26 October 2012 @ 11:27 pm
07 - My Gift To You  
[Action A - 919 Bilko - October 23rd, Early Evening]

[Natalie was a damned willful creature. Mayfield's attempts to overwrite her old life with a fake "perfect" one were doomed to fail. It could replace her vampirism with "a strange illness" that kept her out of the sunlight, it could make her think she actually did marry Keith Goodman, it could re-write her whole history to make her a pleasant-if-frail housewife... but it couldn't edit out Father. Not in a way that she would buy. The true things that she felt, she felt them far too strongly to ignore for long. But she didn't lash out. She wasn't ready to lash out. For there were still things to be done.

Things, apparently, like baking. She had tied on an apron and taken out her cookbook, and was spending the evening using up every last bit of flour and sugar and butter in the household. Pie crusts were rolled out, squares were baked and cut, cookies were perfectly portioned onto sheets... and each newly cooled batch was neatly tucked away in its own little basket or container or package.

The windows are open, even on an evening as cool as this. Delicious scents are wafting from the house. And if you'd care to investigate? You'll have a smiling Natalie greet you without a hint of menace or sarcasm. Those two things wasted valuable willpower. Involuntary and improper cheer was easier on the psyche, stubborn as she was.]

[Action B - Throughout town - October 24th, all night]

[It had taken an entire night to bake all of the things that needed baking. And there were quite a lot. And now? Now there was a lot of baking to hand out to her dear friends and neighbors. Baking with an ulterior motive. Each bundle contained a hand-written note in hasty, blocky print. She'd had to suppress the fake memories to get them written. But she was satisfied with the results. And so, she came to visit the following people....]

For Ilsa Higa )

For Charles Fei-Ong )

For Cain Knightlord )

For Nathaniel Howe )

For The Onceler )

For Hol Horse )

For Doc Scratch )

For Lucas )

For Lili Zanatto )

For Hajime Aikawa )

((OOC Note: If you're not able to tag in to take the care package from Natalie directly, she'll leave it on the doorstep so that it still gets received.))

[Action C - Streets of Mayfield, likely ending somewhere on Bilko - October 24th/25th, late night/early morning]

[One day to bake. One day to distribute. And as the third day threatened to dawn, she did the last thing she had intended to do. Now she would proverbially stand on a hillside in a thunderstorm and dare the gods to strike her down.]

You! I don't care who else is listening, but I know that you're listening!

[She jabs a finger skywards, as she stumbles her way down the sidewalk. This is meant to be a spectacle. Let's wake some neighbors while she shouts like a madwoman at the powers that be.]

So listen! Listen to me! You didn't break me! They couldn't break me, The Brood couldn't b-break me! I contain the truth, Father saw it, Father knew it, and you cannot... cannot quash the truth!

[A hand flies to her forehead and she lurches back, as she tries to fight off a renewed spike of pain. But a sick grin grows on her face, fangs visible within it.]

I am Natalie Waters, I am a vampire, I am a child of the Goddess, I am... I am an instrument of her vengeance...! I... I am not what you would have me be! DO YOUR WORST! DO IT!
22 October 2012 @ 10:35 am
Adventure 006: I Have a Headache  
[Action:  Walking to/from Pharmacy]

[Sherlock has had a migraine for several hours now.  Migraines are not completely unique to Sherlock.  He gets them on occasion - even his mind can't store everything.  The problem is:  going into his Mind Palace only makes it worse.  In fact, he notices that anything related to 'home' causes the pain to spike.  He has found some very dark sunglasses and is now in route to the Chemists - he is afraid to drive, but he needs something for the pain.  On his way, he is observing others.  Because why would thinking about home make the pain so much worse?

...On his return trip he does the same, but walking faster, now that he knows there maybe a cure to his pain, he wants the pain to end as soon as possible.]

[Action: At Pharmacy]
Warning for Drug Paraphernalia )

[Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard (locked to Housemates)]

Warning for Drug Use )

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20 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
case: 027  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | Thursday Morning }}

[ Conan isn't really feeling all that well today, he woke up with a dull throbbing in back of his head and by the time he's made the walk to school he's just about ready to pass out on the front walkway. He refrains though and makes it all the way to class before plopping down in his seat and laying his head down. Better make sure he doesn't fall asleep. ]

{{ →!Action | Anywhere | Friday Afternoon }}

[ It's Friday and school's let out for the weekend which means Conan's week is up. He's spending his Friday after school the same way he usually does and that's by taking a walk around town, making note of any changes or new faces and occasionally getting trapped in a short conversation with drone children about why he doesn't want to play baseball with them. ]

[ He's not looking so good though as he seems to be coughing and hacking an awful lot-sometimes he even has to stop in his tracks when a particularly nasty coughing fit happens. He leans against a telephone pole all but hacking his lungs out. ]

Damn... my head feels fuzzy.

