10 August 2012 @ 12:49 am
Thirty Eighth Krieg - Phone  

And so it should seem the town had gotten the better of me! I wonder, Mayfield, just how long have I been gone? At least a month but with this town, this stagnate little pond our captor tries to see as a haven...who knows how long it's been. I wonder if anyone here even remembers me, or knows my name.

It would be a shame to be forgotten, wouldn't it? Some would say that would be the greatest punishment of all. They're wrong on that, of course, but I suppose it could be frightening to some but I have never paid it much mind! I am a man who has tended to live most often in the present. The future after all is for....well, the future!

[And he laughs at his own poor excuse for a joke.]

Of course, I suppose it is possible some of you have found a way out! In fact perhaps I'm stuck here merely with drones!

But I doubt it.
26 June 2012 @ 04:14 pm
Thirty Seventh Krieg - Phone/Action  

You know while I will admit it is charming I have never been one for carnivals! The sounds and sights bring a certain warmth I will admit, but it's a false warmth. A heat that arises just because of how cold everything is, and you find the mirth within the place is born of...shall we say decision to disguise a person's actual feelings. A fleeting moment of joy that in the end is reduced to the barren wanderings and emptiness that actually pervades through so many people.

Although, considering it has been set up by our lovely hosts, I think the carnival here will perhaps be more entertaining.

But today I wish to play a small game with you my friends! It's called "Devil's Advocate"! Considering everyone's excitement at the message presented a few days prior I have a question that might behoove you all to ask yourselves.

Tell me. Do you feel that if the message is sincere that this Richard Grey is genuinely benevolent? And if so why? None of you seem to have any legitimate knowledge of the person and thus no way to prove the idea he might have our "best interests" in mind at all! Do you listen to him then solely out of the fleeting hope that what he has supplied might provide more information on the place and, if that, maybe a way to leave?

Because if that is the case who's to say it could lead you home or someplace safer? I'm just curious why you should trust his word or act on his word aside from the case that an opportunity not taken is a wasted opportunity.

[Action - The Carnival]

[God. He's so bored. And he has been for a while.

The small force that had been KINGDOM has degenerated towards just about nothing, and he finds himself yet again, in many ways, alone here aside from Schro's companionship. Annie is droned at the moment and thus not worth bothering. Integra is gone, and that put him in even more of a sour disposition. He had been enjoying getting to cross sabers again and now that she's gone by the hands of the town instead of his own it feels anti-climatic. Like he's been cheated of something he so rightfully deserved.

So he's taken to keeping a watch over the carnival, dressed in his police uniform so he has an excuse to somewhat assert authority. It isn't much but it's at least something to take his mind off of having lost so much ground in these last couple of months. In a few ways he's excited that the carnival is here, that the town is doing something and thus the conflict that might be created by it.

Something. Anything to relieve this dreadful boredom. Even stopping people and harassing them at the carnival as he's doing now. As he might be doing to you.

If things don't get more interesting soon. Well.

He might have to think of something even more drastic.]
17 June 2012 @ 12:38 am
Thirty Sixth Krieg - Phone  
My my. It seems I have come to my second Father's Day here!

For those of you who are new, yes. This is quite like Mother's Day, but this time all women must listen to anything asked of them by a man.

That being said I have something to request of the ladies here myself! Dear women of Mayfield, wives and daughters and friends and children, all I ask of you today is this!

Above all else I want you to have a good day!

Do everything you are asked today with a smile! Thank the gentleman around you for putting such faith in you for whatever they might ask you to do and don't hesitate a minute in doing it, though I know you don't need me to tell you such on this! Don't let a single frown, a single bit of exhaustion or irritation or anger cross your mind as you go about your day!

Just do what you're asked and do it as you're so expected to do it.

That being said, I usually find the day quite a bore and will be staying out of most of your ways today. Don't worry as I'm sure some of the charming gentlemen in this town will jump at the chance to exploit what they've been given today.

It's rather amusing, isn't it? How quickly people jump on the chance to manipulate others when one of these days pops up. To take whatever chance they have to get people to do their bidding whether it be something specifically against their will or not. And I wonder just how many of the people who take advantage of it would say they aren't like me at all.

