28 November 2012 @ 04:02 pm
Final Huzzah  
1. Around Town - Anywhere

[Date had immediately evacuated the house as soon as he heard what was going on on the radio. He had taken his cycle as far into town as possible before Johnson's control had taken over. Immediately strapping on the Birth Buckle, he sighed as he flipped a coin.]


[In a flurry of spheres Kamen Rider Birth stood there as he methodically armed the weapons that he had, locking a plethora of cell medals into his weapon before cracking several more and tossing them out, summoning Trash Yummy.] Crazy lady's going all out, [he mused as he started hunting for people to kill. At the top of his lungs he proclaimed,] RUNAWAY KAMEN RIDER!

2. Hajime's House - After Prompt 1

[Date knocked on the door politely seconds before he kicked it in.]

HAJIME! You'd better get transformed quick, cause Johnson's got me and I'm here to kill you! Just fyi!
28 July 2012 @ 09:04 am
Things to Return to  
[A. Morning - Household - 754 Partridge Drive]

[Date's things were in the mail that morning when he came out to get it. The first was a package with a remote starter in it and he blinked.] Isn't this...?

[Moving to the garage, he opened it up and whistled at the sight of a RideVendor standing there, missing its cans. Clicking the remote, it shifted into a motorcycle and he pumped his hand in glee.]

Now that's what I'm talking about. Now then what's the other one...

[Opening up the second package, he whistled happily as he pulled out a fancy gun from it.] A birth blaster! Ah, that brings back memories.

[B. All Over Town and Friends Homes]

[Date's zooming around town on the RideVendor, Tanky strapped to the back and the Blaster slung over his shoulder. He's having fun and also he's going to friends places to visit them. After all he just HAD to show it off, right?]

[C. John Doe Park]

[Date's set up targets on a fence and unslings the Birth Blaster. Digging the container into the tank full of medals, he scooped it out and locked and loaded it in. Firing at the cans, he knocked them over one by one with a sound that was a cross between a gun firing and coins pinging.]
10 July 2012 @ 02:13 pm
Medical Team To the Ward  
[A. Action - On Site]

[It was here that Date was in his element, treating those who had made it out. People who can walk to the hospital or be driven would be treated there. He continued to set bones, treat burns, bandages, all of it. Even prepare for surgery if need be.]

[B. Action - Hospital]

I need the files for the next few patients. I'll be seeing them, and get a IV for the next couple of them. Oh and someone page Dr. Hubbard that he's going to take a break and go home early; I need his examination rooms.

[Date's been working and it's the second day now of non-stop work. He looks tired, but focused.] Can I get the file for the patients in A-52?
06 June 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Life or a Facsimile of It  
[1 - 754 Partridge Drive - Open to Neighborhood]

[Date felt like he was really coming out of a haze, his head pounding and throbbing. He also had a huge amount of new Cell Medals. Where he got them from, he wasn't quite sure to be honest, but there they were piled up in the house in painstaking piles. Huh.

So there he was, moving them all into the corner of the house where the drone kids and dog wouldn't knock them down. Though what to do with Henry. Should he tell him? Probably.]

[2 - Friends Houses, Kadoyas, Marvelouses, Etc - Anywhere]

[Date knocked on the door with a pie. He had the feeling he had done something pretty bad and wanted to apologize. Letting his feet guide him with a little wagon full of consolation pies, he was knocking on doors.]

Hey, I think I was in my wrong mind for a while, so um, pax? I brought a pie.

[Even if he thinks he wronged you, it'd be nice to accept said pie at least.]

[3 - Park]


[Tossing up the coin, he slotted it into the device and twisted the key. In an instant, a suit of armor formed around him and he checked himself out.] Huh, looks all right to me. Lets see...

[Popping two coins in, it announced] BREAST CANNON [but other than that nothing happened.] Darn. Looks like it's all locked out for now.
01 June 2012 @ 12:03 pm
Cell Medals  
[Anywhere in Town - Repeating the process a few times]

[Date stepped out into the middle of the street, placing down his tank. He had a slightly amused smile as he picked up a cell medal and another couple here and there.]

Well, better get started. There's a lot of time I've wasted so far.

[Cracking several Cell Medals in half, he scattered them onto the street as Trash Yummy rose from it. And then, to top it all off, a coin slot appeared on his forehead as he tossed it into himself. He convulsed for a moment before a Yummy emerged from his body, the trash yummy exterior falling away to reveal a mantis-like form, the humanoid kaijin snarling.]

Go and collect Cell Medals. We'll need them for later. [Ordered Date, as he leaned back and waited for any 'heroes' to show up.]

(ooc: AU where Date turned traitor on the group, and he's decided now is a good time to harvest cell medals and turn a horde of monsters on the loose. Feel free to godmode the enemies.)
23 May 2012 @ 09:40 pm
Of Dronings and Post Offices  
[1 - 754 Partridge]

[Just another day. Get up, go get dressed and showered, make breakfast for himself, realize Ian is gone... wait, Ian is droned. Damnit!]

Well there goes the pirate ship. Pity, I was actually kind of hoping not to mow the lawn because of that.

[Date wondered just what kind of other surprises this place had for him once he was grabbing the coffee pot and beginning to bang around the kitchen. Noisily, just to drive attention up.]

