terrier puppies that are looking for new homes. They're around a year old, purchased at the pet store here a few months back. The previous owner can no longer take care of them, so I was hoping that maybe others would like to adopt them into a different household instead. They're docile around people and enjoy playing outside a lot, they're also all fit and in good health. [Not a direct result of being intimidated at will, forbidden from showing their muzzle in the house when a certain household member is also around, and forced to look for their own food half the time because the food's limited in the backyard, nope... THESE PUPPIES DON'T HAVE SPADES TO SPOIL THEM ANYMORE, but they do look ok and they're drone animals so no one can tell. SHHHH....] If you'd like to meet them in person, please feel free to drop by at 1125 Taylor Road at any time this afternoon. Thank you for your time!

I. Taylor Road ;; Afternoon

[there is like

a dozen or something of Scottish Terrier puppies wrestling with each other on the front lawn. Ciel's somehow managed to gather them together after all, what a miracle... She doesn't look too enthusiastic about this, though, adjusting her glasses as she gives the animals a flat stare.

Close by is an angelic boy dressed in white with short and smooth black hair loitering by the fence. ...Oh wait, maybe that boy is the reason for her indifferent mood. Ciel's never happy when Merem ([personal profile] splitthebaby) is around, is she? But Merem at least seems to be enjoying himself with the puppies. It's not like he can talk to animals and is here to judge any potential pet owners because he cares more about drone animals than humans or anything, NOPE


((OOC: Joint prompt with Merem Solomon, tags will be separate to make it easier for everyone o/))

II. Church ;; Evening
[Business as usual. If the Sister isn't in the front pretending to be reading the Bible but actually working on less holy things busying over something, you can probably find her in the back kitchen. The lights are all on there, easily noticeable from the side windows to any outsider. That means the place is open for tea and sweets and dubious sound spiritual advice for any wary of mind. Got nothing especially interesting planned for the night? Why not drop by? Everyone's secretly heretical anyway.]

III. Church ;; Night
[It's past 10pm, and the lights are out. ...That is, except for a very dim one placed above the door to the back entrance of the Church. A robed figure slinks out, headed towards the small cluster of woods past the storage shed. It's late and no one really comes to the Church except for select losers. Yeah, this may look fishy, but Ciel can totally take a few steps around her own Mayfieldian natural habitat without getting accosted, right.


IV. Around town ;; Late Night
[Patrol as usual. As we know, old habits can be hard to break. It's not like anything exciting ever really happens after midnight in Mayfield, but heck, Ciel HAS gotten a few kicks in the past stalking vampires and scaring them without actually doing anything because lol OP vampire hunter with all her regains back. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE, HAH.

...ER, that is. She'll be swinging by the streets, traveling by hopping lamp posts and roofs and etc as usual, gonna stop by the park and downtown a bit to ultimately end up at Makeout Point. The view is nice, alright... And there just might be something up there, that she may or may not wanted to check up on. Also out for a midnight stroll? You might just run into her! ...Or she might end up stalking you for a bit. Hey, she never denied her line of work to be questionable...]
06 August 2012 @ 02:33 am
{ episode VI - the empire strikes back  
{ Action ; 724 Anderson - Morning }

[ Housemates might hear what sounds like a piece of furniture falling over in the master bedroom. Vader all but explodes from the room shortly after, the doorknob banging against the wall. Walking rather stiffly and somewhat bandy-legged, pulling on a spare shirt, he very nearly trips multiple times over his own feet on his furious search through the residence. ]

This can't be, it can't be the same...

{ Action ; Around Mayfield }

[ Kriff this. He's disoriented and afraid and furious. Without the Force his anger isn't a fuel, it's suffocating, but he's pelting hell for leather down the pavement as if he's got a whole squadron of Seps on his tail, gulping air. Anyone in his path might get shouldered out of the way.

Murkhana is still fresh in his mind, the Emperor's orders ringing in his ears, fighting with the abrupt wash of memories that flooded him as soon as he awoke. He hadn't been back in the galaxy more than a few hours, how can so much time have passed here? And Padmé- his wife is gone, an empty shell in a house full of other empty shells. He's failed, again.

