22 October 2012 @ 08:46 am
66th Inning  
[Action A: This morning, Scout can be seen dumping several different weapons into his curbside trash cans. He doesn't know where they came from, but they seem awful dangerous! Scout parting with his beloved weapons, especially his Force-A-Nature, might seem incredible strange. Maybe. What state of mind are you in at the moment?]

[Action B: Officer Scout McCann is out on patrol! Just his usual rounds, nothing out of the ordinary. Just keeping the quiet streets of Mayfield extra safe. That is, until, his mind wanders for a bit, and something seems wrong. Very wrong. Scout's got a lot of willpower for sure. Thinking on this too hard is starting to hurt. You might find him tucked in a corner somewhere, like an alleyway or between two buildings downtown, holding his head and grimacing in pain.]

What the hell is goin' on?

[Action C/phone call: Temporarily back to his senses, Scout runs back home, head still pounding. He's tearing through those trash cans to get his precious weapons back, then darts into the house to make a cryptic call to everyone.]

What's goin' on? My freakin' head, I-- It ain't just me, is it?!

12 July 2012 @ 12:23 pm
65th Inning  
[Action A: BLU Scout is standing on the sidewalk, near the mailbox. An opened crate sits at his feet, covered in "TF INDUSTRIES" and "MANN CO" labels. He's got a pair of goggles on his face, and is holding a toy. He looks pretty confused.]

What the hell is this crap?

[He'll be wandering through the streets, confused. The goggles are making him see things a bit differently today. Mayfield is more colorful and shiny than normal. Are those... lollipops?]

This is freakin' me out.


[Action B: After that little adventure, Scout's got to blow off some steam. Perma-drone Eddie and Ema, will you? Screw that. Dressed in his police uniform - it helps keep the drones away - Scout it currently throwing eggs at City Hall windows. He also has a several large rocks nearby. And several guns. This might escalate. Anyone want to stop him before he gets himself droned, too?]

Why dontcha come outta there and fight like a man, ya useless coward!
09 May 2012 @ 11:59 am
64th Inning  
[Phone call: filtered from drones:]

'Sup, Mayfield. Everyone's all hot 'n' heavy 'bout the prom, eh? Proms 'r lame, but Mayfield's parties are usually pretty sweet, so I guess I'll go. That means I am free to take with me one lovely, lucky lady. I'll even do dinner beforehand! Whattaya say? There's a lotta guys in this town, but there's only one Scout.

Oh yeah, ya mighta heard a call from one chick about startin' up some baseball teams. We totally wanna play some games this summer! So ya also oughta join Team Scout. Ya know, the winning team. And if ya don't know how ta play, no problem. I'll be at tha park today, teachin' people. Just look for the awesome guy in blue.


[Action: As promise, Scout is at the park with his baseball equipment. Right now he's just tossing pop fly balls high into the air and catching them. Higher and higher they go! Seems like he's got a pretty good arm on him. Feel free to join in on baseball shenanigans!]

[[OOC - still on slowatus, so tags will, of course, be slow. Bare with me. :)]]

05 April 2012 @ 02:01 pm
63rd Inning [Action] - back dated to April 3  
[So, Scout's lost a few things to pranks. No big. He's got some tricks up his sleeve to get his portion done fast and furiously, in order to get other people's stuff in exchange. If he has to lose stuff, so does everyone else!

Scout will be looking for his targets while they're out on the streets. He's looking for Euphemia, Amaimon, Mae and Queelan. He's wearing his Bonk Boy mask for fun, and his backpack is almost overflowing with supplies. Beware the blue blur!]

01 April 2012 @ 10:37 pm
6th Fifth - April Foolishness! [Event Post]  
[The Captain is trying his hands at pranks!

This isn't killing, so he's willing to go along with it. Plus, it might be fun!]

BLU Scout )

Yuna )

Perry the Platypus )
26 March 2012 @ 01:17 pm
61st Inning - phone  
Awright newbies, listen up! So it's census time again. An' like a lotta people already been sayin', yeah, shit got real bad after the last one. This time? I don't expect Mayfield ta do the same thing. But I think there's two things on tha calendar people'r missin' here: April Fool's Day, 'n' Easter. April 1st 'n' 8th. Mayfield loves ta ruin a good holiday, so keep on yer toes. Could be anythin'. Ya never know. Anythin' from killer Easter bunnies in yer bed, to exploding drones as practical jokes, to candy that'll make ya strip naked 'n' sing "Camptown Races" on yer lawn. One thing ya gotta say about this place, is it'll always keep ya guessin'.

That said... If Mayfield don't get ya on April Fool's, ya better be careful 'a me! Heh heh.

04 March 2012 @ 08:09 pm
5th Fifth and 60th Inning - Good Old City Boys! [Band Candy]  
A couple of trouble makers have eaten some of the tainted baked goods. Though they're physically the same, something is very different about them.
((OOC: The Captain and/or Scout will be tagging back.))

A) [Action | Around Town]

[Did you like the paint job on your house? Your car? Your fence?

Did you enjoy not having paint on your trees, pets, or lawn?

Well too bad! The Captain and BLU Scout are tearing their way through town, having too much fun painting everything in sight. Houses and cars will end up with special tags.

If you get in the way you might just get painted on too!]

B) [Action | Wherever you are!]

[The two have teamed up to pick on some dorks random citizens of Mayfield.

The Captain is still super strong and Scout is still really fast. Also, they are both kind of jerks.

They are going to be cornering people and picking on them. Expect noogies, wedgies, and other immature behavior.]

((OOC: If you don't want your character beat up, or rather avoid certain teasing, let us know!))

C) [An argument in the park]

What? You got to be ☠☠☠☠ kidding. Why would you be rooting for less than the best?

Why're you assumin' I'm not! I'm rootin' for the greatest damn team in the east and don't you forget it!
29 January 2012 @ 02:36 pm
59th Inning  
[With old wounds returning, Scout didn't have much of a chance. He's had several deaths here in Mayfield, and escaping things like many old bullet wounds, amongst other things, had be a hard thing to get over when they all returned at once.

But today, Scout wakes up outside the factory, confused and disoriented. Well, maybe he should head home and find out.

Wait, where's home?

Where is *here*?

Seems like the revival process has left Scout with a few holes in his memory... and some leftover injuries. Once upon a time in Westport, Scout saved the life of a young lady from a hazmat man. But that hazmat gave Scout some nasty burns and a lungful of chemicals.

Scout will be out and about on the streets today, finding things to be vaguely familiar. He feels like hell, though, and is moving along slowly, wheezing as he breathes. Maybe he should go to the doctor... if he could remember where that was. If he sees someone, he'll be stopping them.]

Hey, pally. Where the hell's the hospital?