I wouldn't worry about it though. Such actions are quite human.
05 June 2012 @ 03:38 am
Thirty Fifth Krieg - Phone/Action  

Now. It seems this town still has a bit of teeth after all, doesn't it? Considering I believe there's very little I could say to emphasize on the current game the town has chosen to play, as far as I can see it, let me ask something. A sole question is all I have for you today.

Tell me, my friends: are you real?

[Action - Park]

[Despite the fact the Major has been able to keep up his "cheerful" demeanor lately, it's slipping just a bit inwardly. It's an odd feeling to be well and truly annoyed for once. Annoyance and anger, while not uncommon to the Major were emotions that tended to come at one moment and then speed away the next. Brief bouts he had that would soon disappear.

But with the loss of nearly all his allies in town, annoyance was well and indeed what he felt. he was accustomed to failure, that was true. But he was also accustomed to the fact that he had ways to pull himself back up. He had setbacks before. But never quite setbacks like this, setbacks which he had no way of circumventing or working with, at least not immediately.

Yet at the same time he supposed that too would pass. After all, he may be defeated once, again, a thousand times but he would still raise himself up again. And for the moment he just needed some time to relax. And to think.

With so many people out of their gourd at the moment he supposed now would be a safe time to indulge himself a bit. During the half a century he had been in hiding, there were many hobbies the Major had taken up to keep himself entertained. To keep himself active in something at the very least.

One of the Major's hobbies - although he would not call it a passion - was the violin. It was an instrument that he had started off poorly with and truth be told he's far from a master. But fifty years practice has made him at the very least a decent practitioner of the instrument. Some would even say he's good.

He just sits on one of the park benches, playing and smirking to himself. It's not his favorite type of music, especially for the types he usually composes. But he supposes it'll do for now to keep him occupied.]
14 May 2012 @ 01:09 am
[For some reason or another, you're walking by 1667 Nelson Street. The first thing you'll notice is that the Major is hanging from a lamp post, decked out in his Nazi best. Upside down, actually, by a rope tied to his ankles. Annie is sitting in a lawn chair next to him, smoking nonchalantly. There is a metal baseball bat at her feet; the bat has a few nails driven through it. There is also a paper sign next to her: THREE SWINGS, FIVE CENTS

Batter. Fucking. Up.]

(Order is your character -> annie -> major. enjoy.)
22 April 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Thirty Fourth Krieg - Phone  
Making people fall in love. Making people switch bodies. Prank wars.

My, I hate to say it but I do think our captors are beginning to run low on ideas for festivities! The invasiveness of having people switch bodies with one another was entertaining, and I'm sure the emotional turmoil of Valentine's Day must be excruciating for those with little internal resolve BUT it still doesn't compare to the glories of last year! Am I the only one who remembers the brutality of last year? Who remembers when the streets here were converted into killing fields, and for one night the buildings and all here were ruins and ashes as we fought at the Dairy?

Surely, I can't be. And I can't be the only one who misses it.

I'm quite curious. Everyone knows what a war is. But who here has seen war before?
03 March 2012 @ 12:10 am
Thirty Third Krieg - Phone  

It's always these times that are the hardest to get through, if you ask me. The moments of perceived calm the town presents us with after besieging us with conflict and strife amongst ourselves. I yearn for how things were last year around this time. The fun around the Dairy this year was no where near as memorable as what had preceded it. My, I wonder if the town might be losing steam in how to keep us preoccupied! Certainly, certainly an unfortunate state of affairs for our captors, isn't it?

Speaking of the Dairy, I must admit I'm not surprised so few of you caught the importance of what occurred there. As far as I can tell, it was the first time we've ever struck a substantial blow to anything to do with the town. A blind, idiot blow it may have been but a blow none the less! Of course, so many of you would rather drown in your personal sorrows. Would rather stay here in the misery provided by the town because so many of you think the misery outside of it would be far worse. I suppose I must say your desire to guilt those with the best intentions into thinking they had done wrong in order to serve your own ends is admirable! Why, I doubt you even knew you were doing it yourselves!

