22 January 2012 @ 03:09 pm
❏ 1st Haunting  
[A. 850 Goldberg | Locked to housemates]
[After being woken up from a long over due sleep by the bells and whistles going off almost a week ago, Nageki's just been hiding out in his room only leaving it to eat. He has so many unanswered questions...

Why didn't he pass on?
If he did, is this what the afterlife is like?
What are Hiyoko, Ryouta, and everyone else doing now?
Why is he a human and not a bird in the afterlife?

To put it it quite frankly, he's super depressed right now. You might want to cheer him up or find some way to get him to leave the house.]

[B. The high school| Monday.]

[B1. Today is Nageki's first day of school since killing himself and the first day of school as a human, so there's a reason he's acting a little awkward around new people. When the time comes, he introduces himself like you would expect...in a sort of flat, somewhat feminine, quiet voice.]

My name is...Fuji...Nageki Fujishiro-Beilschmidt. It's nice to meet everyone.

[He then quietly sits back down in his seat.]

[B2. He's sitting alone at lunch. Come and talk to him? Introduce yourself? Figure out some way to cheer him up?]

[B3. Feel free to run into him anywhere in the halls during class change.]

[C. The library | Monday.]
[Old habits die hard. Instead of going straight home he decides to visit the library.

He starts scanning the shelves with great interest.]