28 May 2012 @ 07:01 pm
*: ・゚✧ sᴛᴀʀsᴇᴇᴅ ᴏɴᴇ ✧・゚:*  
[A. 1445 Mitchell Road]

[Normally, when she was feeling quite down a snack and a brief nap at her desk was all Aluminum Siren needed to recharge after another failed mission. Granted these habits always irritated her partner, but Siren was pretty sure that the more pressing failure of the prior mission was what was actually bothering Lead Crow and never thought too much of the scoldings.

But this time she wasn't woken up by Lead Crow's loud shouting about inappropriate snacking or irresponsible napping at desks. She'd been allowed to sleep for what felt like a full night's rest with out being disturbed by Lead Crow at all. More concerning than that she didn't wake up at her desk and she was in an unfamiliar bed.

With an even more unfamiliar man. ]

Oh dear...

[B. Around Town]

[Siren will just wander around to get adequately acquainted with her new residence. Mayfield hardly seemed like anything special. It was incredibly ordinary looking from it's cookie cutter houses to it's matching green lawns with white picket fences.

It didn't seem likely that she would ever find a beautiful starseed in such a bland place.]

[C. Bakery]

[Oh this was terrible! Being stranded in such a strange place with no way to leave? She didn't even have her business cards with her, how was she supposed to introduce herself properly to all these strangers without business cards?

She couldn't even utilize the time to hunt down beautiful starseeds as per her mission. Her bracelets and powers were completely gone and she'd been instructed to report to the bakery for employment. Galaxia-sama would be so disappointed...

She couldn't even write about it in her diary! It was gone too.]

I'm so upset... I need to eat something.

[If you come into the bakery there will be an incredibly despondent looking brand new bakery employee behind the counter, nibbling on a plate of cookies instead of doing anything remotely productive.]