16 July 2012 @ 04:15 am
[ action | 748 Partridge | open ]  
[So, Tieria was surprised to find a couple of packages on his front step that morning. Apparently, Mayfield was rewarding him again for something? Or being nice, or something. He was getting used to this. Still, though, he was curious what they could be. He brought them inside, used to the idea that these things might be from home, so he wasn't too worried. Plus, any damage that might happen to the house would be repaired by tomorrow.

He headed into the dining area, placing them on the table to open them. The first one he thought was a little odd. He hadn't actually worn it in quite a long time, several years, in fact, so why the delivery system decided he needed his baggy pink cardigan back was beyond him.

However, the next package was much more useful. His gun from home not the dress lol.

He could be found out back that day, taking a few practice shots at a target he set up.]
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22 June 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Lazy Summer Days  
[748 Patridge, open to neighbors and passers-by]

[Tieria got his Gundam, now complete with weapons and all the working parts, and he was working on it. In the front yard. An oddity, perhaps, but he decided it was okay, seeing as how he finally got all the security encryptions he felt he needed set up so no one could steal it. He was up in the cockpit right now, doing what he could with what he had. Lack of computer terminals made maintenance hard.]


[Library, wiiiiide open]

[With school coming to a close, Tieria was glad to pretend to study for final exams while he avoided the drones and Hiling at the house. Things had been odd from the events recently, so he was quite happy to just pretend nothing happened for now and go on with his life of trying to get back home. Not that the library had information, but it was a good place to gather his thoughts and ideas in peace.]


[In Between, wiiiiiiide open]

[Going to the library from home or heading home from the library, Tieria had his school bag and books and was walking. He might look a little thoughtful or distracted, and he had an extra bag that looked like it was rather heavy.]
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03 June 2012 @ 02:51 am
[ Action ]  
( Follow the Fake Cut to AU Info! )

[Hello, Mayfield. Have a grumpy Innovade tromping about town. While this may not be completely unusual, beware. Even those who may have calmed him in the past will likely be met with nasty stares and distrust. Bother him at your own risk. He can be found at the library for school work, picking up some groceries for drone!mom, and walking between those locations and the house at 748 Partridge.]
04 April 2012 @ 11:49 am
Pranking Post!!! :D  
[Since apparently, he was going to have to do this, he figured he'd do the basics and just get it over with. After doing a bit of research, he decided that he'd just buy a lot of toilet paper and string it over people's houses. Amaimon, Ken, Michael, Clover, and Tsukihi will have some toilet paper streamers over their fences and any trees or bushes in their front yard.

Did anyone catch Tieria doing it?]

[OOC: Sorry for the lame. Tieria's not a prankster by nature (it's not worth his time) and I've been rather suddenly busy for con related work. ^^; So, here it is.]
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21 March 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Mood Slime Madness  

[Tieria was grumpy and stomping through the halls being intimidating and irritable at everyone. Not that he was cheerful by any means on a regular basis, but he was definitely even less cheerful than that. Slamming his books on the desk when arriving in class with you? Yeah, he did that. Writing so intensely that he snapped his pencil point again? Yup, did that, too. Slamming his locker closed between classes when changing books? Definitely.]



[Guess what the mood slime found? Tieria had been attempting to find an appropriate storage and hiding place for Seraphim, but it seemed the mood slime found it first. Now, there was an angry Gundam stomping around the area. You might want to run. In fact, Tieria was trying to keep up with it on foot and yell at people it came near to do just that.]

Get out of the way!
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15 March 2012 @ 12:33 am
[ action ]  

[It was after classes today, and Tieria was passing the time doing some studying to keep up with his work so he didn't get droned. Beyond that, he didn't really see a point in doing any of this. It really was rather silly. While he studied, part of his mind drifted to other things. Recent happenings that had been bothering him.]


[HOME, 748 Patridge]

[He got home just before dinner as their droned mother was setting the table. She smiled at him, asking if he'd been late at school again because she was a little upset he hadn't been home to help with some of the chores before dinner. Another reason to stay and study... avoid having to do silly household things that really were just distractions from trying to find a way home in his mind. He waved off the questions, offering short non-answers to satisfy her and turned to make his way up the stairs to his room.]
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12 February 2012 @ 11:05 pm
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[ 748 Partridge Drive ]

[Hello, there, residents of Partridge Drive. You might notice a new 'statue' behind # 748. In the backyard, to be precise. Tieria finally opened his package and now it was there. Hope its sudden arrival didn't take out any patio furniture or fencing...

Sorry, drone!Mom... didn't mean to crush the flower bed.

Tieria was outside with it, trying to decide what to do.]
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15 January 2012 @ 01:32 am
[748 Partridge Drive]

[Those alarm bells... They could have woken the dead, let alone someone who was a light sleeper. Tieria was up and downstairs in mere seconds, looking outside to see what was going on. He wasn't going to be going back to bed any time soon.]


[Out and About Town]

[He'd investigated the dairy, he was looking around town, everything he could to figure this out. Good thing there wasn't any school on Sundays. But... three days? Missing? He was not a happy camper.]


{OOC: Quick OOC note: I'm possibly going to be hiatus'd for a few days, so replies may be sporadic or non-existant until Wed. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I wanted Tieria to react to the event before it was too far backdated. ^_^;}
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