05 August 2012 @ 10:35 pm
➤ 11th Transmutation [Backdated to 8/1]  
A. » Phone

[Ed's been keeping to himself ever since he got back from the whole carnival thing. He's been in an awful state even before it, but when he died there it all seemed to hit him at once. He felt useless and pathetic and he wasn't able to help anyone. He couldn't even help himself! He's been here almost a year now and what has he accomplished? Nothing.

But after having an inspirational talk with his brother (read: he got his ass thoroughly kicked because he was being an IDIOT and now he kind of has a black eye and a broken nose) he figured it was finally time to break the radio silence.

Hey, I wanted to apologize for this past month. I was being... I was being an idiot and I know it.

B. » Action 「Grocery Store」

[In an attempt to make up for being a giant ass, Ed decided to make dinner for Winry tonight and can be found wandering the aisles in thought.]

What should I even make...?

C. » Action 「Around Town」

[Ed bought all the groceries he needed and is headed for home. He's carrying two large bags in his hands and it's kind of hard for him to see over the top of them. What is paying attention to where you're walking? ]
01 June 2012 @ 12:39 pm
➤ 10th Transmutation  
A. » Action 「1649 Albright Lane」

[Good morning, housemates! Sure hope you weren't in dire need of sleep because you'll all be getting a 6 AM wake up call in the form of a completely devastated, broken, piercing scream when Ed wakes up.

After the scream subsides there's a tense, stunned silence. It's heavy, almost palpable and all Ed can hear is the staggered sound of his own breathing. Slowly, he pulls his legs up to his chest, hugging his knees as his entire body starts to shake.

A-Al... Alphons --

[The moment he tries to say his brother's name he feels his eyes start to sting. His throat seems to close on him and he squeezes his eyes shut. A painful sob rips at him and it doesn't look like the tears are going to stop anytime soon.

His brother. His little brother. He was... he was gone.

B. » Action 「Around Town」

[He wasn't able to stay in the house for too long. Fresh air was something he desperately needed. Ed's not going anywhere in particular, he's just wandering. He's barely paying attention to where he's going and he really doesn't care where he ends up.

Those that know him will notice something is very wrong. It was the way he's walking, the way he's holding himself, the look in his eyes. The confidence he usually exuded is gone. The determination that always lingered behind his eyes has vanished. It's almost like he's not even the same person.

16 February 2012 @ 12:29 am
➤ 9th Transmutation  
A. » Phone 「Backdated to the end of the Break event.」

[There is not an appropriate enough word in the English language to describe how Ed feels right now. His mother was kidnapped and experimented on and when she was found the next day no one would let him see her. He had no idea what was going on. Had no idea what happened to her or if she was ok. No matter who he asked, no one would tell him anything.

Then this morning he woke up, went downstairs while trying to avoid Al's drone and found his mother in the kitchen. Except it wasn't her. Not really.

A few minutes later he picks up the phone and makes a call. His voice is strained, but there's definitely a bit of a bite to it. He says two words before hanging up. Feel free to call him back.

She's gone.

B. » Phone 「Backdated to 2/13」

I'm done trying to hide this. Hell, I don't know why I ever bothered in the first place it's not like I was fooling anyone, not even myself. I just didn't want to see her get hurt because of me. Didn't want someone to try and use her against me, but I'm sick of pretending.

Winry Rockbell, I love you.

You're amazing and beautiful and you're a goddamn mechanical genius and... you deserve so much more than anything I could ever give you. I've put you through hell. I've made you worry yourself sick time after time because I did something stupid. I've made you cry more times than I can count and I hate that I'm the one who does it, but... that never stopped you. Despite all of that, despite every attempt I made at pushing you away to keep you safe you still stayed. You still showed up at the hospital a day after I wound up there, you still... you were still there for me.

I'm sorry I never said this before. I'm sorry I'm saying it here, of all places, but I've heard love makes you do stupid things. So, let's just chalk it up to that, ok?

C. » Action 「Around Town - Backdated to 2/14」

[The effects of the iris have finally gone away and today he is, thankfully, not professing his love for his mechanic. But he has the strangest craving for dairy.]

Ugh, I would kill for a glass of milk right now.

[.......................... wait a second. EDWARD WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?]
27 January 2012 @ 05:34 pm
➤ 8th Transmutation  
A. » Action 「1649 Albright Lane」

[The incident at the dairy left Ed feeling more than a little paranoid. His mom was here and he was not going to let her die. Not again. Not if he could actually do something to stop it. After the radio announcement he had asked the colonel to keep an eye on Trisha for him. Not that he planned on letting her out of his sight for long, but this was Mayfield and extra caution was never really a bad thing.

He'd been waking up earlier and earlier the past few day -- early enough to sit in the kitchen and talk to Trisha and help her make breakfast. There was no reason to expect that today would be any different from yesterday, but when he went downstairs he didn't hear any sort of movement coming from the kitchen and a quick peek inside confirmed it.

Ed knows his mom and if she was going somewhere she would, at the very least, leave a note for him. She had to be around somewhere. She was usually up by now, but that didn't mean much. It'd been a stressful week for everyone and having Al's drone around didn't help things.

After an hour he started to worry and as the household begins to wake up, they'll find Ed looking around the house for her

... Mom?

B. » Phone 「locked to friends, castmates, whoever knows Trisha」

My mom's not at home. I'm probably just being paranoid, but if you run across her could you let me know? I just... I just want to make sure she's ok.

C. » Action 「Around Town」

[One incredibly concerned alchemist is scouring the town today looking for Trisha, checking anywhere that she was likely to go.

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