[ The coughing is giving him a worse headache than he even had but he presses on. It's only a cold and it'll go away if he completely ignores it. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko | Saturday Morning }}

[ Ignoring a cold does not make it go away. Actually, ignoring a cold makes it worse and allows it to develop into something else entirely. When he wakes up in the morning he can feel his head pounding and upon stumbling out of bed he quickly discovers the pounding is worse when he's on his feet and even causes his vision to blur-he just might pass out if he's on his feet too long. ]

[ He tries to shake the headache away but that only serves to make it worse. This can't happen, he has somewhere to be today and he'd only stagger out into the street if he tried to leave now. He Forces himself to the kitchen in search of orange juice but only gets as far as the living room table before he stops to try and refocus his vision-using the table to keep himself steady. ]
19 September 2012 @ 01:46 am
❀ 05  
A. [ACTION: 917 BILKO BOULEVARD (morning)]

[well, after all that trouble they went through (and to find…what? a flower? gosh, he’s not sure if that’s supposed to be profoundly poetic or monumentally frustrating) down in that void of color and nothingness, a reward should be well-deserved at this point. even though they found what they were supposed to find which made this whole life-or-death experience not so, y’know, worthless, technically everyone’s still as badly off as they were before this whole mess with the portals started. at least Once-ler is. when the morning mail finds its way to his mailbox and the first thing he spots amidst the bills and is a small, plain envelope padded with packing foam, he doesn’t immediately anticipate a regain. in fact, it’s so unremarkable that he’s all but ready to pitch it.

but then he feels something jiggling around inside of it, and – oh, right, it’s that time of the month again already. admittedly, he’s been getting some really off the wall stuff lately. the Thneed, well, that was neat (and useful, of course) and the Axe Hacker…he’d really just rather not talk about that, thanks. logic dictates that this one is bound to be something really offbeat.

he couldn’t be more wrong.]


[the park is crowded today with a class of drone children, no doubt there on some kind of school function. instead of going back home, Once-ler settles on second best, the only alternative he has for a quiet place to think. in contrast to the normally busy park, Makeout Hill is still and empty at this time of the morning. he doesn’t have any great desire to hike all the way up the mountain trail in his jammies, but he doesn’t need to; soon enough, he comes across a little patch of weeds (or are they wild flowers? he’s never been too good at making the differentiation even back when plants still existed in the valley) surrounding a big, flat stone on the edge of the hill. carefully, he navigates over to it and takes a seat.

the envelope is still clutched in his hands, but they’ve stopped trembling by now. now they’re just listlessly turning the torn thing over, feeling the tiny round object roll around beneath them.]

…I don’t get it. Sorry, but I don’t.

[he opens his mouth again, closes it, then reluctantly reopens it when he realizes that he can’t possibly look any sillier right now. he’s sitting on a hilltop in his PJs for crying out loud. might as well go the extra mile and just start babbling to himself pretending that he’s somewhere out there listening.]

If it’s supposed to be a joke, then – I guess, for you, it’s pretty funny, I won’t hold that against you. But, if it isn’t, then…

[he turns the envelope upside down and lets the object inside of it, a tiny little walnut-shaped seed with a spiral imprint trailing down and around its surface, tumble into his lap.]

…What am I supposed to do with this?

[what can he even do with it here of all places? that’s why this has to be some kind of joke. some tasteless, stupid new brand of unfunny. so Once-ler just sits there staring at his lap, eyes half-lidded with sleep and…something else.

and inwardly, he thinks:

I don’t get it and I don’t think you’re ever going to tell me. I don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that I keep expecting you to answer, or the fact I always sort of wished this would happen. I don’t know if this is what having hope is supposed to feel like, but it’s better than nothing, I think, because when I look at this I think of home.

And, if I look hard enough, it almost feels like I can see you.

