18 September 2012 @ 07:26 pm
002 ▲ suddenly, a housing change!  
A. Action | 1447 Mitchell Road

[ Good morning new household! Toothless has woken up at a house he definitely did not fall asleep at. Also, he's in the dog house again, and he is not very pleased about that.

... Wait, is that a viking ship?

Suddenly, all of the panic collected from his confusion fades. There is a boat big enough for him to climb into in the backyard of his new house.

Welp, household. There is now a dragon climbing around in your backyard boat and chittering happily.

What do? ]

C. Action | Park

[ Okay, so he has a new not!family with a huge boat. Whatev whatev, that's cool. He's still going to spend most of his days at the park.

Toothless is in the process of burning patches into the ground to curl up on so he can take a nap. ]
14 July 2012 @ 06:20 pm
001 ▲  
A. Action | 434 Peepers Street

[ When Toothless wakes up, it doesn't take him long to realize he's not in Berk anymore. Also, there's a doghouse on his back.


Scrambling up, the doghouse topples over, and Toothless turns around in circles. First thing's first, he's going to investigate.

So, household. There's a dragon pressing his face against your windows.

What do? ]

B. Action | John Doe Park

[ Eventually, Toothless gets tired of the house, and decides to search for Hiccup. He finds himself at the park, which is the only place in town, it seems, that has an acceptable amount of room to roam.

Don't mind this slightly agitated dragon tromping around. He's not usually this grumpy, promise. ]