15 May 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Seven Wildebeest  

[Sup Mayfield have a disgruntled lion cub on the phone.]

Nobody told me there was a place called "Prom"! So how come we aren't there instead of here? I heard it even has kings and queens! So where do I gotta go to find it?

[...Yeah, Simba thinks prom is an actual place instead of a dance. Whoops.]
04 May 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Six Wildebeest  
[Locked to 1338 Benny Rd.]

[The past couple of days for Simba hasn't been all that great. As of yesterday, the last member of his previous household was finally droned, and that meant being tossed into the backyard by his drone family.

After reluctantly falling asleep outside, he wakes up the next day having been retied to the doghouse without knowing he's been relocated to a new house. He can't seem to get the rope off from around his neck, so outside of 1338 Benny Road there's a lion cub roaring and trying to get loose.

Oh and be careful of that brightly colored tree that's popped up in the front yard.]
02 May 2012 @ 12:07 am
Five Wildebeest  

[Since Simba has learned how to use the phone, he's making a somewhat grumpy phone call around noon. Someone just got a broom to the face when he was trying to sneak into the general store.]

How come humans get to go wherever they wanna go but I always get thrown out? It's not fair! I'm always getting yelled at or something thrown at me for being a lion. What's the big deal?

[Outside 1768 Beaver Street.]

[Simba has a problem.

A problem in the form of a brightly colored tree outside of his house, which is now home to several pink and blue monkeys that have been causing trouble for little Simba ever since he regained them.

Said monkeys dash across the yard and up into the tree as Simba chases them. After they've made a mess in the house, of course.]

And this time stay out of my - whoa!

[And just to further mess with Simba, one of the monkeys grab Simba and toss him up into the tree, before he's caught by another monkey who tosses him like a football.]

P-put me down!! You're gonna be sorry for this!

[Looks like he'll be at this for a while.]

[Later, at the Library.]

[After finally escaping, Simba slips into the library. He's gotten a lot better about sneaking around drones, but people can still catch a glimpse of his tail as he makes his way through the rows of books. He doesn't know anything about books or the library, but he does know it's a place he hasn't explored yet.

Eventually he'll get distracted when he comes across the children's book section. He can't read what it says, but he is intrigued by the brightly colored pictures of animals and objects.

Meanwhile, it looks like he hasn't completely escaped those monkeys. Some of them have followed him into the library, and anyone wandering around the library will hear their chattering as they scurry across the top of the book shelves.]

03 April 2012 @ 07:21 pm
Four Wildebeest  
[Action for Vita, the Signless, Reimu, Garviel, and Vincent.]

[Whether you're out and about, on the way to your school or job, or maybe just hanging around at home, there's a lion stalking you. He doesn't really get why he got a list with targets to prank, but if that's what he's supposed to do then who is he to argue with stirring up some mischief? Usually this is the kind of stuff he gets in trouble for, so he's very excited to get out there and scare a few people.

He's even practiced his roaring in the mirror, so hopefully this time he can really strike some fear into people! That'll teach 'em for always calling him cute. 

So either in your house or somewhere outside, Simba will leap out and either roar loudly at you, try to leap down on you from above, or attempt to dart out and nip at your ankles or trip you.]

[Action - Open to anyone]

[And Simba doesn't stop with just his pranking targets either. It doesn't matter if you're just getting into your car, or maybe you're already out driving, but you may soon spot a lion in the backseat of your car. And if you don't see him? You'll certainly hear the roar from the back of your car at least.]

09 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm
Three Wildebeest  
[Action - Mayfield High]

[So Simba's quickly learning that animals are not allowed inside any of the buildings around Mayfield. But stubborn curiosity has kept him going as he's determined to see what they're keeping secret from him. Obviously it's something that he's not meant to see, otherwise why else would they chase him out every time he tries to snoop around? And his exploring eventually leads him to outside the school, a place where he definitely hasn't been yet.

After waiting by a nearby tree, it dawns on him how he's going to get inside. He crouches down and sneaks closer to a group of drone kids, one of them that has set his backpack down in order talk to some of his friends. While the drone's distracted, Simba crawls into the backpack and waits. Eventually, as the bell rings the drones disperse and the drone boy picks up his bag - only to find it much heavier for some weird reason.]

Oof! I didn't remember packing this many books this morning!

[But since the kid is a drone, he doesn't question it much and hauls that heavy backpack to class. However, as he gets to class and gets settled in, his bag seems to be...twitching? As soon as the kid reaches down to open his backpack for his notebook, Simba scrambles out before he can get caught.

There is now a lion in the school.

And he's currently sneaking into classrooms, lunchrooms, the teacher's lounge, and wherever else he thinks he can get to without being caught.

Do you want to try catching him?]
18 February 2012 @ 12:36 am
Two Wildebeest  
[1768 Beaver Street]

[Simba has a problem.

And that problem is that he has nothing to sharpen his claws on.

But luckily for him he's discovered that his weird human caves have plenty of soft things to dig his claws into!! So Simba will be helping himself by clawing up the sides of the furniture, because the people who live here won't mind that right? Not to mention these cushions are incredibly fun to bite into and tear up.]


[Simba's managed to knock the phone onto the ground during his destruction of the house playtime. Not knowing what a phone is, his immediate reaction is to bat it around a few times before doing the next logical thing: chewing on it.

For anyone listening in, you will hear sounds like someone trying to bite down on the plastic, before licking it. You will probably even hear a few growling sounds as well.

Do you interrupt?]

14 January 2012 @ 01:45 am
One Wildebeest  
[Right outside 1768 Beaver Street.]

[The first thing Simba notices is the cold. It's hard not to notice, especially when you've never encountered snow before. Simba jolts awake immediately, looking around. This...this wasn't home at all. Everything looks so weird here.]

T-Timon...? Pumbaa? Where are you guys? What's this place?

[What was this white stuff all over the ground? It's cold and wet and he's not fond of it at all. As he tries to walk forward only to be stopped by a rope attached to a dog house.

Okay, maybe now's the time to panic.]

What the...?!

[He tries tugging on the rope by quickly backing up, hoping he can slip out of it. Instead he succeeds it making it tighter around his neck. Anyone passing by will probably hear the sound of a panicked lion trying to get loose.]

[Around Mayfield.]

[Now that Simba's escaped, he's wandering around Mayfield looking very lost and confused.

Oh, and he's getting into everything.