Coming to a sudden stop, he presses white-knuckled hands to his temples. Agitated, he releases a noise of frustration, the sound welling up almost to a scream.

Yeah, so... approaching the guy in the midst of a psychotic break might not be the greatest idea. But hey. It's Mayfield. ]
13 July 2012 @ 10:38 am
Back from Welcomefield  

1. Phone; backdated to the morning of her return

[Bazett's voice on the line sounds angrier and more panicked than those in Mayfield might be used to hearing. The new resurrection seems to have had some effects on her emotions.]

Kariya? Tohsaka? Are you here? Are you alright? Did everyone get out?

2. Phone; filtered to Hayate Yagami


[She is not sure where to begin.]

I'm sorry. I...couldn't keep my promise. I'm sorry for giving you all this grief. I'm sorry for everything...

12 July 2012 @ 04:29 am
4th Party!  
[Taylor Road 1130; early morning~morning]
[ This is ridiculous. JK's been trying to sleep for several hours now, but whenever he wakes up, haunted by nightmates. He's woken up from them several times already and it's just early morning. He doesn't remember the exact details, but it's got him shaking and feeling horrible every time.

So he's given up on sleep now. Actually, he's decided that he won't sleep at all. Not if it only leads to him being so scared. As if dying wasn't enough, why does he have to have nightmares too?

He crawls out of bed and goes downstairs. He pulls out whatever alcohol he can find in the pantry, bringing it with him into the livingroom. He flops down up the couch, puppling up his legs and opens one of the bottles. He's going to spend what's left of the night drinking. ]

[Taylor Road & neighbouring streets; around lunch]
[ He got packages today. Two of them, and rather big, though one is definitely bigger than the other.

When he opens them, he finds the bigger one containing his clothes; colourful and shiny. In the other is various bracelets, earrings, and all of the jewelry he owns. Wow. At least that's something in exchange of dying. Not that he ever wanted to die, and he doesn't want to do it again. Never ever again. But at least getting his wardrobe back brightens his mood, and he is happy to change into some of his most brightly coloured clothes.

After he's changed, he walks out on the street, greeting and winking at people who pass him by (he's not really in that good a mood, he's exaggerating. But at least he feels better than this morning) . Maybe you stop to properly talk to him, maybe you greet him back and just continue along your way or maybe you ignore him entirely. Either way he's noticed you. ]

[John Doe Park; afternoon]
[ Still refusing to sleep, JK's not in that good mood anymore. It disappeared thoughout the day. He's not up to moving around that much right now. He's sitting on a park bench, staring at the ground. He sort of wishes that humans didn't have to sleep at all, but that's impossible. He traces patterns on the bench, trying to concentrate on whatever he can see. ]

[Anywhere and everywhere; evening]
[ He's starting to get tired, and he figures sitting still will make it easier for him to fall asleep. So now he's just wandering around town, window shopping even though everything is closed for the day and focusing all his attention on that. Whatever keeps him from falling asleep with be much appreciated. ]

(ooc: this is during the 12 btw, since I never know what day it will be dated when I upload this time of th day (aka 5 in the morning). In case it gets dated the 11th.)
15 June 2012 @ 12:16 pm
one. ♐ he doth his green way beguile to fair hostess merriment  
[Backdated slightly to post-Zombiefield!]

[A.1129 Taylor. (Morning } Midday)

The zombies have gone, and now it's time to clean up. Archer can be found outside of his house today working to remove the makeshift barriers he had hastily thrown up before he departure for first the park and then, eventually, the Church. He's not being especially careful about how he goes about this, unfortunately, so passerby might want to be wary of any 2x4s or half-busted chairs or whatnot being unceremoniously chucked their way.]

[B.John Doe Park. (Noon } Afternoon)

Those who visit the park today will likely find themselves in for a surprise, as Archer has laid down several traps carefully hidden in the foliage. The majority of them are snares set to yank the target up into the air, once they unwittingly step into the concealed noose and trigger the trap, and leave them dangling there to struggle. These traps have been made more with entertainment in mind than survival, as Archer's enlisted some very strong branches and thick cordage in their construction; being caught in one will be humiliating and somewhat painful, but not lethal.