[2 - Hospital]

[Anyone could find him, working hard at his job. He knew that he enjoyed his work but if he had to deal with Mr. Fredrick's bum knee once more, he'd probably have to shoot himself. But it wasn't bad to be all honest, it was good honest work. Maybe bother him while he's in between patients?]

[3 - Anywhere in Town/Post Office]

[Date's trails had brought him towards the post office again. Why couldn't he get his mind off picking up something for his defence? A birth blaster or a buckle. Something. And yet he really didn't want to lose anything like everyone was warning him about... but it was tempting. Like a lure really.]
10 May 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Dressing Up  
[A - Phone - Drone Filter]

Hey all, Date here with a request for all of those tailors out there and seamstresses. Is there anyone who can get me a shirt in light blue and a new suit jacket in maybe a tan? The stores won't give me anything but dark suit jackets.

[B - Around Mayfield]

[Date's looking to figure things out with what he could do with the Cell Medals he had. Looking through the pile of medals, he was curious about one thing. Hoping there was enough room, he took one single cell medal out and with considerable force, snapped it in half.

Tossing it into the ground, he waited for a moment.]

Huh... was it a dud?

[Just then, a monster rose from the ground, black and covered with appeared to be bandages. It started to shuffle towards him and Date grinned, pulling his jacket off, cracking his knuckles.] So it DOES work! Awesome!

[And with that, he laid into the Trash Yummy, grabbing it in a clothesline and throwing it to the ground as he began to pound on the monster.]
13 April 2012 @ 10:20 am
fourth henshin  
[1. Morning @ Shana's House]

[Contrary to belief, Date was a light sleeper. So when he pulled himself out of bed that morning, he blinked bleary eyes before reaching for the alarm -- and paused when he noticed that the hand that was stretched out didn't belong to him. Nor did the room since it was different than the one that he had gotten used to.

Getting out of bed, he looked into the eyes of the Flame Haze and groaned.]

It must be Friday. I could never get the handle of Fridays.

[2. Around Town]

[Date had dressed and showered himself before heading out for the day. Ignoring the fact that "Shana" should be in school, he was looking for himself and anyone else that could help him out. Also he missed the comfortable weight of Tanky on his back.]

[3. Hospital]

[Checking the hospital, Date poured on the charm to get past the secretary and into his office on the pretext that he was "getting something for Mr. Date". Looking through his files for something that would hint to this, anyone in the hospital could find him working on trying to find out what's going on.]
19 March 2012 @ 01:47 pm
Third Henshin  
A. Outside Mayfield Post Office

[Date had been considering it, even though he had been warned repeatedly. He really felt like it had been too quiet and things were probably going to explode sooner or later. As it stood, he was leaning against a light post in his doctors coat, thinking to himself on what he could give up for Tanky and a Birth Blaster. Currently he was flipping a coin into the air and catching it in his hand, still thinking about it.]

B. Later in the Day - Anywhere

[After loitering around the Post Office, he had decided to go take a walk. You might find him in the hardware store, or maybe the grocery store. A couple of drinks maybe at that tavern of theirs, or maybe a jog around the park. Anywhere you could probably catch him on the way out.]
22 February 2012 @ 02:09 pm
second henshin  
[Hospital - Any time of Day]

[Checking the patient status, he clucked his tongue.]

You're coming along well, Mr. Johnston. A few more days and you'll be out of here in no time.

Thank goodness, I want to sleep in my own bed again.

[Sharing a laugh with the man, and an assurance he would be out in a few days bar complications, Date headed out of the room, checking the time. At that point, he might see someone he knows or someone new there and wave at them.]


[Grocery Store]

[Date was on a quest to find the materials to make Udon. He hadn't gotten his favorite meal in a few days and he was getting antsy. He had gotten a makeshift hotpot worked up but there was nothing that beat good Udon. Picking out noodles and other such items for substitution was probably tricky at best, and he might run into you, so deep in thought.]

Ah sorry bout that. I wasn't paying attention.

[Tavern or Cosplay Cafe]

Wow look at this place. It's pretty nice.

[Depending on where Date ended up for the evening, he's standing around or being seated somewhere.]

I'll take a coffee to begin with, fill my stomach with something hot before indulging in something else. Got a menu?
13 February 2012 @ 11:27 am
First Henshin  
[1. 734 Partridge Drive, locked to Housemates]

[Date was certain this wasn't his apartment. In fact, waking up in a strange bed with a strange woman next to him wasn't par for the course. After apologizing and bolting from the room, he scoured the area for clues. The pictures showed him and several people, children, a "pet", and a smiling wife. One thing was for certain, with the English everywhere, he wasn't in Japan anymore.]

I hope my English hasn't gotten rusty...

[2. Anywhere in Town, Wandering towards Brooks]

[No. Udon. Anywhere. Not even a cart. Nothing, except for this doctors outfit. He supposed he had to go to work or something, but the phonecall he got earlier this morning said that someone was "covering his shift". So he was free to wander in search for the elusive Udon.

Stopping in grocery stores yielded a lot of western food, and restaurants were all hamburger joints and other such places. Which wasn't BAD, he didn't mind hamburgers and steaks and stuff. But UDON! He resolved to buy the materials to try and make a half decent one.]

Ah this isn't good. I've got no Tanky, no Gorilla-chan, no nothing. What kind of crazy mixed up world did I enter?