So just...just, please -]

...Stupid. [a sigh.] What am I thinking?

[this is what he gets for talking to seeds. at least he can watch the sun rise up here, if nothing else.]

[C. ACTION: 917 BILKO BOULEVARD (afternoon)]

[later on after he’s had some time to assess things, Once-ler can be found in the driveway doing something surprisingly constructive: routine maintenance on his giant metal death machine. hey, if he’s going to keep this stupid thing around, he should at least make sure that it doesn’t rust. this thing is already a pink flamingo or two away from being the world’s largest lawn ornament; the last thing it needs is a coat of rust to make it look even more ostentatious.

but maybe it could have another more practical use. awful stuff is happening by the boatload every day with the general consensus that it’s only going to get worse from here on out. maybe he could actually repurpose the Super Axe Hacker and put it to better use than what it was created for.

gears and bolts are littering the driveway as Once-ler sits off to the side, trying to wedge a panel off the massive machine’s hull with a crowbar. it’s obvious he’s never used one before considering how hard a time he’s having with it, making little pained grunts and wheezes as he strains to lift it.

come on – you don’t want to see him struggle, do you?]
15 September 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Case: 026  
{{ →!Action | Outside City Hall | Afternoon }}

[ Conan got a useful regain this time around-his glasses. Of course he knows just what to do with this gadget as he moves over to a window he's mostly sure leads into the Mayor's office. He removes his glasses and pulls off a small chunk of them and wraps it in a piece of chewing gum he'd been working on before pressing it down near the window-he's not putting it on the wall itself-he won't risk the chance of it shorting out or electrocuting him. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Later in the day. }}

[ Conan's relaxing on the couch, having come home before curfew just as his housemates expect of him-or he seems to be relaxing-actually he's listening carefully. A little confused when the sound of foot steps meet his ears. ]


{{ →!Action | Mayfield Hospital | Evening }}

[ Nothing much to report just yet but since Sherlock's regain came in the mail today Conan's decided on delivering it to him personally. It isn't like Holmes wouldn't get it upon his return home but right now Shinichi is a little shaken and desperately needs a distraction-delivering Sherlock's regain might provide just that. Maybe, if he's lucky. He also stops by the master bedroom in the house to swipe the packet of cigarettes and lighter on the bedside table. ]

[ He pushes the door to Sherlock's room open and carries the package over. Sherlock will probably notice Conan's glasses are different today-still over sized but they look to be in much better condition and much better quality then the one's he's been borrowing from Mayfield. Another thing that surely won't go unnoticed--he's incredibly pale. ]

((ooc: You can catch Conan acting suspiciously if you'd like but stepping on the piece of gum that has the listening device wrapped inside is reserved to Gin.))
10 September 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Case 025  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary - Music }}

[ It's September and so that means Conan's back in Elementary, which means he's tried again to explain to his drone teacher that 'Duck and Cover' is pointless and only gave in when he was threatened with a note home to his parents-that was the last thing he needed. ]

[ It also means he has to face elementary music class. Generally, he'd choose to stay in the back of the class so no one could tell he wasn't really singing but this time a seating chart foiled his plan and his request to to be moved was denied. So he's sitting near the front and it's been made perfectly clear that faking it isn't going to cut it this time. ]

[ Apologies to anyone nearby him- he's tone deaf. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | After School }}

[ Guess what happens when you can easily recognize any pitch but, try as you might you just can't replicate it? Yeah, that's right-no one believes you're tone deaf. Which is why Conan ended up with a note home anyway. For some reason or another they thought he was intentionally disrupting the class by pretending to sing badly. He's more than a little unhappy and immediately hunts down a mystery book to indulge in. ]

{{ →!Phone | Filtered Away From Drones | Evening }}

Ne, I was just wondering-after what happened last week and since we got Grey-san's message... does anyone else think that he might have been why Mayfield was having trouble staying solid?

If you have any theories, I'd like to hear them!

(( ooc: For anyone wondering about his singing))
26 August 2012 @ 08:18 pm
Adventure 004: Event and Problem Parenting  
[Action: all over town.]

[The Event - for what else would one call it? - has been interesting. But not really telling. Other than the places that were locked to the citizens remain unaffected. Which would tell him something, he's sure, if he could find the right person to talk to. The Drones are worse than worthless these days, so he avoids them at all costs. But there has to be someone, somewhere smart enough to be an assistant as he tries to piece this information together. So, he is wandering around town hoping to encounter such a person. Of course, they might have to come to him.]

