08 June 2012 @ 09:24 am
03 ღ and words did not come  
I - 5724 Cunningham
[Sup y'all. New housemate. She's got a package from the Post Office in her hands, and is wandering around the house looking a bit irritated.]

Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?

II - phone, filtered from drones
...good afternoon, everyone. [It wasn't often that Euphie got mad, but this was one of those times. What the town usually did was annoying at best, but this last "incident" had tricked her into believing she was the Empress. What malarkey. She'd given up her rights! She didn't want any part of the royal family! That she knew quite well was true.

And pain. What if she really was dead back home? What if she really did kill all those people by believing she had to? It was...it was disrespect, it was making a fool out of her. It twisted her memories of Lelouch and Nunnally and Suzaku, in the most ridiculous way--although, funny thing, she was having trouble remembering the details.
] Admittedly, my memory of the events of the last week is quite fuzzy. Appropriate, considering that's what was manipulated during that unfortunate incident.

Aligning ourselves together to escape is one thing, but attempting to halt them entirely is another. Has this ever been tried? I imagine it would take a very...large-scale force.

III - action
[Euphie has apparently busied herself with the task of doing errands. Every kind of errand. Even the unnecessary ones.

a. All around town, afternoon - generally just a bundle of MUST CONCENTRATE, MUST GET MY MIND OFF OF BAD STUFF nerves, Euphie hurries around town with varying armfuls of bags and boxes. She seems to be holding them surprisingly well.

b. John Doe Park, evening - Clearly, princesses who are used to prancing around in ball gowns and high heels should invest in taking up a sport. ...at least it seems to be burning out the last of her excess energy and silent anger. Because she's managed to acquire a soccer ball, and is off in a quiet corner of the park, practicing her kicking and such, seemingly taking her strength out on the large, sturdy tree in front of her. She doesn't seem particularly brute or strong with any of this, but she's quick on her feet. And not really noticing anything else around her.
15 March 2012 @ 09:47 am
02 ღ carpe diem  
I ❥ phone (14th) ❥ action optional for housemates 
Ah, hello, everyone! This is Euphemia. I have a question, if you don't mind. I heard some people talking about something called "White Day" today in class. I understand it's a Japanese holiday, but I don't know much more. Could someone possibly explain it to me?

II ❥ Mayfield High ❥ afternoon
[Someone has, unwittingly, become one of the "populars". She was used to attention itself, sure. Comes with the territory of being a princess. But in this place? She was used to being treated the same as everyone else. So it was more than a bit unnerving, having some of the drone girls worm their way into her personal space, denying that they'd ever called her a nerd on her first day of school.]

Are you busy today, Euphie?

Not particularly...

Let's go to the drive-thru then! It'll be swell!

I'm afraid I'll have to decline.

C'mon! That's not like you!

[Don't mind her while she searches for a way to get out of this awkward conversation. Possibly by coming up to you, if you look like a teacher, or doing some sort of eye-to-eye help signal.]
11 February 2012 @ 08:42 pm
01 ღ doubt nothing  
I - [Peepers Street]

[Imagine waking up in a house full of drones. Imagine it. No other kidnapees to tell you where you are, or why, or anything of the sort. Just a woman who claims to be your mother, when you know you haven't seen your mother in several years; a man that claims to be your father and who greets you warmly with a head-ruffle--when you know your father couldn't care less about your very existence; a boy and a girl who claim to be your siblings...when, undeniably, you have never seen their faces before.

Before she can even spit out the essential question, she's asked what she's doing down this late and not dressed for school. School, she wonders? She went to school in disguise, at Ashford, but...

Is this Area 11? she asks. Area 11? replies the father. Euphemia, were you out partying last night? Be careful around those new kids. They're nothing but trouble.

Then...where are we?

Why, it's our lovely Mayfield, dear. ...do you want some toast or orange juice?

Without another word, Euphie bolts out the front door, still clad in her pajamas. What was going on? Where was 'Mayfield'? What happened to Lelouch? Suzaku? The SAZ? She remembered talking to him, then everything went fuzzy...there was blood, blood on her own hands, a lot of shooting...and then she closed her eyes. And here she was.

Hello? Hello?! [She becomes desperate. Frantic. Almost to the point of having a panic attack. She calls out to anyone on the street, anyone at all. She runs up and down the snow-coated block in her slippers, occasionally stumbling but never actually falling.] Hello? Someone help me, please!

II - [phone, afternoon]
Um...hello, everyone. [Once everything was explained, including the phone system, she tentatively picks it up.] My...my name is Euphemia.

I...was wondering. If there's anyone here from a place called "Britannia" or "Area 11"...

III - [Mayfield High - next day]
[HI EVERYONE, there's a girl with ridicu-long pink hair fumbling with her locker. She tries once, twice, to open it, to no avail. She ends up dropping her books on the floor, only to get laughed at by a squadron of girl drones. Loser. Nerd. Clutz. Normally this kind of thing wouldn't bother Euphie in the least. She'd just tell them off and walk away. But the shock of being in a new environment, learning she was alive...let's just say it's making her shaky. Halp?]

((OOC: this is all backdated to Thursday, FYI))