19 August 2012 @ 03:03 pm
fifteen ❖ the surprise  
cut for introspection )

option a: phone

[When Suzumiya Haruhi picks up the phone with the usual drone filter, she sounds very tense (even though she's trying her best to sound normal, excited). Which obviously means that the conversation is dead serious.]


[There's a short, overdramatic pause before she clears her throat and speaks up.]

Anyway! I'm Suzumiya Haruhi, the brigade chief of the SOS Brigade -- at least, if you didn't already know that -- otherwise known as the most important brigade in all of Mayfield, no - the entire multiverse!

[Though there's probably only one brigade to begin with. Not that Haruhi knows that, of course.]

But... I didn't call to answer any of your trivial questions about the brigade, so don't go asking them. If you want to ask any of those questions, just ask Kyon or Yuki! I'm not in the mood to answer any questions, so don't bother asking any.

I'm going to ask a very important question. If you don't have a good answer, then you shouldn't even answer it at all, got it?

[Though she's honestly going to be lenient about this. Probably. Most likely.]

So, hypothetically speaking, if you were to find something... [There's another pause.] ... like a picture, or a message that isn't supposed to exist belonging to somebody you trust, what would you do? Hypothetically speaking, of course! And if any of you give me a lame answer, I'll make sure there's a penalty to go with it, alright?

That is all!

option b: john doe park

[In the afternoon, an uncertain Haruhi lies down next to a tree, opening, closing, and literally just messing around with the screen of a cell phone that obviously doesn't belong to her. At least, until she stares down at the wallpaper, frowning.

After all the talk about "shinjin", or 'Celestials' -- she doesn't know what to believe anymore. If he was telling the truth, then that wasn't a dream. Those blue giants were real. And maybe this picture was real, too.

But it didn't make any sense. Sure, she did enjoy finding the supernatural. But she didn't want it to become the "mundane". Things like this becoming the norm was a no-no.

... Damn it.

The mere fact that this picture existed definitely bothered her. And the big question lingered in her mind. Why?

Do you dare to approach?]
31 July 2012 @ 04:13 pm
fourteen ❖ the vacation  
option a: phone

[When Haruhi Suzumiya picks up the phone, she sounds clearly annoyed. But for what reason? You'll see. Or rather, hear with your own ears.]

What kind of summer is this? [Nothing exciting has happened at all, and Haruhi is surely angry about that.] It's almost August, and we haven't done anything interesting at all!

[Haruhi takes a deep, dramatic breath in before she speaks in a more excited tone, one that sounds a lot more serious.]

Which is why we'll have to kick it up a notch in the next month. Swimming! Movies! Fireworks! All those kinds of things. And if you're a part of the SOS Brigade, you better know that you have to participate in everything. [And if Kyon's hearing this, it's like Endless Eight all over again. Nonstop summer.] We won't stop until this summer is done, got it?

[There's a slight mischievous chuckle before she manages to speak, her haughty, triumphant voice ringing through the phones.]

Anyway! Since we all know that the movie theater has ridiculously boring movies, we, the SOS Brigade will have to screen our own movie! [Someone, please stop her. You do not want to watch the horrible movie that she made.] We a great movie to show you, of course, but... I guess I'll allow a collection of movies that are way cooler and more exciting than the movies that Mayfield will ever show!

We can even make it into a movie festival. Whoever has the best movie will receive a huge award and will become an honorary brigade member!

But other than that, there will be an important brigade meeting today at one o'clock! It's at 3477 Erwin Road. 3-4-4-7 Erwin. If you're not there - especially if you're a part of the brigade, you'll get the death sentence!

option b: all over mayfield

[Even though Haruhi did indeed announce that there's going to be a brigade meeting, there's still going to be some advertising done. Which calls for the return of bunny girl Haruhi! Of course, she'll be passing around flyers which state: "SOS Brigade", as well as their slogan, "We're not interested in ordinary humans - and 'ordinary humans' means no drones allowed! There will be a meeting today! For more information, try to crack the code."

The code is actually written in morse code, which basically says the time of the meeting, one in the afternoon, as well as the location, 3477 Erwin. Of course, there isn't too much information about the brigade itself, but if you have any questions, just ask the one passing out the flyers!]

option c: erwin road

[Heading towards the Smith (translation: Haruhi) household? Then you're in luck, because you won't get lost if Haruhi spots you! Especially if she knows you, she'll drag you into her house.