[Phone: filtered from drones.]

Has anyone taken any readings on what is going on? I'm specifically looking for readings on the radio static or voices that are coming through and on the 'Phasing' for want of a better word. I would like to meet anyone who is doing scientific research on what is happening.

[Action: 915 Bilko Boulevard - locked to housemates]
Family Meeting )
25 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm
Case: 024  
{{ →!Phone | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Evening Sometime }}

[ He's out of the hospital now and feeling much better. He'll even accept some visitors as long as he knows them. He's still not leaving the house though, better that way since he's still recovering. ]

Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know I'm back now, but I probably won't be going outside for a while. Sorry if I worried anyone.

But, that's not why I'm making this call. With things turning briefly intangible I thought I'd warn everyone to be really careful before they pick something up and try to avoid carrying it for too long. It might be kind of tedious to set something down every three feet but it'd be a disaster if someone dropped a pot of boiling soup on themselves, right?

And, if anyone has any ideas as to what's happening, I'd like to hear them.
21 August 2012 @ 12:31 am
06 - Welcome Home, Honey  
[919 Bilko, Morning - Limited to Housemates]

[Another beautiful Mayfield morning dawns, but all is not well in the Goodman household. That pleasant drone wife has been replaced with someone far stiffer, deader, and somewhat mildewed-smelling. That alone might be bad enough. But she had been quite silent while things were dark. Now that there's sun, there's screaming.

As soon as the first sufficiently brilliant rays of light come pouring into the room, Natalie bursts from her spot on the bed with an inhuman shriek. She tears the blankets off the bed and wraps them around herself, but it's not nearly enough protection against the light. She can't see, with all of the brightness and all of the fabric covering her... it's making her efforts to find some sort of cover far too slow. A hand has crept out from the covers, and it's fumbling at the doorknob for the closet... it's also sizzling.]


[Around Town, Evening]

[It's a warm late-summer evening. A perfect time for light blouses and short sleeves. To hell with that, tonight. Not after the kind of morning Natalie had been through. Every inch of her is covered by clothing. Long sleeves cover her arms. Gloves cover her fingers. Her usual scarf is wrapped very, very high along her face. And her hair is even pulled forward to obscure her face even further, with just a slit left to allow for vision.

Really, the malfunctioning drones are a mercy, tonight. She needs blood, and lots of it, if she's going to be presentable anytime soon. Were you being annoyed by a particularly persistent drone asking the time or wishing you a good evening?]

...oh. Here. Let me take care of that...

[And she'll just be grabbing them, exposing their neck, and sinking her fangs in. Masquerade, shmasquerade. What was there to cover up, here? She was doing everyone a favor, honestly.]
19 August 2012 @ 10:18 am
✿action at the bakery

[ Since Hong Kong arrived back in Mayfield again he's been busy adjusting to his new job at the bakery. Unfortunately, inhaling eating half of the products probably isn't really part of the job description and when he isn't serving a customer all too often he can be found behind the counter contentedly munching on cookies or cakes etc. Oh yes, he definitely likes this job.

At least he has actually been cooking too though and there's now a number of new Chinese additions to the menu, including
the tray he's just brought out and is offering to you. ]

Would you like to try a cha siu bao? Careful, they're like, still hot.

✿phone call for Charles

[ Back at 912 Bilko Boulevard and Hong Kong is making a phone call in the kitchen to his old not!son.  ]

Wai. So like, you want to come round and eat with me and Taiwan? Or are you 'too busy' or whatever?
14 August 2012 @ 01:49 pm
[A: Action; Early Morning; 917 Bilko]

[Rapunzel has been uncharacteristically quiet since the Carnival. It was... A big growth experience for her, and it forced her to see Mayfield's true nature. A lot changed, and yet... Nothing did. She's still stuck here, and she's finally coming around to decide she'll make the most of it, and do the best she can to help people. She really is a resilient lady.

What she finds in the mail that morning helps. First her guitar, which gets a smile, and then... Something that makes her shriek in delight.

Deja vu. Yep, Pascal is back.]

[B: Action; Morning to Dusk; John Doe Park]

[Rapunzel can be found in the park for the rest of the day, playing old, whimsical tunes on her guitar for herself and Pascal and anyone else who cares to listen.]