The deadlier traps are of a smaller scale and concealed within the thickest part of the trees; these were created and placed with a more serious earnest, their targets not blundering humans but quick and wily squirrels. Archer checks on these routinely from his perch high up in the branches, albeit with less frequency than he does the bigger, sturdier snares.]

[C.Eeeeverywhere. (Evening } Night)

It seems that setting up snares isn't the only trick Archer feels up to practicing. Once the sun has gone down enough to obscure everything in the dusky shadows of approaching night, Archer will take to the rooftops. He moves stealthily, quickly, a nimble figure flitting from house to house. He relies solely on the agility and strength of his now-very-human body to do this; after all, there was little way of knowing that he'd be regaining his Servanthood first, when the time came, so slacking off was simply not an option in a dangerous town like this.

He will cover every block at least once, sometimes twice, seeking to familiarize himself with the town's layout until he knows it like the back of his hand. Often, Archer will pause in his scouting to peer down at any pedestrians below and watch them with keen, intelligent eyes from the gloom. He will also listen at windows on a whim, either from the roof or as he's climbing his way up there.]
11 June 2012 @ 02:06 am
3rd party!  
[action; 1130 Taylor Road; locked to housemates (backdated to June 6th)]
[ There's a package for him today. And it's quite big, too.

He eyes it curiously, before setting it on the table to open. When he gets it open, he lets out a happy yell. ]

My guitar!

[Phone; open to all (backdated)]
Hey, I got my guitar back! This is the whole thing with getting your stuff back when crap happens, right? [ He knows something was up with Bazett and Date earlier, but did anything happen to him? ]

[action; anywhere; open to all (zombiefield, saturday)]
[ JK really regrets going outside today. These zombies are really, seriously scary.

Which is why he's running away from them, as fast as he can. He's scared as hell and has lost track of exactly where he is, so he's running around trying to find his house, but this far, no luck. ]

Oh come on go away go away please not me leave me aloneeee!

[ Okay, so the shouting makes him quite easy to spot. ]
08 June 2012 @ 11:55 pm
{ .05 - Zombiefield II - Plague  
[ 3474 Erwin Rd - Friday Afternoon ]

[ Anaki- Vader happens upon a mysterious package-make that packages-in the front yard when he arrives home from work. The first gives him pause, the well worn cover of his old copy of The Jedi Path staring up at him from inside its manila envelope.

He deposits it on the porch with shaking fingers, and tears his thoughts away to regard the much larger shipping crate seated on the flagstones, the sign of the Empire on its side.

It proves easy enough to open, latches flipping with the brush of his thumbs. Lifting the lid, he peers inside to find a selection of four silver canisters, the sort that would hold oxygen for an EV suit. Something tells him to close the whole thing, to back away and return it to the Post Office for something, anything else, but the feeling passes. Who would Skywalker be, if he didn't ignore obvious signs of danger.

Gingerly, he reaches in to pull one of the canisters free, looking at its side for any identifying mark. He gets sight of a single word, "Blackwing", before liquid sloshes within it unexpectedly, and his hand slips. The whole thing falls back into its slot, jarring the rest. All of the valves suddenly burst like a dropped bottle of pop, getting Vader briefly in the face with an aerosol spray.

He recoils, but it's too late. As the canisters continue to spew their contents into the air, Darth Vader finds himself on his knees, coughing wetly into the grass. ]

[ Around town and 1127 Taylor - Late Friday night ]

[ Vader manages to stumble his way through town, losing whatever he had for supper on his steady march. To any unlucky passerby he must seem a sight, his color ashen, the veins in his face standing out as grey lines, blood and bile dribbling freely from the corners of his mouth.

Sheer cussedness allows him to get to the front walk before he missteps and rolls his ankle, coming down hard on the lawn.

He has to see her, he has to... ]

[ Around town - Saturday Morning ]

[ If you're out and about this fine day, you might just run into Vader, though much of who he was would mean little to him now. Dead and not so pleasantly zombified, he's spattered with gore from a recent drone feast and walking down the road with a determined, predatory gait. ]

(( ooc: Zombiefield II is a go! Check here for more info and have a party! ))
28 May 2012 @ 09:55 pm
5th [action]  
[The Park]
[This time, the park isn't a partially ruined mess.

