20 April 2012 @ 05:04 pm
Ⅰ The King has entered the building  
Sweet Narrative )

A. Morning, locked to 505 Ricardo Street

[ Saber is cooking, your argument is invalid.

She's also carefully avoiding everything in the house that shows her being all wifey to the dude she was sleeping with. And is that Hakuno? Saber is too scared to check the other rooms, not that she would accept she is scared, shut up. For now, she's fixing herself from breakfast, and doing extra for whoever might need to be fed as an apology. If she feels like untying her fake hubby. Maybe.

She's humming.

B. Around town, most of the day. Open to everyone.

[ Being the amazing person she is, Saber has taken to explore the city, but not before modifying the ridiculous clothes she had been given into something a lot easier to deal with. Shorter skirts and less restraining shirts, boys and girls. She can found either staring at pets, buildings, or other people. Perhaps you? You don't even need to look weird, just...be around. Her walking is taking her all over Mayfield, but she's not entering any place just yet. ]

C. Phone. Evening. Open to everyone.

Greetings, Mayfield. You will call me Saber.

I'm not impressed.