[C: Phone; Evening]

Hi, it's Rapunzel. I haven't really used this much since-- Well, how is everyone?

06 August 2012 @ 01:24 am
Case 020  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Shortly after Gin's post }}

[ His face is pale and he may have broken into a cold sweat as he slams the phone down-sitting back on the chair he had to climb up on and just stares at the phone. There's a million thoughts running through his head. ]

[ This can't happen. He had to be mistaken... right? It was just... someone with a similar voice... but no. He can't take that chance. He needs to know beyond a doubt if that was really Gin on the other line. ]

{{ →!Action | Outside 915 Bilko Boulevard }}

[ Conan is crouched down low on the porch and just watching the passersby. He's mostly concealed but you can probably see his red shoes and back of his blue blazer. ]
22 July 2012 @ 10:57 am
Fifth Song - Robots  
[913 Bilko]

 When Fi wakes up, she becomes distinctly aware of the fact that she's missed something.

Actually, it feels like she's missed a lot of things, and it's a good thing she hasn't looked at the calendar yet. Still. She feels groggy, dizzy, and... There's a package AND an envelope waiting for her-

And it's a good thing she opens the box first.


She jumps back as a familiar, two-foot tall robot hovers its way out.


"...Scrapper..?" How confusing.

But more confusing for fellow housemates will be what they see when she opens the envelope- Because suddenly her special dress is a part of her body, and her arms are gone.


[The sounds of what seem to be sparks, and other robotic noises, can be heard on the end of the line.]

Please be careful with your handling of the device, Scrapper.

[Evidently Fi isn't alone.] Bzz-weep! Affirmative Mistress Fi!!

...It would appear that I have regained my true form, with the disadvantages of a lack of arms. Due to previous experience, I have determined that this is the reason for which a robotic denizen from my realm has been returned. ...Additionally however, I would like to apologize beforehand not only for any worries I have caused, given the fact that I am unable to recall events of the past number of weeks, but also-

WrrrP! Any who blame Mistress Fi are wrong!


...I must apologize for Scrapper's behavior. He is considerably... ...'Touchy'.

...Additionally, I would like to ask if Jake English is still present. There is something I wish to show him.

[[ooc - Fi has regained Scrapper, a transport bot! Unfortunately, though he's extremely loyal to Fi, listening to her every word... He has a habit of insulting anyone and everyone else. At the very best you have frigid neutrality. Have fun!]]
21 July 2012 @ 10:30 pm
Case: 018  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Evening - Early, EARLY morning }}

[ Since returning to Mayfield Conan has locked himself in his room with any mystery books he could find. If he figured out the trick and murderer before he finished his book he'd toss it in a pile of books that couldn't hold his attention for long. If he is kept guessing until the end then he sets it aside on his night stand to read through it again and find the key details that point to the murderer. So far he has not come across such a mystery. Normally, he'd finish reading the book despite figuring out the trick-but this is different. He's only reading to keep his mind focused and off Ran. ]

[ He's been having difficulty concentrating on anything lately because he's been constantly worried about his childhood friend. He closes the last of the mystery books he'd managed to find and tosses into the pile with all the others before sinking down into his pillows. Ran would be okay... wouldn't she? ]

[ He takes a calming breath and tucks his hands behind his head, staring fixedly at the ceiling... ]

[ ... ]

[ ..... ]

[ ... ]


[ He wakes up in a cold sweat, immediately sitting up and breathing hard. What a Nightmare. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard's front yard | Morning }}

[ Conan's not in a good mood today. He's stille feeling jittery and shaky so to calm himself down as best as possible he's got soccer ball out and kicking it at the side of the house-when it bounces off he rushes to meet it and kick it again. ]

[ It helps. But he's obviously bothered by something as he keeps missing the small 'x' he drew on the side of the house with a piece of chalk. ]

((ooc: If you're curious about Conan's dream I've left a link to it as I wrote it out in a separate journal entry. Warning. It involves violence. ))
18 July 2012 @ 02:39 am

Would anyone like to play a game of chess? I may as well open the offer now that so many people have been arriving and even returning. The influx was enough to prompt the town to make note of it as well. What do you think it could mean?

--Oh, you don't need to answer that. I already know what your answer will be before you say it. But I do implore you to play chess with me. I'll be waiting at 916 Bilko Boulevard if you're interested. Or you can voice your decision over phone.