Nope, today is a science day. Multiple tables have been dragged together. Along them are sticks, stones, pipes, and a few other random items. Truly an assortment for the scientist. Well, one table does have a microscope at the end. Microscopes are needed for SCIENCE.

Of course, there are papers with badly, badly drawn diagrams. Don't make fun of Merem's art skill!

What's all this for? He's waiting for Marisa to show up, as promised. She's got a few things to learn so her own training can continue.

If you're not Marisa, you're free to chill out with Merem. He's more than willing to share his knowledge of nature, at least. It's his biggest love aside from history.]

[1125 Taylor]
[Welcome to the kitchen of Ciel's house.

Where Merem and Marisa are finished with making curry and are now chowing down.

Don't you want in, Ciel?]
28 May 2012 @ 02:28 pm
007-- going through the motions  
A: diner ;; morning

[Padmé can be found seated in one of the booths, eyeing a menu with a mild expression on her face. Those dark circles under her eyes? More from stress than just lack of sleep.]

B: mayfield high ;; afternoon

[Marking papers handed in by droids is never an exciting prospect due to the fact that none of their opinions really differ. But the mundane task is actually pretty enjoyable for Padmé's current situation, so she's buried in work behind her desk.]

C: 1127 taylor road ;; evening

[Outside on the front porch, Padmé alternates between pacing and leaning against one of the banisters. One hand rubs tiredly at her eyes, while the other rests over her japor snippet.

Has she taken that thing off ever since getting it in the mail? The answer is no.]
24 May 2012 @ 08:30 pm
[action, backdated, 1124 Taylor]
[He'd broken up with Cain.

...Wait no that wasn't right Beast Boy had a huge fight with Cain.  Not ever having been one to take altercations well, he will proceed to spend the next few days curled up in bed, alternating between sleeping, staring at the wall, and numbly fiddling with a controller watching his avatar get murdered repeatedly on screen.  While he complains often about having to go to school, this would be the first time that he's actually skipped so many days.  Perhaps it's noticeable.]

[action, malt shop]
[And because even mopey superheroes have to eat, Beast Boy can be found the afternoon of the third day staring at the menu glumly.  He was a vegan.  Vegans didn't do milkshakes.


Ten minutes later, he retreats to a booth with the world's largest milkshake with globs of ice cream floating around.  Since he couldn't even be a decent friend to the one guy who'd looked up to him, might as well break every conviction he stood for.  Bottoms up.]

14 May 2012 @ 09:04 pm
4th Chocobo • Mother's Day (backdated to 13th)  
[A. Action • Backdated to the morning of May 13th • 1130 Taylor Road • Locked to housemates]

[Sazh wakes up feeling a bit weird this morning. While everything seems pretty normal, he's suddenly feeling very connected of his not!family. Well, okay, really he's suddenly feeling like Bazett is almost a daughter he never had. And so now he's cooking breakfast and cleaning, the baby chocobo in his fro occasionally peeking out and flying in the kitchen. It's not like he hasn't taken care of his not!family in his time in Mayfield, but it seems to be on overdrive, considering the massive spread on the table. Sazh isn't sure what Bazett's favorite food is (shame on him for not paying attention) so he's basically cooked everything he could think of.

Hope you've got an appetite.]

[B. Action • Around Mayfield • Open]

[This day has been pretty weird so far so a walk might be in order. While he's always ready to lend a helping hand, he seems to be really going out of his way to help any women in distress. Kitten stuck in a tree? He'll brave the highest branches. Need groceries but you forgot your wallet? Here's a donation from the first bank of Sazh. Need someone wash your windows? Sazh is excellent at that too. Feel free to try to take advantage of this.]
09 May 2012 @ 08:19 pm

MEGA MONKEYS 4 holy crud someone get over here and play with me RIGHT NOW.  Dude I don't care how much you hate playing games Raven I've got two controllers and an empty spot next to me on the couch.  It's been like months I bet I've missed out on a ton of downlo -- ...oh.  Right.

Nnmmmmnnnngh don't care play with me!

[action, 1124 Taylor]
[So ever wonder what the maximum volume on a TV set goes up to?  Bet you've never dialed it past the halfway point, huh?  Heck, you've probably wondered yourself why they make it go up so high when you'd have to be practically deaf to need it.

