24 April 2012 @ 05:48 pm
Ruri's Teaching Logs  
[Action] High School

[Ruri has set last year's Prom King in Mayfield High's trophy case, yes, the Inanimate Carbon Rod is sitting there with a sign saying "Vote for me for prom king!" She's sitting in her office across the hall with the door open filling her bowl with peanut butter cups and preparing for another long day of being guidance counselor or playing video games. Same thing really in Mayfield.]

[Action 2] (Guest starring Naoto, may be tagged by either of them) Downtown Mayfield

[No one knows what she said, but she called Naoto and said something and then the two were downtown looking for Prom dresses. They're not shopping in the classic sense, but they will be at the florist and other downtown shops. Feel free to bug them.]

[Action 3] (Locked to Rarity and Naoto)

[Ruri has ended up dragging Naoto to Rarity's boutique to find a dress. It finally came to her that if you want a job done right, find an artist to do so.]

[Action 4] 947 Beulah

[Ruri is sitting outside of her home after the long day, she's got a few screens open and has a movie on one, a video game on another and a book on the third but only seems somewhat distracted by them.]
18 January 2012 @ 10:56 pm
1st Investigation  
A. » Action 「947 Beulah Street ☼ Morning」

[Something was not right. This wasn't Inaba. This wasn't her room. This wasn't her bed, or her dresser, and OH GOD THESE WEREN'T HER CLOTHES. No, there was nothing right about this at all. Poodle skirts and bobby socks are not ok and didn't this...

This happened before. Was she really back?

Slowly, hesitantly she walked out of the bedroom. One look at the "family picture" hanging on the wall was all she needed to see. This was Mayfield. She was in Mayfield again and --


Only one way to find out. Down the stairs she goes. Hello new housemates! Come meet your new rather distressed looking not!sister/daughter.

B. » Action 「Around Town」

[Last time she was here it was summer. It doesn't feel like she's been gone for as long as she has, but the snow says otherwise. Having recently acquired clothing more suited to her tastes (pants, a long coat, things that did not make her look like a girl) she decided to take a look around in hopes of running into a familiar face. Stop her?]