10 June 2012 @ 08:22 pm
56th Resurrection  
[Action A: around town: Zombies. Smart zombies. Oh, Mayfield. You can't scare Theo Crawford with this. He made his first smart zombie when he was 15. Child's play.

He's out on the town without a care, his spell book ready and his pockets full of spell components. Ones that try to sneak up on him will be caught quickly. Zombies who laid traps for people will suddenly find themselves falling victim to their own, no longer in control of themselves. He'll turn some against each other for fun to watch them tear each other apart. Feel free to approach him if you're out, need help, want to see what's up, whatever. Anyone who can tell will notice Theo has a lot of magic going right now - to protect himself and to control his the hoards.

He's obviously having a good time with all this. Theo is a necromancer first and foremost. It's what he knows. It's what he loves.]


Action B: 337 Brady Lane front lawn: Later you might find him on his lawn, where he's taken a zombie as a sample back with him. He's sitting there openly, sleeves rolled up, a cigarette in his mouth as he looks over various parts of the creature. Upon closer inspection, one will notice the large protection circle around himself and the experiment so that no other undead will be getting near him. Theo's got different equipment with him out there too, including amongst them some boxes, tupperwear, lighter fluid, and a machete.

Seems he's used that knife to severe the arm of this unconscious zombie, and is taking notes while he casts spells on it and looks it over. After a few gestures and some mumbling of Latin, the hand starts to wriggle and begins to pull itself along. Theo makes an impressed nise to himself, and jots some notes down. It's not every day he comes across non-magically created zombies, so it's time to get all the data and have all the fun he can.]

21 May 2012 @ 05:14 pm
55th Resurrection  
[Today at the park, you will find one (1) city boy mage attempting to do what he's never done before: go fishing. Accompanying him are his familiars - two crows and a cat - who find this marvelously entertaining. The crows hope for a show; the cat hopes for dinner.

He has all the basic equipment he needs, purchased from the local sport shop. There's even a few books nearby about fishing. But reading about it and actually doing it are two different things. You might come across him catching his shirt on a hook, or casting the rod into a bush. Or maybe he's even caught a fish by some miracle, and he could use some help reeling it in. You'll hear him from time to time complaining to his familiars, too.]

Look, if you're such experts at this, why don't you try this thing out?!

13 April 2012 @ 01:04 pm
54th Resurrection  
Action - locked to 836 Hastings residents )


[Phone call to everyone. Ms. Nina Fortner sounds uncharacteristically angry:]

Someone tell me what the fuck is going on, and how to fix it, NOW. Don't tell me I'm the only one who woke up as someone else today!


[Action: Being in the body of someone who is healthy and athletic is a big change for the sickly, chemically-dependent Theo Crawford. Maybe not physically, but mentally, he needs a cigarette. Anyone walking by the general store will see Nina there, taking a drag, making a sour face and then looking at the cigarette as if something's wrong with it. Why does it taste so strangely? Oh, right. Nina's not a smoker.]

01 March 2012 @ 09:14 am
53rd Resurrection  
[Action A: Anyone inside or around 337 Brady Lane today will hear a lot of noise. The sound of a man yelling, some banging noises and the loud cawing of crows. Seems Theo's familiars are worried about their master, who lately only leaves the house to meet his minimum work requirement. Crows are smart birds, and familiars are even smarter. They've managed to steal his keys and lock him out of the house, and won't let him back in. Anyone inside the house who tries to open any doors or windows will be interrupted by Deimos, who caws and flaps wildly at that them, getting in the way. Theo is yelling from the porch at Phobos, who's cawing at his master from inside the front window.]

No! I told you! I haven't been outside because it's fucking cold out! Let me back in or I swear to Christ I will just blow the roof off and come in that way!

[Except then the house would be cold, too, and he might get droned for all that property damage from his spell casting. Whoops.]


[Action B: Not really sure what to do with himself, Theo will be walking around town. Huddled in his coat, he's got a cigarette popped in his mouth and looks ten times more miserable than usual. Being March 1st, the snow is starting to melt in Mayfield, and it's not nearly as cold as it was in the winter months, so that's something. Theo really hates snow.

Clearly the solution to his perpetual boredom is to get some wine from the store, sit on a curb somewhere in town and practice some spells. Drunken casting is the best casting. Half-finished bottle of red wine and some spell components at this side, Theo has his spell book out and is making notes as he works. Lately he's been using his gravity spells for levitation. Small to medium-sized objects will be tested upon - nearby trash cans, bicycles, whatever's not nailed down. Maybe if he works out the kinks and can get bigger things, say people, to fly, then maybe he can get himself back in the house by flying up to a second-story window. Even if using spells to fly was a little tacky where he came from, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Care to join him or see what he's up to? Maybe your property or even yourself are the victim of his spell testing. Whichever it is, come bother the cranky mage.]