And because of that, let me say this: there is no such thing as a victory without sacrifice, and those of you who seem to be looking for it are going to be sorely disappointed. Because a victory that is given, and not taken happens to be no victory at all.

Of course. I'm sure most of you see it another way.

Ah! On that note, as a means of finding something to do in my spare time, I've been thinking of taking up gardening. I've been wondering if there might be anyone familiar with the subject who could provide me with a few pointers to get started.

[Phone - Filtered to members of KINGDOM]

And so it would seem our friend the Doctor has been taken by this town!

[A small tsking sound, sorrowful almost, though it subsides quickly.]

We've suffered quite a loss in membership lately. And I think it best we begin to make plans to make a mark here, to ensure take action and ensure we're never forgotten soon. To strike a blow so hard and so deep within this town that it will be a reminder that we are capable of something as horrid and vivid as this town might be! We are not the type to go gently into the night, but to howl into the sky, to let our voices be heard before dawn might break and we might be forced to retreat once more.

My friends.

Who would be interested in concocting a little game?
11 February 2012 @ 07:08 pm
Thirty Second Krieg - Phone/Action  

My, it should seem, friends, I might need to offer my apologies for last week! It seems I might have been a bit more irritable then necessary, and I certainly hope there were no feelings hurt. Surely, surely, you all know just how much you mean to me, and how little I would wish to offend you!

Which brings me to something else! It came to my attention, Sir Hellsing, that Schro might have...ah, caught you in at a compromising time! I wish, of course, to offer my apologies, but boys will be boys, now won't they?

And now! We're approaching quite a wonderful time of the year for the younger of us here! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, isn't it? Which makes me wonder: what is it those of you here love, my friends? And surely, there must be something.

After all, it's only the inhuman, the monstrous, that have nothing they love.

[Action - The Police Station]

[Hey fellow policemen, check out the badass new swivel chair the Major has hauled in with him. At the moment he's hard at work doing paperwork, which is made a bit easier by the small, robotic arm that has popped out of the top of his chair, which hands him some of the sheets he's working on that he happily takes.]
30 January 2012 @ 12:06 am
Thirty First Krieg - Phone/Action  
[Ah, another death, another day to yet again rise! That had been the Major's motto since arriving in Mayfield.

Which is why it was so hard to explain why he was so goddamn angry at finding himself back in the town. The sense of wanting to destroy, to crush something....that wasn't new. That was a feeling he always had, the simple joy of causing the echoing destruction of something, no matter how big or small. But it was overwhelming now. The practiced patience he had learned in order to keep it under control had waned, had been chiseled away and was somehow gone in the time of his death and returned. His desire for destruction, for something, was hungry. And with a vengeance.

But the anger. The anger. That he never had a problem with, and even the angriest moments he had he could quell with great ease. But this, right now...why wouldn't it let up. This was new, and alarming in how unable he was to keep his emotions in check. The he couldn't quell them, couldn't control them....he hated to show it, but in the deepest pits of his stomach, he could feel a small knot forming. He could feel a small crack of fear.

The anger made him scared. The fear made him angry.

He paused for a moment beside his bed, starring at the walls. The ceiling. The floor. He felt, for a moment, that he couldn't walk. That to do so would invite some incomprehensible disaster that he did not yet comprehend. So he sat there for a moment. And then noticed the bedside lamp.

In a few seconds, the lamp would make friends with the floor, shattering into pieces as they met one another, the Major glowering down at it.]


[Hey everyone. Look whose back. And look who doesn't sound anything like himself. The sicking false sweetness that usually pervaded his voice is gone, replaced by a simple, straight, cutting voice, barely concealing the anger underneath it. Doing only a slightly better job concealing the fear.]

My. What a treat, to wake up and realize that this place, which had once been such a wonderful battle ground has somehow been vandalized. Has been compromised in what it is supposed to be.

I demand an accounting. What have you people done to my reward?

[Phone - Filtered to KINGDOM members and Schro and Rip]

Report. Now.

Tell me everything that has transpired, lack no detail no matter how great or small.

[Action - 1667 Nelson]

[Hey housemates. Feel free to hear some of the carnage issuing in from some of the other rooms as "dad" goes about trying to relieve his desire for destruction and violence.

