13 July 2012 @ 07:30 pm
fourth prayer  
[A: Action for 1650 Albright Lane]

[Esther has been trying to get it together since the Carnival. It shouldn't be that hard for her in theory. She's seen plenty of horrors in her short life. Seeing Cain like that and losing Father (or more accurately being abandoned by him) shook her. Esther can't bring herself to acknowledge it so she sticks with a half hearted routine of taking care of the family and listening to the phones. It's the same messages over and over again with different wording. (Are there answers? Was it all for nothing? We should do something!) None of it reaches her.

It's the package that starts to stir Esther back to life. She takes it inside, sets it on the kitchen table, and begins to opening it. Her side burns immediately. Esther lifts up part of her dress to see what happened (enjoy seeing her panties housemates) only to be distracted by the rest of the boxes contents.
Her habit is inside. She drops her dress (you should notice there's a star shaped mark on side above her hip if you're around housemates) and runs her fingers over the white fabric.

Esther already felt more like herself.]

[B: Phone | filter to Abel]

... If you don't answer this I'm stopping by the house and everywhere I can think of to talk to you. [Her voice is soft at first. This second sentence is more Esther-like; stubborn and impatient.] We're going to talk!

[C: Phone | filter to Cain]

[She tries her best to sound cheerful. It's a mixed bag.] Hello! I'm sorry for being so quiet. If you're around, would you like to stop by for some tea or anything like that? I realized today we haven't done that in a while.

[D: Phone | Open to all]

I know we've got a lot of messages asking where everyone is and if there are any answers to be found so I won't be adding to them. I will say that I'm going to the church in a little while. I'm going to make some snacks and a fresh pot of tea. Anyone who wants to see me or enjoy that is welcome to come.

[E:  Action for Church of Salvation]

[True to her word Esther can be found in the kitchen working on making some food and tea. She's in her newly regained habit (linked above!). Esther is humming a little tune to no one while doing this. She is going to make herself be useful again regardless of everything.]
05 June 2012 @ 07:22 pm
third prayer  
AU field information )

[A: Phone]

I've been thinking lately about how little changes really make the difference in how we perceive the world around us. I know there's been a lot of confusion going around lately. That's to be expected here. As much as I hate to admit it, we have to live by the whims of this town. That is until the day comes where we find an escape or at least a better way of living. We shouldn't let ourselves be divided by whatever change has happened to us or the people we know. We're strong on our own to survive so much already, but together...

Just think about it.

[B: Albright and beyond]

[Now that Esther has said her piece she will be heading off to church. She feels the need for some divine reassurance right now. Feel free to run into her along the way?]

[C: Church of Salvation]

[Esther will be heading inside the building after her series of random encounters to what else? Pray. Feel free to catch her heading into the building or finishing up her prayers.]

20 March 2012 @ 08:00 pm
second prayer  
[A: Action for 1650 Albright Lane. Closed to housemates]

[Fellow housemates: you might have noticed Esther sewing away at something for a little while. Days, weeks; it's all timey wimey backtag business. Today is the big day. She is double checking her stitches in the kitchen to be sure everything is just right. Esther seems very satisfied with the results of... hey. What exactly is she sewing?]

I think it's ready.

[B: Phone (filtered to Cain and Abel)]

Hello. Are you busy? Because if you aren't, would you mind stopping by today? I have something I want to share with both of you.

[She sounds awfully cheerful, doesn't she?]

[C: Phone (filtered to Ciel)]

Good afternoon! I'm sorry if this is a little sudden, but if you're free this evening I'd like to go shooting with you for a while. It's alright if you have other plans though! We can do it another time.

[D: Phone (Open to all)]

Can anyone tell me a good group activity to take part in here? I've been wracking my brain, but nothing has really jumped out at me. I'd appreciate any help you could give me.
14 January 2012 @ 02:18 pm
first prayer | forward dated to the 16th  
[A: Action for 1650 Albright Lane. Closed to housemates.]

[Esther is a flurry of emotions as she makes her way through the house to search for Abel, Cain, Nanako, and Rachel. She has no idea who that man is in her bed. The last thing she remembers is making that phone call to ask for advice and now everyone was gone. How did everything just slip away from her like that? She has to find them. Between those sirens and the empty house it is clear something has gone very wrong. Whatever it is she will be there protect them from it. Father was on the same playing field as her now. He would need the help.]

This place and its games... I won't let it win! [Not at their expense.]

[B: Phone. Open to all.]

I am searching for some people.... my "family" here. It's really important I find them immediately! One is a little boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He answers to Cain. Another is a young man. He'll look a lot like the boy. His name is Abel. Then there's two girls. One is blond and the other is a brunette. The brunette is younger than the blond. They answer to Rachel and Nanako.

[She sighs in frustration.] Please tell me one of you have seen them.

[C. Action. Open to all on Albright Lane and possibly beyond?]

[Esther has never been one to sit around especially when agitated. She goes on a walk to clear her head. Somehow there has to be a way to make sense of what happened. If the calender in that house was right she's missing months of her life. That is an understandably terrifying prospect.]