But if you're already at the house (hey, she even put a huge sign that says "SOS Brigade" in bright black, bold font next to the mailbox), you might as well come in, right? After all, there is free food for every and all brigade members.]
10 July 2012 @ 10:05 am
thirteen ❖ the melancholy  
( action → john doe park )

[After experiencing that hell, Haruhi just wants to be left alone. She'll be sitting on a swing, quietly swinging back and forth quietly, murmuring to herself every once in a while in a low voice before managing to whisper a few words.

And just those few.]

"I am here."

[And with a sigh, she then clenches her fist and continues to swing slowly - not reaching its maximum height. For those to know Haruhi, they might notice that she's definitely acting very, very unusual.]

( action → erwin road )

[In the mid-afternoon, Haruhi is strolling down Erwin Road. Of course, she doesn't plan on going inside her house, or even bother to see anyone from her brigade. But she will definitely be out in front with a bamboo, hanging up some tanzaku. It may not be Tanabata, but missing it is inexcusable.

If you want to find out what she's doing, you should ask.]
14 June 2012 @ 03:51 pm
twelve ❖ the rebellion  
[ action ✖ 3477 erwin road ]

[When Haruhi woke up this morning, she wasn't exactly feeling all that great. But the fact that she was sick wouldn't get her down. Even though she didn't have work from Mayfield, she still had to do things for the SOS Brigade.

Which is why she'll be up and around the house, though she's definitely in no shape to be going out.]

[ action ✖ around town ]

[Haruhi is sick today, Mayfield! But she'll still be going out to advertise the SOS Brigade to people who aren't already in it. And also remind everyone who is in the brigade that they have to go to the meetings. Even if there hasn't been one since school ended. No matter.

But if she spots you, she'll run towards you as quickly as she can, though she's a bit wobbly due to her fever. Obviously she's been overexerting herself.]

H... hey!

[And occasionally, she'll be leaning next to a tree in order to regain her footing. She's pretty crazy, to be going out in such a condition, even though some people told her not to go out.]

[ phone ✖ drone filtered ]

[When Haruhi picks up the phone, her voice isn't exactly... heard at first. Here, Mayfield, have some sounds of coughs and hacks. When she speaks, though, it's soft and slow - very unlike her.]

Mayfield. I have a question for you—

[A cough. She pauses for another five seconds after that, clearing her throat.]

Does anyone know any supernatural cures? I'll pay you with whatever I've got. That... that is all!

[ooc: forward dated to tomorrow due to my failure!]
01 June 2012 @ 11:52 am
eleven ❖ the erasure  
introspection )

option a: park

[During the early parts of the day, Haruhi will be sitting on the park's swing, humming God Knows, doing nothing in particular. Of course, people may notice that her hair's in a ponytail, which is unusual for her.

Though she sure seems awfully melancholy. Which is definitely a reason to bother, right?]

option b: malt shop

[Whenever Haruhi is hungry -- at least, during either breakfast or lunch, she'll be in here, looking down, drinking a milkshake. And when the drones around her start attempting to talk to her, see what's wrong, well.]

Shut up--!

[Yeah, you probably shouldn't irritate her, especially when she's in such a horrible mood.]

option c: anywhere in town

[And after those shenanigans, Haruhi will just wonder around. It's true that she's avoiding a certain someone, but it's not like he knows the things that she does. But she's also not only avoiding him, she's pretty much avoiding any and all brigade members.

Then again, it's not like she's paying attention to her surroundings too well...]

option d: phone

[In the late afternoon, she heads home for a bit, just to make a short phone call. It's nothing too important, though.]


[There's a pause after that - not everyone might know her by just her first name.]

Nagato Yuki's been droned. And Mayfield? I have a question. What would you do if you found out that someone you knew wasn't "real"? Just some food for thought.

(ooc: haruhi's from an au where kyon attempted to tell haruhi that he was john smith and haruhi pretty much made him disappear for good because she was her conscience and therefore - not real.)
04 May 2012 @ 07:33 am
47th sigh  
For Haruhi. Also, inner monologue. )

[A: Phone, morning. Feel free to reply to Kyon, Haruhi or both.]

... Yo, so apparently, Haruhi and I have moved house to 3477 Erwin Road.

You guys should come and visit us! Maybe we should throw a housewarming party...!

Haruhi, what are you doing!?

Isn't it obvious? Since the children are drones, it's easy to distract them. Plus, it'll be fun! Oh, but no alcohol. I forbid it!

Come on, we don't need a party...

But parties are fun! And we missed two of your birthdays, so this is what you get!