Never fear, your long-awaited answers are finally here.  The monkey screeches, banana peel slipping sounds, and bleep-bloops of gaming are fully audible at least two blocks down.  Beast Boy stares at the television with drool dripping out the corner of his mouth.  He sits in a mound of pillows, fruit juice boxes, and empty potato chip bags as he becomes one with the television.]

[action, 625 Topper Street]
[Oh yeah he had something else he needed to do, huh?  Five days later (alright alright five hours he had some self-control OK?), he stands on the doorstep of 625 Topper and rings for the bell.  Ding-dong!  Cue nervous prattling.]

Uhh. Hey, Tara! You home? I've got something I wanna ask you! If it's not a good time or something, totally cool; just... whenever you're ready, haha! Ha.

[It is pretty clear what he wants to ask from the sad posy of flowers he holds in one hand.]
04 May 2012 @ 11:34 am
{ .03 - something to prove - action post!  
[ Garage - Morning ]

[ Vader is at work today, filling the time with, well... actual work. Though it isn't unusual for him to not be talkative, his coworkers might notice he seems unfocused and distracted. More than once he's jammed a finger, walloped himself on the head or dropped a tool in an engine and had to fish it out, muttering vituperous imprecations in Huttese while he felt around for the wrench he'd been handling. He won't ask for help- his pride is a heavy, almost suffocating weight.

At the moment he's at it again, reaching deep into the engine of a Buick out front, the sun beating on his back. He minds the latter very little, Earth's single sun not a patch on Tattoine's twin stars. Metal bites against his knuckles, but he's not to be deterred, frowning in concentration. It would be so much easier if he had the Force at his beck and call. ]

[ 1127 Taylor - Afternoon ]

[ He nearly trips over himself going up the steps, pausing at the front door and ready to ring the bell. But...he finds himself drawing up short, uncertain. Despite his sudden excitement, his thoughts keep returning to the words of his former master, delivered from his wife. That was a day he wasn't soon to let himself forget. ]

[ Diner - Early Evening ]

[ Quite honestly he's not all that hungry, so he spends a great deal of time hemming and hawwing over what to order, ignoring anyone who might be behind him in line.

Darth Vader is not a great customer. Who knew. ]

[ 3474 Erwin - Late Evening ]

[ Neighbors might see a figure climbing his way out onto the roof from an upper window, before carefully scooching his way up to a spot where he can sit comfortably.

Vader's doing what he does best, brooding. Folding his arms over the knees he's pulled to his chest, he watches the moon rise, bright and shiny like a silver dollar hanging in the sky. ]
03 May 2012 @ 06:31 am
006 -- It'll bring you good fortune.  
Outside of 1127 Taylor Road | Morning

[When Padmé steps outside to check the mail that morning, she hardly thinks anything of it. But the fact that there's a small packaging envelope waiting with her name on it does make her pause. Frowning slightly, she glances around before carefully opening it and peering inside. Her face lights up. ]


[Fishing a hand inside the envelope, she pulls of a charm of sorts attached to a loop of leather string.

She runs a fingertip over the careful, yet clearly childish carvings, her smile fading somewhat. She then holds the charm to her heart before pulling the loop of leather over her head. ]
25 April 2012 @ 12:10 am
[Spades Slick has a thing for dogs.

They're good animals, dogs; one of the extremely few creatures that he's kind of actually somewhat come a tiny bit close to not completely hating. They're smelly and loud and pee on the carpet, but hey, so does Boxcars and Slick still keeps him around.

Not unlike his loutish minion, dogs are loyal and, more importantly, stupid. A dog isn't constantly scheming up new ways to fuck with you, like a cat or certain psychotic Dersite hellbitches. Dogs just obey you and bite your enemies and fetch the newspaper, asking only a bit of attention and the occasional belly rub in return. In short, they are Slick's ideal pet.

Up until now, of course, he's never had the chance to actually see one outside of pictures, Midnight City not possessing any life save for carapaces and certain green assholes not to be named. He did have those dalmatians at the fire station, but Slick had a nasty falling out with them after losing to them at poker.

