20 August 2012 @ 12:49 pm
trisdešimt trys; action  
[Finding out about Mayfield's latest peculiarity would have been far more "annoying and concerning" rather than "sharply unsettling" if he hadn't found out about it via Poland's drone chattering at him a mile a minute, making that particular phrase as close to literal as it could get. And he was only asking Lithuania (or Mr. Laurinaitis) how he was over and over. It's the lack of Poland's pony, his flag, and the lack of nation feel that make Lithuania realize Poland's actually gone.

Backing through a tree is just the icing on the cake, to be honest.]

1333 Benny Road
[Hello, not!family! Lithuania is going through the house checking up on everyone, making sure they're present and accounted for. He's pretty obviously unhappy but he's also just as obviously trying not to look unhappy. He's also obviously on edge, as can easily be noted whenever he jumps at a flickering light or jerks back away from the sound of sudden static crashing out of the television.]

Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and America's Houses
[Lithuania is just checking up on you guys to make sure you're okay. As in still here. Also he is looking like a puppy who was kicked into the rain, metaphorically speaking but he's pretending he's fine. He's also trying to ignore any instances of his hand going through doors rather than him knocking like he actually intends to do.]

Are you alright?

Olney's Tavern
[The alcohol here has always been incredibly weak, and that's not when even the structure of the bar and class is so weak as to make it go crashing to the ground for no good reason. Still, Lithuania is trying his best to get himself drunk enough to stop feeling so awful, at least for a few hours.

It's not really working, though.]

They have no idea how to make decent beer here.
24 June 2012 @ 03:56 pm
trisdešimt du; action  
A; Bakery
[Lithunaia is normally a good, quick baker. He's seemed more distracted all day today, though--and, lost in thought wiping down the counter tops far beyond a mirror shine--he doesn't seem to notice that the oven behind him is smoking. Let him know before an actual fire starts?]

B; 946 Beulah {Locked to Estonia}
[Lithuania is knocking on the door. There's the matter of the message to discuss, of course, which is why he's actually here, but there's also the matter of him not really knowing what to do about the issue with Poland and Koharu. He can't exactly go to Ukraine about it (he's pretty sure Koharu already has) and obviously Poland and Koharu aren't options, so despite Estonia probably not really being the best person to go to for this sort of situation, it's Lithuania's best current option.

Mostly he's going for the message, though. Since it is Estonia.]
04 April 2012 @ 11:48 pm
trisdešimt vienas; action  
A; bakery {Monday}
[Lithuania wasn't going to go along with this whole "caper campaign" thing. Sure it was about as harmless as Mayfield's little games got, but that didn't mean he was going to play along with anything Mayfield did unless it forced him to. Of course, it was doing a pretty good job of forcing him to, given he's covered in pink polka-dots and isn't really doing work so much as he is sitting behind the counter looking various degrees of baffled and exhausted.

He'll still ask if you need any help, it's just he's not sure if you're actually there because he's been hallucinating customers for the past hour. You might catch him uncertainly greeting thin air before realizing he's just seeing things.]

B; Firo's house {Monday}
[Thoroughly sick of being sick, Lithuania picked the first name on the list he got that made itself readable--the rest were running around the page and being wholly uncooperative--and headed to their house after he asked a drone (well, first he asked a mailbox) where they lived. Not really the best at pranks, he's balanced a bucket of water a bit precariously above the door. Now he just has to knock on it, wait, and hope he's just seeing that second door and it's not really there.]

C; anywhere, any time
[Need to prank Lithuania? He's really not very good at avoiding this sort of thing.]
21 March 2012 @ 07:46 pm
trisdešimt; action  
1333 Benny road front lawn

[Lithuania hasn't been having the best month, really, with all the fights and general tension in his usual social circle. Increased stress led to, along with an increase in how fast Lithuania went through stomachache medication, more cleaning than usual. And given that it was finally spring and Lithuania tended to do a top to bottom cleaning of the house anyway in the spring, housework was a good distraction.

He just hadn't really expected the lawn mower to be covered in slime. Of course, you can never be sure what to expect in Mayfield, but even Lithuania's paranoia can only stretch so far, and he hadn't really brought any weapons with him in his quest to mow the lawn.

So maybe it was his own fault in being a bit lax in his preparedness for Mayfield's Mayfield-ness that he was now being chased across his lawn by the lawnmower. It is not even mowing in a straight line he is going to have to redo everything.]