[And you can hear the two of them arguing over the phone before the phone drops. ... Yeah, have fun with that.]

[B: Office of "Kyon Smith: Attorney at Law"]

... Kyon Smith, Attorney at Law, huh? I don't know the first thing about law other than not to break it. And "Smith"? Real funny there.

[C: High School; Haruhi.]

[During class today, Haruhi, the new English teacher will be teaching random stuff about aliens, time travelers, and espers!

But then-]

Hey, Mrs. Smith, I need help with-

[and Haruhi throws a piece of chalk aimed directly at the drone]

Any other questions?

(OOC: joint post between kyon and haruhi! you know the drill.)
23 April 2012 @ 04:20 pm
ten ❖ the music | phone — action  
α line; phone (standard drone filter.)

[Early in the morning (and again in the early hours of the evening), Haruhi will pick up the phone and announce something that's extremely vital.]


Citizens of Mayfield, both new and old: this is the chief of the SOS Brigade, Suzumiya Haruhi speaking! I would like to announce that I'm going to be opening spots once again for members of the brigade. However, since today is self-activity day: meaning that there is no brigade meeting today, you are free to grab an application from the clubroom or just tell me your address and I'll give the application to you as soon as possible!

Anyway, what we, as the SOS Brigade do are the following: solve the mysteries of Mayfield, try to find a way out, scavenge information on the brigade... oh, and play with the supernatural!

If you have any questions, want to see the Mayfield timeline, or have a mystery for us to solve, just call back.

That is all!

β line; action at the music room (after school)

[Like Haruhi said on the phone, if anyone attempts to go into the SOS Brigade clubroom, it is open. However, on the door there's a sign that says: "SOS Brigade: Self Activity day, members must meet in the music room."

The sign is written in Mayfield English (meaning anyone can read it with no problems) and in Japanese.

In the music room, Haruhi is wearing her bunny girl outfit with no regrets, sitting at the piano as she plays several songs, such as First Goodbye, God Knows, Lost my Music... and pretty much any Haruhi-related song (Bouken Desho Desho, SUPER DRIVER, etc.)

However, she seems to have some sort of problem, since she seems a bit... frustrated.

13 April 2012 @ 10:07 am
nine ❖ the swapping | action — phone  
α line; action. (locked to kyon)

[Today, at around six in the morning (no, can it, you can't fight this) - there will be one (1) teenage girl in the body of not just a familiar boy, but the familiar boy going to sneak into her (well, the room that Kyon in Haruhi's body's in) room before shaking him (Kyon, that is), saying in her new masculine voice...]

Wake up. Hey, Kyon. Wake up.

β line; phone; open.

[And due to boredom before school starts, Haruhi will later pick up the phone, going "Ahem", in Kyon's deep voice before speaking in a somewhat excited, yet deadpan tone:]

I'm not the only one who's switched bodies, right? I mean— this is what that ominous phone call was about, right? The whole "I wish I could be someone else" call the other day from those drones.

I kind of saw this coming, but, well. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Maybe we should have a headcount or something. Just phone call back with your name - yes, your actual name, not the name of the person you swapped with - and who you swapped with. Your real name first, though.

If you plan to trick me, however, I'll make sure you'll pay your due.

[The phone then clicks off. Haruhi's not revealing who she is, apparently.]

γ line: action all over mayfield; open.

[Even with the swap, that's definitely not going to keep her down. Or change the fact that she's Haruhi in Kyon's body and that she's dated the darn guy for a week.

... Though, to be honest, they haven't gone on a 'date' since a week ago. But it would definitely be awkward to go on one now, right?


Haruhi will be wondering around (as Kyon, obviously); going to school, slacking off in class, hanging around the clubroom, etcetera.

... Kyon will probably be doing the same thing as Haruhi. Though you might see them together.

Mostly because she's worried about what he'll do.

Especially if Kyon needs to go to the bathroom. Or a changing room. Or attempt to do... well, indecent things.]

[OOC: All Haruhi tags will come from a Kyon account, all Kyon tags will come from a Haruhi account, feel free to mention if you want Haruhi, Kyon, or both! All Kyon tags will probably be slow as a snail, though and will most likely be backtagged.]
01 April 2012 @ 03:18 pm
eight ❖ the pranking | action  
[If you know Haruhi Suzumiya you are getting pranked. If you're one of Haruhi's targets, she will attempt to prank you.

