14 March 2012 @ 05:28 pm
Today's not a good day  
A street somewhere

[Mordecai had gotten ready for work this morning, a little distracted. He remembered it being the beginning of March, not the middle. He must have gotten droned or something.

He sighs as he gets in his cart and drives off to work. So if I had been droned for a week, then there's a lot I missed out probably. I'll have to check up on Pops and Benson soo--

Just then, a drone kid runs out into the road to get their ball that had rolled into it and Mordecai makes a quick turn, crashing the cart into a tree near the side of the road. He sits there for a minute, coughing as smoke rises from the engine before climbing out and slamming his fist against the side.]


At the restaurant Mordecai works at.

[So after pushing the cart to the restaurant parking-lot (he'll fix it later), he was 45 minutes late. He rushes into the back to change into his working outfit and put a bandage on the cut on his forehead from the crash. Then he starts working. Though, he's not in the best of moods and he might accidentally spill your drink or give you the wrong order. Sorry.]