16 August 2012 @ 07:14 am
"Finding Yourself in a 'Routine Plot'"  
[Its been a few days since the postman delivered a letter with a small card on it and a larger box, after receiving it Ruri disappeared into the Nadesico, only coming out every so often to not be droned]

Action 1 - Downtown

[Ruri is downtown, she's got a large bag and is walking into various stores and picking up random clothes, makeup, and other things she NEVER gets. She has her usual deadpan attitude, especially with dealing with drone shop keepers.]

Phone - Drone Filtered

The town has returned to me the Nadesico's television studio. I've also picked up some things for costumes so if anyone would like to make use of it to film anything, we can talk about setting up time and compensation.

Also, the Nadesico has had a broadcast channel for a while, so if some of the more scientifically or mechanically inclined people would like to help me see if we can't use it to pirate one of the 7 channels on the television that aren't used, we may be able to provide more of a service to the town.

Action 2 - 947 Beulah Street

[Ruri is hanging some of her acquisitions in the Nadesico's main hangar. She's visible from the ground as she left the ramp open and is currently hanging a nurse's uniform while humming something to herself]
04 June 2012 @ 03:00 pm
You're the Next Princess of the Nadesico  
[Ruri had always been a direct girl, raised to be a computer interface for the most part due to a bombing of a fertility clinic, had that not happened she'd have been the oldest child and only daughter of the King of Peaceland, Mayfield has chosen to give her those memories]

A - 947 Beulah St (Backdated to the first day)

[Waking up Ruri sighed at the banal existence here and decided today was the day she was going to do something about it. Heading outside and into the ship she'll be seen poking around, humming something and looking generally cheerful as opposed to blank and deadpan.]

Phone -

Citizens of Mayfield, first I would like to open that drab ship up to all as an actual high class hotel and spa. There is a hot springs and over 100 rooms with full amenities, if anyone would like to help in that venture I could use a competent staff. That and if there is a tailor among you, I would kill for some actual nice clothes, ones that were made by someone who has any sort of fashion sense at all.

B - Around town

[Ruri is out, she looks animated, and she's making lots of purchases downtown of household things, occasionally she'll go into a shop and try to haggle with the clerks, and other times she'll try and confuse one of the drones into a deal. Either way she's not acting her normal self.]
24 April 2012 @ 05:48 pm
Ruri's Teaching Logs  
[Action] High School

[Ruri has set last year's Prom King in Mayfield High's trophy case, yes, the Inanimate Carbon Rod is sitting there with a sign saying "Vote for me for prom king!" She's sitting in her office across the hall with the door open filling her bowl with peanut butter cups and preparing for another long day of being guidance counselor or playing video games. Same thing really in Mayfield.]

[Action 2] (Guest starring Naoto, may be tagged by either of them) Downtown Mayfield

[No one knows what she said, but she called Naoto and said something and then the two were downtown looking for Prom dresses. They're not shopping in the classic sense, but they will be at the florist and other downtown shops. Feel free to bug them.]

[Action 3] (Locked to Rarity and Naoto)

[Ruri has ended up dragging Naoto to Rarity's boutique to find a dress. It finally came to her that if you want a job done right, find an artist to do so.]

[Action 4] 947 Beulah

[Ruri is sitting outside of her home after the long day, she's got a few screens open and has a movie on one, a video game on another and a book on the third but only seems somewhat distracted by them.]
02 April 2012 @ 07:01 pm
Ruri's Prank Logs  
[Ruri received her letter early on the first and and decided that this seemed harmless enough so she would do this one. But she also decided to hit one person not on her list]

Action A (The home of Wes Jansen)

[He wasn't on the list, but he seemed to be a pro, and she knew a little about his world. She set it so the second he walked into a bathroom, any bathroom, Omoikane would trap him in a holographic cube of that tree village from the 3rd movie with the teddy bear things, just as the final song was going to play, right after the blaring of the horns they would all break into a rendition of "Never Gunna Give You Up" and the accompanying dance number. After setting the program to go she walked to close confines.]

Action B (The Home of Poland)

[First she had a phone call made to Poland's home in an old heavily German accent "I am da Viper. I clean all impurities first. I vill come for you from the west." At the end of the day she left another call in the same German reading "Top floor first, I leave nothing to chance. Ve vill meet soon." Early the morning of the second, just before sunrise she makes one more call in the old German man's voice. "The viper demands swift payment for da viper's work. It will be crystal clear when I come." Shortly after 10pm there is one last call. "The viper comes tomorrow at the end of the day. Da viper will clean like in the old days."]

Action C (Home of Sazh)

[Ruri set up something similar to Wes for this man, she didn't know him, but she had it programmed so that whenever Omoikane scanned him sitting down on a toilet a holographic field would cover him and it would look like he was in the center of the United Earth Council room on the toilet in the middle of a meeting and programmed everyone to stare and look uncomfortable.]

Action D (around town, SPECIFICALLY around Makoto Nanaya)

[Ruri didn't want to overuse the holograms, and the com system could just play soft music, so she set it so that whenever Makoto was alone, it would softly play recorded songs from one of the Spanish stations her crew had requested years ago. She had close to 2 years of broadcasts so there was plenty of insane gibberish to go around.]
13 February 2012 @ 08:22 pm
Charmed by Flower Space  
[Phone] Drone filtered

Two things. First I know what the day is, and if anyone is effected by the holiday and needs a place to do whatever. There are 100 crew compartments on the Nadesico, you can rent one for $20 a night. $40 if I have to clean up after it. Its stupid, and such, but I understand sometimes you loose control.

That and I'm looking for an engineer to help me get the Nadesico's systems up and running. My area of expertise is theory and computers so I need someone who is a bit more mechanically inclined to help.

[Action] 947 Beulah St. Locked to Rin

[Ruri has just put some carnations she found in a vase and put them on the table]

[Action] Around town

[In the afternoon, Ruri made the mistake of having some mint in her tea and is walking the streets, smiling, occasionally giggling, her usual deadpan completely not there.]