However! Haruhi Suzumiya does not and will not look like herself (unless you seriously want tiny!Haruhi or long-haired!Haruhi) on any day this week. In fact, she will be in disguises. Disguises so good that only people who know her very well (translation: SOS Brigade members) will feel some sort of weird déjà vu sensation - know that something is very much off.

Even though Haruhi may sound different (especially if she disguises herself as one of her fellow brigade members from back home that aren't here), she still is practically the same person on the inside. Her mannerisms do not change.

But you better watch out for her pranks. You better think twice before attempting to prank the chief, too.

So, wherever you are, Haruhi is too.]

[OOC: Alright! So you have a choice of five disguises: long-haired!Haruhi, middle school Haruhi, Koizumi, Mikuru, or Yasumi. If you don't want minor spoilers, don't choose Yasumi.]
13 March 2012 @ 12:29 pm
seven ❖ the harassment | phone / action ; forward dated to the 14th  
option a: closed to kyon; 916 bilko.

[Today seemed like an ordinary day in Mayfield. Yeah, right. Of course, Haruhi's most definitely going to do very horrible, horrible things to Kyon. ... Not that she knows that Kyon got turned into a girl because Haruhi deemed it so, not at all.

So ding-dong, Kyon. Answer the doorbell. Or else.]

option b: phone.


Today is a very special day! And that day, ladies and gentlemen is White Day! The day where you give back what was given to you on Valentine's Day. But that's not important. What's important is that I'm giving all you boys -- yes, boys -- and girls who may be interested in a cute teenage girl who does menial tasks!

That girl is the cute, adorable, Kyon-chan! Anyway, she's currently single and is willing to take anyone out on a date for one day only! That's right, here's your chance to go on a date!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call back. I'll take them into consideration.

option c: all over mayfield.

[And so, Haruhi and the now feminine Kyon will be going around town for various reasons... would you wish to actually bump into them?]

[OOC: Option B may be threadjacked by Kyon! And Option C is in this order: your character > haruhi > kyon.]
03 March 2012 @ 09:29 am
six ❖ the reappearance | phone / action  
option a: phone call; filtered from kyon – march third

[There’s a fake cough on the phone before a loud, energetic voice of a young middle schooler yelling onto the phone lines.]

Attention, everyone!

If you don’t recognize this voice, this is Suzumiya Haruhi! Anyway, there’s no need to explain the situation or anything – I understand this all quite completely. Anyway! I am looking for a lackey or someone to help me draw out a huge symbol on the grounds of Mayfield.

Oh, and if you’re a teacher, that would be nice, too! Especially since teachers have the keys to the school, right?

That is all.

option b: action; around Mayfield – march third

[And said middle school girl will be roaming around trying to pick a fight with everyone. … Translation: she’ll bother anyone she finds and even pick some locks if you’re at home.

So you better watch out! Because this girl is very, very mischevious.]

option c: action; around Mayfield – march fourth

[On the day after, there is yet another Haruhi. Except for the fact that she has… long hair? She doesn’t look very happy, though. It’s best not to bother her, right? Of course, if she does notice you, she might ask for your… classification.]

[OOC: Tags will come from [personal profile] trespasses for options A&B or [personal profile] reappearance for option C.]
21 February 2012 @ 08:40 am
five ❖ the excitement | phone / action  
option a: phone call.

Ahem. [ Haruhi Suzumiya coughs onto the phone before continuing, her voice serious as she speaks. ]

Anyway! If any of you met me while I was a drone, forget that. It's not important, and that wasn't really me, either. But that's not why I called. Right now is the best time to advertise, so!

I'm Suzumiya Haruhi, the brigade chief of the SOS Brigade. That's the... [ She takes a deep breath before shouting as loud as she can! ] Saving the world by Overloading it with fun Suzumiya Haruhi brigade!

I'm not too interested in ordinary humans, but if you bring something interesting to the brigade, I'll consider. And if you're a friend of Kyon's or Yuki's you're automatically a part of the brigade.

Anyway, we're here to search for the supernatural and to solve the problems of Mayfield! If you have any sort of mystery, come to us! We'll solve it for you!

There will be an info meeting for you newbies out there tomorrow, after school, right after the bell rings. Don't be late, or else you'll get a penalty!

If you have any questions, just call back - I'll be sure to answer them!

option b: open action; all over mayfield.

