26 November 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Fourth Party Hat  
[A - Phone, sometime after Mrs. Johnson’s message]

Hey, everypony! I know things have been really scary lately, but it looks like things have calmed down! It’s a good thing, too! I like using the Party Cannon for parties much more than I like using it against scary guys running around trying to hurt everypony!

Anyway, my house is really empty now that all the drones are gone, but at least nopony’s calling me a dog anymore! You can all come over for a party in a few hours, if you want! I know things still look a little scary, but that’s all the more reason to throw a party to cheer up! That just means everypony really needs to have some fun!

And don’t worry if you don’t feel like getting out of the house! I know everypony needs to be cheered up in different ways, and I’m on it!

[B - Your house, sometime after that.]

[There is a knock on your door. Pinkie has decided that you and your household are in need of being cheered up. Should you choose to open it, Pinkie will be there, and she will break out into song. It’s the last bit of Smile, Smile, Smile.]

[C - 1488 Kramden, sometime after her door-to-door singing]

[If you have decided to brave going to Pinkie’s house, you will find the house sticking out like a sore thumb there on Kramden. It is festooned with streamers and balloons and all sorts of party decorations. Pinkie has delved into her stash of Emergency Party Supplies and gone all out.

The doors are wide open, so just come on in! Sorry, Belphegor. THIS IS IMPORTANT.]
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18 August 2012 @ 03:28 pm
Third Party Hat  
[A - In Front of 1488 Kramden]

[Hey, that was something new, mail for Pinkie! There's a very large box, a medium-sized box, and a small envelope. And it's all hers!]

Oooh, I wonder what they could be!

[She opens the envelope first. Inside is a picture of three balloons on a pink background, and as soon as Pinkie touches it, there's a flash, and--]

Hey, my Cutie Mark's back!

[Excitedly, Pinkie opens up the medium-sized box. Inside is a rather apathetic toothless baby alligator that really doesn't look excited one way or another over all of this.]


[Pinkie's sure happy to see him, though! The gator is getting hugged.]

[B - Anywhere]

[There's still the matter of that large box. What did it contain? Why, Pinkie's party cannon, of course! She has decided that the absolute best way to show her friends would be to surprise them with party decorations, and so you'll find her wheeling it all over town...

...or knocking on your door. Should you open the door, SURPRISE! Enjoy your newly-decorated front hall, because Pinkie has just blasted the area with the Party Cannon.]

27 May 2012 @ 02:22 pm
Second Party Hat  
[A - General Store]

[Pinkie is sitting outside the store with a little red wagon. She's been trying and trying and TRYING to get inside, but the silly drones just won't let her go inside to shop. What's a poor pony to do?

Get somepony else to shop for her, of course.]

Hey! Excuse me! Do you think you could run in there and buy something for me? Please? I have the money and everything, but the drones are being silly and won't let me in!

[B - Around Town, Possibly Your House]

[After procuring the things she needs, Pinkie is pulling that red wagon around town. The wagon looks a bit different now; it's filled with rubber bouncy balls. It is a rather impressively-sized pile of rubber bouncy balls. They're in all sizes and colors, and it looks like a small miracle that they're not spilling out of the wagon.

And what is Pinkie doing with these rubber bouncy balls, you may ask? Why, it's simple--she's preparing Mayfield for ball emergencies! You may find Pinkie anywhere and everywhere attempting to hide balls in various out of the way places. Maybe it's that hollow tree in the park. Maybe it's your mailbox or that empty watering can out in your front yard. She may even be hiding it under your lawn gnome's hat. And how did she get up on that rooftop to hide that bouncy ball inside a chimney?

But ball emergencies are not exactly a common thing to prepare for. Dare you ask the happy pink pony why she's oh-so-carefully hiding that bouncy ball? Or ask her to get out of your yard, at least?]
11 April 2012 @ 06:43 pm
First Party Hat  
[A - 1488 Kramden Road]

[Well, this was new. Pinkie Pie has just found herself waking up in a doghouse, of all things. A doghouse! After giggling madly over this for several moments, Pinkie decides to emerge from the doghouse, only to realize that she has no idea where she is. There can be only one thing she can do now--ask for directions back to Ponyville!

She marches right up to the back door of 1488 Kramden and immediately begins knocking on the door.]

Hellooooooooo! Anypony home?

[If left unattended long enough, Pinkie's going to start breaking that door down through sheer force of knocking...or she might lose interest and go see what else she can find. Is she all that worried about waking up in a strange place? At the moment, apparently not.]

[B - Around Town]

[Pinkie Pie simply must explore this strange new world in which she has found herself. She is bouncing around town in her usual fashion, calling out greetings and salutations to everyone, even drones. If you happen to be a canonmate and someone she knows, she just might launch herself at you in a flying hug.

She may also occasionally be found staring and gawking at things in a very touristy fashion.]

[C - Your House, later that night]

[There is knocking on your door. If you should decide to open your door, you will be greeted with the sight of a grinning pink pony. Doesn't matter that you're not necessarily one of Pinkie's next door neighbors; she wants to introduce herself to everyone. Especially you.]

Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! I'm new in town, so I thought I'd just come right on by and introduce myself!