23 June 2012 @ 03:14 pm
Third Infiltration - Firearms Exercise  
[action: john doe park, 8:00 AM]

[Picking a time that the park would be assumedly empty, Snake steps into it holding his SOCOM pistol in his hand. The silencer for the weapon was left at home, as Snake had no intention of being stealthy. Each of the shots toward a tree he designated his target were quick, precise, and hit the middle of each of his aimed points. Despite his old appearance, Snake was proving that he could still hold his own with his weapon. At the same time, he had brought a steak knife from his home, and was using it in conjunction with the weapon to get accustomed to utilizing CQC once again. He was practicing, yet again, on the same tree.]
16 April 2012 @ 02:33 pm
First Infiltration - Operation Mayfield  
[action: 9:00 AM]

[Laying your head down after having spent over 10 years saving the world from certain destruction is a nice reprieve, don't you think? After having been told that he needed to live, after all, what kind of better way to start living than to relax in a warm bed? The mid to late forties adult male, looking more like he's in his late sixties, rolls over in bed only to let his tired eyes open and stare toward an unfamiliar wall. His first reaction was that he was kidnapped, which is why he rolled to the side and onto the floor in his boxers. Oh God, and there went his back, but a few harsh pats with his fist should knock him back into whack.

After this harrowing experience, he'll open the nearest closet to find... none of his old clothes. Instead they look like clothes (right) stolen out of the 1950s. Oh well, it's better than boxers right? Once Snake has properly dressed himself, he'll be walking around the house to do some reconnaissance. It looks like the kind of normal house you might find out of the '50s. What Snake wasn't expecting to find was the cup of coffee set down on the table by the drone mother. Asking her questions was futile, so he just sat down and took a few sips from the coffee. Finally, having decided that his energy was back to the way it should be, he headed toward the nearest phone and tried to dial a random number.]

[phone: 9:30 AM]

This is Snake... [A brief pause, only because Snake realized that he isn't on a mission... yet.] I'm not entirely sure where I've ended up. This place looks more like I traveled back in time. [A joke, though Snake has no idea how accurate he is.] If this was your idea as a vacation spot, Otacon, you've got some weird tastes.

[action: 12:00 PM]

[Having taken in all the information that he may have gotten from the above phone call, Snake decided to head to the nearest park for some relaxation. You'll find him just sitting on the bench, staring up toward the gentle blue sky with his arms relaxed upon the top of it. A gruff sigh escaped him, either out of irritation for his predicament or out of a more calm, serene sort of feeling that the place oddly gave him.]