[ And for the rest of the day, Haruhi will be wearing a variation of outfits:

In the morning, a maid outfit, in the afternoon, the bunny girl outfit. Either way, she'll be passing out SOS Brigade flyers! ]

[OOC: And for those who are interested in the SOS Brigade, I've put up an open log over here!]
16 February 2012 @ 10:49 am
four ❖ the submission | action  



I mean, answer the door, your drone girlfriend wants to meet with you 8| ]


[ If you're attending high school, whether you're a student, teacher, or just visiting for the heck of it, you will notice both Haruhi and Kyon being very much couple-y, holding hands, cozy-ing up to each other, that sort of thing. You may even hear the odd conversation while they're wondering around...

Of course, it does sound like them. But any normal person can tell that they're droned...

Though oddly enough, Haruhi is still loud, even as a drone. ]

Come on, Kyon! We got to spread our relationship to the whole town!

Is it really that necessary? I mean, wouldn't they just see for themselves when they noticed us?

Of course! There's one thing for people to see, but if they see things and don't get it, it's completely useless! That's why we have to tell the everyone in our wonderful little Mayfield.

I guess so...
[ And in the middle of that conversation, the two of them will kiss, not giving a darn about who or what's surrounding them. ]

Anyway! There's a person over there! [ The duo will then make a beeline towards you before beaming to ask the question: ] You think we're the most perfect couple, right?

[ OOC: Tags will come from both Haruhi and Kyon (the green font)! The order will be YOU → HARUHI → KYON. ]
30 January 2012 @ 09:04 am
three ❖ the disturbance | action  

α line (january 30th)


[ On the evening before Haruhi got kidnapped, Haruhi's subconscious decided to say, "Hey, Haruhi's in danger, let's go warn everybody." And thus while Haruhi is gone for the day, she is replaced with a literal manifestation of her subconscious in the form of a younger, middle school version of herself.

If you know her, she'll come up to you with a smile before offering to play tag. But if she knows where exactly you live, she'll visit your house.

But if you don't know her? Well, that's fine too. She'll still offer to play with you too. ]

β line (january 31st; forward-dated)

[ Of course Haruhi will still go to school, have club activities, that sort of thing. But after she's released, she's acting a lot more grumpier than usual. If she knows you, she'll immediately dart away - avoiding you completely. And she won't say a word.

Occasionally she'll look like she has a headache, and she'll be staying in the nurse's office during school hours before having club. But if you meet her in the clubroom, she'll just sit in her chair grumpily, reading a book and ignoring everyone. Because that's how she rolls.

After school, though, she'll just walk alone. She wants to be alone. At least, you wouldn't want to bother her... right? ]

[ooc: of course, this is open to both old and new cr! all tags for α line will come from
[personal profile] trespasses]
24 January 2012 @ 08:46 pm
two ❖ the annoyance | phone  
You know, out of all the things you could have done to a mysterious machine in the dairy, blowing it up was the most idiotic thing that was done.

Especially when people could have actually investigated it, see how exactly it works, and possibly get us a way out of here! Dummies. So, whoever did it will have to face me and my wrath. And maybe even the wrath of a whole bunch of us.

So. Who's calling shenanigans? Because I definitely am.
14 January 2012 @ 04:30 pm
one ❖ the investigation | action / phone  
[action: bilko blvd]

[ If you live in this area, you're going to see Haruhi, wearing her North High uniform (since all the regular Mayfield outfits are just horrid, doorbelling your house and making sure who's real, who's droned, and find out information from people because that's how she rolls.

Unless you live in 915 Bilko, where she'll just barge in uninvited by picking the lock. Sure, it may be unconventional, but hey. It's totally worth it. ]

[action: high school, specifically the brigade room.]

[ Later on, Haruhi will be not sitting in her usual brigade chair, but will have a guitar on her, wearing her bunny costume. And oddly enough, her hair is longer now! ... And tied up in a ponytail.

What's up with that?

And if you're near the brigade room after school, you may hear the brigade chief play a certain song while singing to it a bit. ]

I run past you with a thirsty heart.
Sorry, I couldn't do anything-
you won't even let us
share our pain with each other.

In order to live purely
I face your back and leave without turning back.
on the lonely rail

[ Feel free to interrupt. ]

[phone: late afternoon]

Attention, Mayfield! I know a whole bunch of you may be panicking, but I don't really care about that right now. For all you newbies, welcome to Mayfield, if you need any help, just contact me, Haruhi Suzumiya, the chief of the SOS Brigade!

I'll be willing to help you, and you should be glad that I am.

Anyway, does anyone know a good barber? I don't trust Mayfield's choice in giving people jobs, so I would really prefer a professional. Haruhi, over!

[OOC: Action tags may come from [personal profile] reappears/[personal profile] reappearance.]