Action; Outside 916 Bilko Boulevard

[And for anyone walking by, whether you have come to play him or not. Until someone does come to challenge him he's playing a match by himself. And for a game against himself, there is a rather intense look on concentration of his expression.]

[ooc: Do me a favor and answer this permission post real quick if you can. It'll be important for the future and for interacting with Scratch in general.]
16 July 2012 @ 08:19 pm
Case: 017  
{{ →!Action | John Doe Park | Afternoon }}

[ Conan is droned today. This obvious because he was so polite at the breakfast table today and has a very empty look to his smiling face. He's discussing something with another drone boy- talking about how nice the weather is and how Mayfield is best during the summer. ]

[ Later he can be found blankly paying baseball. Another sign something is off since Conan is a soccer player and doesn't seem to care about baseball. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Forward dated to 4AM }}

[ 'No... Ran no! Get away from him.. That guy's one of Them... one of the men in.... Black... ]

[ Conan wakes with a start. Memories come rushing back all at once and sudden wave of panic washes over him. It's pitch black and he can't see a damn thing. Where is he? What happened? Where's Ran?! Ran! ]

[ He starts to try and get up but there's something wrapped tightly around him. ]

Sh-Shimata! [ Was this the work of the organization? Had they somehow realized his identity? Is that why Bourbon was at the tennis court? Suddenly, he starts to struggle like mad, trying to free himself from whatever is binding him. He thrashes wildly around until suddenly there's empty space beneath him and falls to the ground head first, let out a cry of pain and frustration as that only served to make him dizzy. ]

[ Ran! Where's Ran? What has that bastard done with her!? He struggles against his binds once more but that only makes him dizzier-just how hard did he hit his head? ]


((ooc: Okay so. Conan is droned from Four in the morning to four in the morning. Drone!Conan tags will probably be the creepiest thing ever because Conan acting like a kid Not!droned is creepy enough.

As for his return, he has not yet realized he's back in Mayfield and so hasn't yet figured out the thing binding him is a regular blanket.))
15 July 2012 @ 08:29 pm
ADVENTURE 002: The Seven Percent Solution  
{{OOC: After Sherlock is allowed to leave the Shindig and after a trip to the pharmacy.}}

[Action; Random back alley somewhere in the downtown district.]

Warnings for descriptions of current Drug Use )

[Action; Later - much later; outside 915 Bilko Blvd.]

[Sherlock is slowly staggering his way back to the house. He's sort of remembers where he lives. Maybe...]
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13 July 2012 @ 02:02 pm
❀ 04  

[well. that was some adventure, wasn’t it? and to think, he could have stayed inside watching TV or picking up a new hobby. stamp collecting, maybe. fortunately now that the carnival is gone, Once-ler can catch up on the many exciting activities he missed while trapped in a horrible nightmare dimension devoid of food and water; he’s got a hermit quota to meet that isn’t going to fill itself. this afternoon, he’s in the kitchen fumbling with a jar of mustard, inches away from whacking the stupid thing against the wall because darnit, what kind of self-respecting sandwich doesn’t have mustard, when he hears a soft thump at the door. at first, he’s quick to brush it aside until he remembers that the mail is usually delivered at this time of the day. mostly, it’s always stupid, inconsequential stuff that he’d sooner pitch than open – fliers from the neighborhood committee, invitations to drone-hosted cookouts, water bills, etc. – with the exception of occasional surprises every now and then. the electric guitar propped against the wall in the living room is proof of that. if it happened once, it could happen again, couldn’t it?

as it turns out, it could. there’s a small box sitting on his doorstep, and he doesn’t even bother to bring it inside. plopping down with his legs splayed between the box like a kid on Christmas, he picks it up and gives it a good shake before tearing into it.]


[he supposes he should be a little disappointed when he feels his fingers rub against familiar soft, fuzzy fabric, but he doesn’t. he stares at it for a good minute and a half before gingerly pulling the Thneed out of the box, inhaling the sweet scent that immediately fills the air around him. not disappointed, then; would guilt be more natural? maybe. the emotion fluttering in his chest definitely isn’t a wholly positive one, but at the same time, it’s not entirely unpleasant either. hesitantly, he hugs the Thneed closer and rubs his cheek against it, inhaling that pleasant, butterfly milky smell he’s come to miss. it’s not the same as coming home, but it’s close enough.

he’s about to go back inside when something else catches his eye – something metallic and shiny and very, very big – in the driveway. he takes a few proper steps outside aaaand cue the loudest yelp EVER.

how the heck is he going to explain THIS to the neighbors?]