No, what he needed were some pups that he could raise from scratch the beginning and train to be bloodthirsty killers. So when the words "pet store" hit Slick's ears, he knew he was going to have to be careful not to go overboard.

He's pretty proud of himself when he manages to leave the pet store having only bought 15 Scottish Terrier puppies.

Slick can be found:]

[A. At the park, having decided that leashes are for chumps, and the best thing you can do with a pack of newly-purchased puppies is to turn them loose on an unsuspecting populace. He is busy throwing tennis balls up and down the park and cackling when the entire pack of puppies go chasing after them.]

Nice hustle, boys! Remember, we start with tennis balls, then we move on to kidneys. Pick it up, Slick Jr, I want to see some sweat!

[B. Outside the bar, in the middle of a heated argument with a drone standing in front of the door. The puppies are sitting behind him, wagging their tails obliviously.] "No dogs allowed"!? The hell do you think you're talking to!? I'm gonna give you one chance to get the fuck outta our way before I sic these little monsters on ya. Better get moving mac or you're gonna end up Kibbles, capiche?

Still not gonna move, eh? This fuckin' guy. Give 'em hell, boys.

[Silence. The puppies do not appear to be willing to give 'em hell.]

Goddammit, boys, we talked about this! Just- one second, pal, don't go anywhere. You're gonna get the mauling of your life in a second, that's a promise.

[C. At home in his front yard, where Slick appears to have rigged up a bizarre scarecrow. In place of a head, he's taped up a white paper plate, and he has covered the figure with barbeque sauce. The puppies are, naturally, going at it with gusto, while Slick cheers them on with devilish glee.]

That's it! Rip 'im a new one, boys! Don't let him distract you with his stupid bullshit rambling, just focus on tearing him to pieces. I'll make you runts into Crew dogs if it kills me! Or you. Preferably someone else entirely.
25 April 2012 @ 12:36 am
2 lightyears  
A. 1127 Taylor Rd and the street outside.

[It's one of those times Han's got to be back in his assigned home... with Luke and Leia's mother. He... pretty clearly doesn't want to be here, so he's spending a lot of the time outside and only sometimes going inside and... kind of attempting to avoid the fake wife.]

B. Greased Lightning Garage.

[Hey, Han has a job! And he's doing it now. The ancient wheeled cars don't even use rudimentary repulsors. Still, the machinery is simple enough, and Han's pretty good at working with the cars that people bring in.

Between customers, he fiddles with an old engine, trying to figure out how to make it go faster.]

C. Around Mayfield

[Between Han's general restlessness and his desire to know his way around Mayfield as well as he can just in case something comes up, it's pretty possible to find him on any random street casually strolling and looking around. If the name on a mailbox catches his eye for any reason, he might pause and take note of it, but otherwise, he's just exploring.]
22 April 2012 @ 03:33 pm
Action | Poison joke  
[Those who know Shion well may or may not have noticed that he never shows his legs or feet; he wears long pants and closed shoes on a daily basis, and only the residents of 1129 Taylor Road will have seen him walking around the house in socks. Though he's become more confident about his snowy white hair due to the strange hair colours found throughout Mayfield, he's still very sensitive about his scar. But for the remainder of the day, due to the curious blue flowers he stopped to admire, the distinct snakelike scar that can normally only be seen below his left eye and coiling around his neck is now shining brightly through his clothing in its entirety. Of course, it's visible to absolutely everyone but Shion, and as such he has no qualms in leaving the house as he normally does.]

Action 1 - John Doe Park

[Shion enjoys spending his days reading in the park, and today is no exception. With a bag of regained books (classics, as it stands) in his arms he'll make his way to the park and spend a while reading beneath a shady tree. However, he brought Nezumi's three mice along for company, and in their curiosity they'll approach anyone passing by and scurry up to them, running up their leg or scampering up their clothing to sit on their shoulder and squeak.]

Action 2 - 1129 Taylor Road

[After a long day of being thoroughly embarrassed, Shion will return home as quickly as possible and put on his heavy coat, in hopes that it's enough to stop the glow of his scar. Of course, that's far too easy, so it doesn't change anything at all. However, Shion still can't tell, so he'll try to make his way around the house as quietly as possible to avoid being seen by Spain or undoubtedly ridiculed by Nezumi.]