I hate this town!
17 February 2012 @ 12:13 pm
dvidešimt devyni; action {February 16}  
Introspection )

1333 Benny Road lawn
[Lithuania is cleaning up the house, as usual. In honor of his birthday he's given himself the day off, but aside from that he's not entirely sure what to do about it when it seems so inherently wrong to be away from his people today.

He does, however, place his flag outside properly--if a bit wistfully.]

It would look better on a proper flag pole... Ah, but they're not really commonplace around here.

[His puppy, recently regained, runs around his legs. He crouches down to pet the animal.]

Maybe next year we'll celebrate at home.
13 February 2012 @ 10:30 pm
dvidešimt aštuoni; action {February 14}  
A; Bakery {locked to Russia}
[Lithuania had managed to avoid the flowers the previous day and the morning of Valentine's Day; given Mayfield, magically appearing flowers were definitely suspicious. It wasn't until he was at work that, distracted by Russia's near-daily visit, he'd ran right into some hyacinths. And, well, with Russia right there and all when it happened...

Well, the first sign is probably when he shoves a drone that was about to make small-talk with Russia over a table and then beams at the other nation.]

Were they bothering you?

B; around town
[Lithuania abandoned work as soon as Russia left the bakery. After all, it was far more important that he stay close, given that he'd decided that he was absolutely in love with Russia and, nearly more importantly, that anyone who tried to get in the way of said love needed to be injured at the least.

Now wherever Russia is, Lithuania is too, following his trail like either the world's most doting puppy or a vicious guard dog, depending on how people approach them. Lithuania's really quite good at staying on his trail, given how Russia seems to be trying to make Lithuania lose said trail. But Lithuania would never let Russia out of his sight; nothing is allowed to get between them and that includes whatever shyness Russia might be having.]

If you walk too quickly you might trip, you know!

(OOC: Option B will get you Russia and Lithuania. It's like a package deal! Wait for us both to tag in when you reply unless you specifically say you only want one or the other.)
10 February 2012 @ 06:18 am
dvidešimt septyni; action  
A; 1333 Benny Road {backdated to February 6}
[Lithuania's arms, at least, have gone back to normal. His legs are still robotic and his mind is fuzzy, but he'll count his blessings where he can. Going outside and finding a package for him full of little holes is cause for a bit of concern, given who knows what might be in there. There's definitely something moving around in there, but the box isn't that large, so it can't be anything too dangerous, right?

Opening the box reveals a little fluffball of a dog, leaping out and running a little circle around Lithuania before, realizing something has definitely changed, sniffing at his mechanical limbs. Lithuania, staring down at the dog, finally feels his mind clear. His memories rush back all at once, while he's bending down to pet the dog, and he ends up staring at the animal while it licks his hand.]


[And slowly he's remembering what he did all this week. Specifically, the people he ran into. More specifically, the person he ran into wearing a box over their head.]

Poland, you bastard!

[Lithuania, with his characteristic flailing worry, will be heading next door, but feel free to intercept him and his little dog too.]

B; 1332 Benny Road {locked to Poland}
[Lithuania, having had a few days to finally get his regular legs back and after Poland is--as normal as Poland ever is--will just be knocking on his friend's door.]
29 January 2012 @ 12:26 am
dvidešimt šeši; action  
in front of the Hospital
[Lithuania finds himself standing outside on badly-made robotic legs, staring at a town he doesn't remember. He'd been told he was in Mayfield, so that must be this, but there's no recognition. He looks down at his hands, just as robotic as his legs, and then at the snow banks. He'll have to move carefully if he wants to get--

Where is he even going? He tells himself the sudden shaking that takes over is just the cold, but he's not sure he believes that. He can see houses; does he have one of those? Which one is it? Is there anyone who would be looking for him? Of course, even if there was he wouldn't recognize them.

Paralyzed by an overwhelming amount of problems and an overwhelming lack of even the most basic sort of knowledge on how to go about solving them, he stands trembling in front of the hospital and listens to the occasional electric pop of his limbs.]
23 January 2012 @ 03:52 pm
dvidešimt penki; phone/action  
A; phone {filtered to Nina}
Ah, hello, Miss Nina?

B; bakery
[Lithuania is fussing at the bakery again--that is, cleaning it. This is normal, but it's really an excuse to watch the dairy as he cleans the windows. The location is good, at least, for him to keep an eye on things. Still, he can't help but be worried. Well, he's usually worried.

Bother him to stop cleaning and box your baked goods? Wonder if he has a cleaning compulsion? Trip him?]