[it’s not like he can send the Super Axe Hacker back in the mail – and even if he could, he’d probably have to start selling organs to afford the proper shipping – so he might as well make do with what he has. unfortunately, he’s going to need more tools to maintain its upkeep, so it’s to the hardware store Once-ler goes. he’s not too happy about it as you can plainly see, and the weather’s just making everything worse. it’s like this stupid place has two suns. how’s he possibly going to keep cool?

…oh, wait. duh.

A Thneed works well as a hood, but it makes an even better umbrella. you’ll see Once-ler holding one as he goes about his shopping today, bags in one hand and…bright pink, fuzzy parasol in the other. at least he looks a little happier.]


So, um. Everyone is alive, right? For the most part? Just so you know, even if you’re missing an arm or leg or a couple fingers, I still count that as being more-or-less okay ‘cause at least you’re still breathing. Y’know what’s more important than fingers and toes? Lungs.

[oh wow. see, there’s a reason he never talks on the phone. he takes a deep breath to level his voice and continues.]

Since we never did find Rick Grey, I’m gonna date myself for a bit here and assume that the “other place” he talked about being in wasn’t the “other” Mayfield. And if he was there at any point, he’s long gone now. I don’t think I need to explain what I mean to the people who were around by the…the last day.

I guess…I just want to know what to do now. Did we even learn anything from what happened? Anything at all that could actually be considered helpful? I mean, if anyone was ever really, really curious about what the last sound you hear before your eardrums explode is, I guess I can answer that. I'm already a stockpile of worthless information as it is.


…It’s a crackly kind of popping. Then, nothing.
12 July 2012 @ 04:10 pm
Case: 016  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Early-Early Morning in the Kitchen }}

[ He knows pretty much anyone who knew he had this idea would object which is why he's up so early. He's brought in the milk but instead of just dumping it down the drain like he usually does he's set it on the table and watches it apprehensively. He has to do this-he has to know. But there's no way to tell what kind of milk it is without... drinking... it. Just the thought alone is enough to churn his stomach. But he won't get anywhere if he doesn't take risks. ]

..is there really no other way to do this?

[ He pours grabs the bottle and pours a very small glass which he makes a disgusted face at before taking it in both hands. 'Just... a little right?' He takes a deep breath and gulps down some air before starting to take a drink-managing to swallow very little of it.. He immediately spews it out though-coughing loudly as he wipes his mouth, traces of blood on his hand and in the spewed milk. ]

Well.. could have been worse. [ Cough-cough-hack ]

{{ →!Phone - Early Morning }}

[ Cough-hack-cough ]

N-ne! [ Cough ] G-Good Morning Everyone! S-Sorry [ Hack ] to bother you so early- [ Cough-cough ] but I was wondering-[ Cough-hack ] if anyone has a microscope I could borrow? [ Cough-Cough ]
11 July 2012 @ 03:56 pm
fourth circulation  
( 916 bilko boulevard; action for scratch )

[ When Nadeko wakes up after all the days of worrying over people who had disappeared - and had now returned - she finds herself.. well, not in her own room. This room is definitely different, even if it's a bedroom in Mayfield all the same, and so she very carefully and shyly sets out to explore. At least her stuffed animals seem to have made the journey with her, since she has one grasped under an arm almost defensively as she makes her way through the house, trying to find out what's going on.

Little does she know that Mayfield just decided to change her housing, so he might find her trying to subtly sneak through the house (in pyjamas) while she actually is pretty obvious.. ]

( phone )

U-um..! To everyone that knows me, i-it seems I've changed addresses.. [ she stutters as she speaks up - speaking in public over these phone lines is scary, okay. ] I'm now living with oji-san at 916 Bilko Boulevard. [ .. ] A-ah, wait, I think most of you know oji-san as.. Doc Scratch, right? But oji-san's really nice, so there's no reason to worry, hehe..

[ so innocent, Nadeko. ]

I also wanted to ask if e-everyone is okay now after what happened.. I don't know w-what exactly it was, but.. it seemed a little scary.. Is everyone b.. back and okay now..?

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