09 February 2012 @ 02:09 am
 [Action A; 1767 Beaver Street; locked to family members]
[ Can you be happy about losing a body part? Up until now, Emperor hadn't thought you could, but he is now proven wrong. Having become normal again after the operation, he got a package today. However the package this time around, is completely empty, save for a card, reading one single word;


And when he picks the card up to read it, it only takes a moment and his arm is starting to slowly vanish into small particles. You can see it very clearly, and anyone who might see it would probably not find it normal that he's so calm about it.

The card falls to the floor, as his arm is completely gone.

Oh yeah, he feels good now, and it's showing on his face. ]

Fuck yeah.

[Phone; Open to all, but meant for Marvelous and Sideswipe ]
Hey wobbly-feet! And hallucinating brat! You sane yet?

[Action B; the park]
[There's a very pleased one-armed child in the park. He sits comfortably on a bench, legs propped up there as well, taking up all of it. He has his right arm slung over the back of it and, well... there is no left arm. ]