20 February 2012 @ 07:04 pm
☢ one.  
↳ phone
You know, all this Pre-War nonsense aside I really haven't had the chance to learn just who is in charge. I mean, there's always someone behind strange kidnappings, yeah? I know I've had my unfortunate share of them and all I can hope it's not some crazy, old dude with a taste for bomb collars again or a bunch of robot brains in jars.

... But considering I woke up without any major organs missing, I'm going to guess that it isn't the latter. I really, really hope so anyway.

↳ action • general store
( If there is one good thing about Mayfield that Corey has come to really love is the fact there is an abundance of food. Good foods without the risk of radiation or you know… possibly being from sometime before the Pre-War.

Of course, coming from such a different era does lead to some confusion such as the one she's facing right now as she stares down the rows of pre-packaged beef.

What's it supposed to be though... ? Barhmin? Maybe Bighorner. Hmm.