The dishes in the kitchen? Destroyed, shattered around the floor. The windows too, one of which still has one of the chairs embedded in it. At the moment, the Major is busy in the front room, having just kicked in the screen to the television.

He's frowning. No. Simply violence isn't doing the trick. It never does. But it was worth a shot. And for the moment, he'll continue on it.]

[Action - Around Town]

[Small scale vandalism didn't work. Perhaps large scale vandalism will.

The Major, still dressed in his police uniform, blood-speckled from his death at Integra's hands, is on his beat regardless of his feelings. However, unlike his usual, cheery self, he's a little more...dour. His bill is pulled down a ways, trying to obscure his face, and on occasion, he brings his billy club up to strike the nearest window, shattering it.

If you're particularly unlucky, he might swing the club at you.]
19 January 2012 @ 01:58 am
Thirtieth Krieg - Phone  
My, we've certainly had no lack of excitement recently, have we! Christmas was a bit more boring than I would have preferred. I suppose it would have been more agreeable if there had been something to liven up New Year's, as well! But ah, I've gotten complacent, it would seem. Perhaps I should relearn to make my own fun.

But! To the point of the matter! I'm pleased to announce that it has been a year since I first arrived in this wonderful town, this little piece of Valhalla, and made all of your acquaintances. And if we have not, perhaps, we shall get to know one another soon! I, in fact, would take delight in getting to know each of you personally!

And in the year that's come, I've learned quite a few things, mostly about the town but I would say even about myself! And it's nice, to know that no matter how old you might grow there are new things to discover about yourself.

Tell me, my friends: in the last year, what have you learned about yourselves?
14 January 2012 @ 09:43 pm

This is Officer Doctor reporting in with a special announcement. Ah, blimey, my head.

Right, so alwarmy-warmy sounds, not just me then, I suppose. Definitely coming from the dairy, but it's completely shut off; nothing new. And yes! We've lost... three days. It's all very curious, and rather... alarming. Ha, alarming see what I did, alarming and the alarms...

Erm, right. So I suppose my job as police officer and generally knowledgeable and responsible adult is to assure everyone that there's nothing to panic about and everything is going to be fine. Like the always say on the news, but you know they're just trying to keep it together. So generally, just lie as all adults do.

Well, of course there is going to be something to panic about later, but as for now we're likely alright. The calm before the storm, the quiet before the noise, the tea before the aunt's miserable and hard biscuits. ...Okay, that last one was rubbish, forget it.

So here goes; "everything is going to be fine, the alarms are just... well, I have no idea, but things are going to be fine."

There, how's that for comfort? Besides if anything else does get worse, I suppose I'll be talking to you lot again as I always do. Until then, I'd suggest investing in a pair of earmuffs if the sound is bothering. They're quite cozy and fashionable!

Oh, and if any of you are new and thinking "Oh, perhaps I'll just pop over to the police station when things go badly, this Officer Doctor bloke is there and he seems clever and helpful", well... you're entirely right about that. But! Honestly. Avoid the police station.

Right, duties filled. Doctor, out. Ha! I've always wanted to say that

[Action-The Police Station.]

[Since the Doctor's filled his duties with that announcement, he's going to take a nap. AKA do what he does every day at the bloody boring police office. And he's going to be wearing his super cool earmuffs to block out any sound from the alarms.

He's currently sleeping with his head in his arms at his desk. Feel free to ignore his warnings and pop in for a visit. Or if you're a coworker... feel free to draw on his face.]

[Action-Around Town.]

[Okay, so announcements are evidently not enough to qualify as doing your job. So the Doctor is out on patrol. You'll see the police cruiser parked in various spots around town. But it's not just the Doctor. He's got a partner, a certain nazi cyborg. With the Doctor being tall and skinny as he is and the Major being short and fat, they're almost a stereotypical comic duo.

The Doctor really doesn't look pleased about it. In fact, he's leaning against the cruiser with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.]

...This is rubbish. Patrolling? Patrolling what? More like 'sitting around in the cold with your least favorite coworker doing nothing' is more like it. Honestly, don't you have anything better to do.

((ooc; if you choose the 'action-around town' option the order will go you->the doctor->the major))