21 June 2012 @ 08:08 pm
Second Composition  
[A - 503 Ricardo]

[Well, that's new. The mail has come, and there's a package with Otoya's name on it! He's not gotten a regain before, so he doesn't recognize this particular style of packaging.]

Funny, I don't remember ordering anything...ah, perhaps it is a token of esteem from one of the women of the town...

[Sorry, ladies, he is at the moment taken. But for now, he'll sit himself down at the kitchen table and open that package up, looking mighty surprised as his gold Ixa Knuckle tumbles out onto the table.]

Well, now that's interesting...

[B - John Doe Park]

[Seeing as how the Ixa Knuckle is in its prototype stage and is somewhat tempermental, Otoya doesn't really want to test it in the house--or too close to anyone. He also wouldn't put it past Mayfield to have tampered with the thing somehow, so he'll skip out on work for the day, heading out to the park for a little bit of testing.

When he feels like no one's around, he'll activate the Ixa Knuckle, punching it into his open palm. The Knuckle reacts.]




[And with that, Otoya's transformed into Kamen Rider Ixa, albeit the prototype version from 1986. Seems like the armor hasn't suffered too much since being transferred to Mayfield like this. So if you're walking through the park, you just might get a glimpse of a figure in strange armor testing things out. There's a bit of air punching going on.]
10 May 2012 @ 06:04 pm
First Composition  
[A - Master Bedroom of 503 Ricardo]

[The last thing Otoya remembers, he was floating. And in pain. There was...a river? Yes, that's it! He was fighting that wolf-monster and things weren't going so well, and...Otoya sits up with a start and looks wildly around the room. This wasn't the river he'd been thrown into. And where was Garulu? And WHERE WAS HE?

He then realizes there's a woman lying next to him, which is something he REALLY thinks he would remember--especially when he realizes who this woman is.]

...I'm in Heaven, aren't I?

[B - The Kitchen of 503 Ricardo]

[So apparently being dead and in Heaven means you can still get hungry. Otoya has gone downstairs to fix himself something to eat. You'll find him raiding the fridge looking for something to make a sandwich with.

He's in a really good mood, by the way, because hey, Heaven. And Maya. Would any of his new housemates like to burst his bubble?]

[C - Around Town]

[Otoya's now walking around town, trying to take everything in. He's looking for all the world like a lost tourist, and he's not even bothering trying to hide the stench of Mayfield noob that surely must be emanating from him.]

[D - Phone]

Hey, is this where you go when you die?