13 February 2012 @ 06:10 pm
forward-dated to valentine's  
action | rose

[ It's a beautiful day and Taiwan's happily on her way to Bunker Street! Why? Well, let's just say she's got a single rose and a box of chocolates hidden in her coat. As you can see, she's being sneaky about this.

See, she's still under the impression that no one knows about her and Hong Kong. Look at her newsboy cap, scarf and trenchcoat getup... with a pair of shades. As she hides her face from every person that passes by. Like that isn't conspicuous at all.

People can recognize her by her haircurl, but be warned - the scent of roses is getting to her. ]

action | take your pick: carnation, hyacinth - or whatever we've discussed beforehand!

[ Somehow, she got so distracted from falling in love with everyone she met that she's under the spell of a different plant now. Anywhere in Mayfield, you'll find her either hugging you from behind- ]

I never thought I'd see you again!

[ -or following you

breathing heavily

with yandere eyes. ]

action | milkweed (767 bunker)

[ Once she arrives at 767 Bunker and remembers her goal for today, Taiwan becomes a sensible nation who climbs up to the second floor window of Hong Kong's room to serenade him like the hopeless romantic she is. She isn't wearing those ridiculous shades anymore, but man. ]

Hey, I'm really thirsty. Can I... have some of your milk? [ crawls on the floor NO TERRIBLE this post was brought to you by the letter G. ]