14 May 2012 @ 09:00 pm
8th pipe ~ mother's day  
[ Nurarihyon knew nothing of this day known as Mother's day. Or he didn't, until he heard his drone kid talking about it.

He did't know what to do on a day like that, but he had this urge to show any person who might be a mother appreciation. So he had a little talk to their drone son, who got surprised and telling him 'but you always give mom flowers'. So he went to the flower shop and bought a whole bunch of flowers. There's lots of colour and it looks horrible, but he doesn't know that. ]

[action 1; 1652 Albright Lane]
[ When he comes back home, he looks around, trying to find his not!wife Lust. He has an entire boguet ready for her to take. But in case he sees Yuki, he won't be cheap an not give her any --why not give her some too? ]

[action 2; all over]
[ Are you a woman who's older than 16? Then you might as well be a mother to someone (his real wife is still very young after all). He comes up to you and holds out a flower. ]

For you. What was it you're supposed to say....happy mother's day?

[action 3; the park]
[ Nurarihyon sits up in a tree, holding a bunch of flowers. They're not left-overs, he went back to the flower shop just to get these. And they were for a woman who wasn't even there. His real wife back home. His lovely beautiful Youhime.

It seems like he's talking to himself, but in his mind, she is there with him. ]

Youhime...it's ben long now huh. How're you doing at home without me? And Rihan, he gotten any bigger? You getting along with everyone? I got you flowers.

[ He wears a kind expression as he talks to his wife who is who-knows-how far away, smiling. ]
15 February 2012 @ 06:41 am
7th pipe  
[action; around Mayfield; on the 14th; open to all]
[ Those funny flowers he's seen all over town makes him a bit confused. Was it an ayakashi who made all of them bloom? Or an onmyouji? Maybe he needs to stop thinking that strange things are ayakashi's or onmyouji's doing, too.

There's one thing he knows, and that's that his family is bigger than just Youhime, Rihan and his Hyakki. He knows that that guy --Magnus Bane, wasn't it? is his son. How could he have missed that before? ]

Where's he live anyway..?

[ Well that's a problem. So he's going to look for Magnus, even if he has to look for him all.

And get the feeling that he's somehow supposed to know some of the people he passes.

So he's going to call out to those people. ]

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?

[ And he'll continue to do that until he finds Magnus. ]

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